12 Universal Laws – The SECRET Successful People Know!

12 Universal Laws

Without knowing the 12 Universal Laws – you have worked hard for success but are not where you would like to be.

These 12 universal laws used to be a secret. Now the secret to success is out! Still, most people don’t know these laws. You will now be one of the few who know how to get what you want out of life.

Even famous people declare these laws exist.

For instance, Bob Proctor, points out that these laws are always working whether we know them or not.  They are already governing our lives Oprah Winfrey also admits that some of these laws have been hugely influential in her success. In fact, further down in this article we provide a link to a 2-minute video in which Oprah clearly explains that knowing these laws absolutely changed her life.

Oprah Winfrey, Bob Proctor, and almost all very successful people know and use these laws daily to create the life they want.

Have you seen Oprah’s home? The influence and power she has? She was born extremely poor. But Oprah herself says that the life laws affect every single facet of our lives. Everything that happens to us emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially is related to the 12 Universal Laws. To know them and use them is very simple and easy. But if a person does not know they exist, they can struggle for a lifetime and wonder why success does not come.

How did Oprah come from next to no opportunity – to huge life success?

Why is it that two men are born the same day, knowing nothing yet. One ends up owning a factory. He golfs some days, wakes up when he wants, vacations where he wants, and lives in a comfortable home. While the other fellow works for him. He arrives at work when he’s expected. He takes his breaks and eats lunch when he’s told to. Gets paid a meager salary and, at the end of a hard work day returns to a home that is not his dream home. Let’s be honest, he is almost a slave to the other man.

The answer is that Oprah and the factory owner knows the life laws, the other man does not. The factory worker is not stupid or lazy, or a bad person. He simply does not have the benefit of learning the secret universal life laws.

If you have 10 minutes to read this article, you’ll know some of the most valuable information in life. Facts that most other people do not know. And you’ll have the life you want and deserve. Most of us might only be familiar with the law of attraction. But as it turns out, there are eleven more laws of the universe.

Since the beginning of civilization, these laws existed. Unfortunately, only certain people had access to these universal laws for the longest time. So, what are the 12 universal laws? How does knowing and using the 12 universal laws in your life benefit you? This post discusses the all the 12 universal laws, their meaning, and how you can use them to powerfully impact your life positively.

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

This is the first of the 12 universal laws. It forms the foundation for all the other laws of the universe. According to the law of divine oneness, there is a connection between every person, situation, and everything else. We are all part of one whole with a link to each other.

This means that what you do or think affects others. This connection may be to a person you don’t know or even to a loved one. Further, the connection might be a reaction to an action you have performed. Additionally, it may happen immediately, or it might take some time.

Sometimes, you may not be aware that this connection has already occurred. Being aware of the universal law of divine oneness enables us to be mindful of the connection we have with others and everything. We also become more aware of how our actions and thoughts affect others. This awareness helps us be more empathetic of others. To understand how you can put this law of the universe into action, remember that we are all connected.

Therefore, we start by treating others as we want them to treat us. Additionally, you should focus on positive thoughts when you think of others.  Further, consider that others respond to you the way you react to the world. If you treat others well, you are treating yourself well.

12 Universal Laws

2. Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is also known as the Law of Energy. It explains that everything in the world moves and vibrates in a circular motion.

In the real world, this principle also applies to your desires, thoughts, will, actions, and feelings. Each one of your wishes and dreams has a unique vibration frequency.

You may have heard of the phrase ‘like attracts like.’ The phrase refers to the vibration power explained by this law, where vibration energy is attracted to similar vibrational energy. Most people focus on the law of attraction to manifest their desires. However, the real power of manifestation lies in the law of vibration.

With the law of vibration, you can train yourself to focus your vibration on positive things so that you create a life that you’ll love. This universal law works like a mirror. If you set your vibration on happy feelings, you create more joyful experiences. You will, in turn, draw cheerful patterns to yourself in the form of people, things, and experiences.

According to Bob Proctor, the vibration you are in dictates what you will attract in your life. For instance, if you are in a happy and energetic mood, you are likely to attract positive energy. Further, you’ll observe that if you mostly focus on surrounding vibrations, you will not be comfortable staying with a person with negative energy. However, negative and negative energy may attract as misery loves company.

Studying and understanding the law of vibration helps you to focus on positive energy. You live knowing that you’ll attract whatever is in harmony with your vibration. Further, you also become aware that you are in control of your vibration. Besides, you can manifest better when you understand how the law of vibration works.

3. The Law of Action

The law of action dictates that you have to take action towards your desires if you want to manifest them. For example, if you are happy, you may smile or laugh to demonstrate this happiness.

The action here is the smiling or laughing, which reveals that you are happy. If you want to be happy, your actions support the emotion.

Similarly, we must perform actions to support our dreams, words, and thoughts. This law teaches us that we must pursue our dreams and goals.

Visualizing a dream and thinking about it won’t do you any good if you aren’t taking any action. You have to take inspired actionable steps towards what you want.

Even when the step is small, such as writing a to-do list, it helps you attract whatever you desire. The law of action is significantly intertwined with the law of attraction. Those with knowledge of the law of attraction say that they wish they knew about it earlier.

The law of action is the universal law that most people forget. 

12 Universal Laws

Those who rely on the law of attraction a lot often wonder why it doesn’t always work for them. However, the law of attraction may fail if you don’t combine it with the law of action.

You may visualize your goals intently and set intentions. Still, if you aren’t taking decisive action towards the goals, nothing will happen. For example – if you want to meet a life partner you need to get out around people or try online dating or something. The perfect lover is not going to magically appear in your living room.

This law helps us realize that if we are to succeed, we need to take action. Further, it enables you to acknowledge that your efforts aren’t pointless, as explained by Oprah in her 7-part series’ Belief’.

One of Oprah Winfrey’s facts revealed in the series is that for every action, there is a reaction. The law of action helps us to align the with the law of attraction to get the results we desire.

12 Universal Laws

4. The Law of Correspondence

You have probably heard that ‘as above, so below.’ The phrase means that what happens inside your mentality is reflected on the outside. 

Simply put, the law of correspondence dictates that what you are feeling in your subconscious is what you display on the outside. This law also points out that the laws that operate in the physical world affect the universal energy.

It clarifies the association between the infinitely small world and unbelievably massive world. Whatever you do in a small way in the world affects the energy around you in a big way. That’s how you can take small actions and get huge results.

This law puts you as the driver of your life. Thus you need to accept responsibility for what you do. If you aren’t feeling too good about yourself, don’t blame others for it. Look inside you and see what’s creating this reality.

Nothing in the outer world will change without you making changes in your inner world. As Mitch Behan explains, ‘all transformation is an inside job.’

5. Law of Cause and Effect

According to the law of cause and effect, nothing happens void of the universal laws. Nothing is by chance or coincidence, and there is a reaction for everything you do.

This law can be said to be equal to the concept of Karma. It’s also a classic example of the saying that ‘what goes around comes around’ or ‘you reap what you sow.’ Think about it. You can’t plant a mango tree and expect to reap apples. This law helps us acknowledge that our behaviors, actions, and thoughts lead to specific effects. Your actions have created the life that you know today.

If you are unhappy with your life, you must change what you do if you want to get different results. For example, if you have uncontrolled spending habits, you may end up in debt. If you want to change and be financially independent, you’ll have to take on a different cause, such as learning about proper financial management.

The same thing also holds when it comes to relationships. If you treat the people in your life with compassion, respect, and love, you are likely to experience solid relationships characterized by love and peace of mind.

This law can work for you simply if you study the actions of those who have achieved what you want to achieve.

For instance, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, study a successful entrepreneur near you by:

  • Learning which books they read
  • Observing their daily habits
  • How they run their business
  • How they relate to others
  • Learning about their values

Following the law of cause and effect, you can emulate such successful people. You’ll note that you will achieve the same results they have over some time.

12 Universal Laws
12 Universal Laws

6. Law of Compensation

The law of compensation is an extension of the fifth law of cause and effect. The law of compensation explains that what you give is what you’ll get back.

For example, if you are kind, you will receive kindness or better things in return. This also applies to negative actions.

This law explains that different compensations such as gifts, friendships, inheritance, and money are the visible effects of our actions. You’ll always receive some compensation for your efforts, whether good or bad.

Further, the law points out that you never get more compensation in the long term for more than you did. If you want an extra reward, you need to increase your contribution.

For instance, in business, great successes come to those who put more than is expected of them. Because of their extra efforts, they are always over rewarded with financial or personal success. This law helps you realize that action always has a tangible effect. It always works. Your job is to start acting in ways that are likely to bring the results you desire.

When you do this, you’ll realize the rewards for your work.

If you feel like you’ve been working hard but are not getting proper rewards from it, you may already be following this law. Remember that all these life laws work together. There are 12 universal life laws so see which ones you’ve been missing and you’ll find that soon you will get plenty of rewards.

7. Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the most popular law among the 12 universal laws.  According to this law, everything you attract is through energy. You attract beliefs, people, events, feelings, and actions that have the same energy as you.

This means that everything in your life is due to what you have attracted. If you have positive energy, you’ll attract positive energy and vice versa.  Simply put, ‘like attracts like. ‘

The law of attraction also dictates that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. However, you have to back this imagination with a plan and actions to get where you want to be.

Many people often leave their emotions and thoughts unchecked. Lack of awareness can send out the wrong signals and attract undesirable events and emotions.

However, when you understand the law of attraction, you can take full charge of your life. It also helps you do away with cycles of negative energies such as worry, fear, and other negative emotions.

12 Universal Laws

This law has been championed by modern advocates including Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey.  Oprah refers to this law as The Secret. According to Oprah’s master class on The Secret, we should focus less on things that are going wrong in our lives.

We should only spend our energy thinking about the things we desire as energy flows where our attention is. Further, the Oprah show has speakers who explain that the way we think can change our reality. In this video, she explains how the law of attraction helped her find success at the start of her career. One of Oprah’s quotes on this law states, ‘All of life is energy, and we are transmitting it at every moment.’

12 Universal Laws

8. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The law of transmutation of energy explains that you have the power to change your life into what you want it to be. Every one of us can change our current circumstances naturally.

There is limitless and inexhaustible energy that is moving all around us. We can harness this moving energy to come up with whatever we want by having similar vibrations to this energy.

Since the energy is in and around us, we can mold it into whatever we want.

This law helps us understand that by using the 12 universal laws, we can achieve positive things in our lives.

Further, if you are not at peace with your current situation, this law lets you know it’s up to you to change this. It also helps you understand that things are always changing.

If you want to grow, you must embrace change.

9. Law of Relativity

The law of relativity points out that everyone receives life obstacles or problems in their lives.

However, the obstacles are opportunities for us to improve ourselves and to change our perspectives of life.

According to the law of relativity, you should compare your problems to other people’s situations. This comparison helps you put everything into the right perspective. 

Although you may think you are in a bad situation, you’ll often find that there is someone else in a worse situation.

12 Universal Laws

This law is authentic. It lets you know that everything you go through is all relative or a matter of perspective. Thus, nothing will exist until you give meaning to it.

We make things real by comparing them to something else. For example, light only exists when we compare it to darkness. Similarly, heat can only exist when we compare it to cold.

12 Universal Laws

10. Law of Polarity

According to the law of polarity, everything in the world has an opposite. Where you find good, you can also find evil, and where darkness exists, the light also exists.

This means we can change the flow of our actions and thoughts if we want to. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you can change them to positive ones. This law explains that the universe exists in duality. In other words, you can find everything in twos. However, these opposites aren’t absolute, as there is no particular point where one starts or the other ends.

According to an ancient book known as Kybalion, everything exists in duality. There is a pair of opposites for everything. For example – cold and heat are both temperature markers. They are just at opposite degrees. Heat goes up in temperature degree, and cold goes lower in degrees.   East and West are both directions, yet they are opposite each other.

This law helps us understand that we can change negative thoughts by focusing on their opposite. Picture this; if you are sad, you can change

this thought process by thinking about happiness. Truly you can change your bad thoughts the moment they occur. Think right now of something wonderful in your life. Now every time a bad thought comes in, think of that positive thought instead. In no time you’ll catch yourself as soon as the negative thoughts occur and you’ll easily change them to any positive thought. It comes with practice.

Further, if you have gone through negative experiences, you can focus on the positive outcomes of the experience. There is a positive value in every situation, even when you may not have realized before reading this that it exists. Now you know.

11. Law of Rhythm

This law clarifies that everything in the universe moves and vibrates to some rhythm.  All things rise and fall, and all things have their tides. These rhythms are the source of patterns, seasons, and the different development stages. 

The law further explains that the energy in the world is similar to a pendulum.  If it moves to the right, it must also move to the left. For instance, in economics and relationships, a low period is always followed by a high period.

This law governs our relationships, health, economy, finances, and other aspects of our lives. The law helps us to acknowledge that everything happens at the perfect time and for a reason.

According to the law of rhythm, there is nothing wrong with being in a lean period. It’s just how the universe works. In such a situation, you should never allow your emotions to swing too far into the negativity side. You should slow down and rest as you wait for your high season.

The key to mastering this law is finding balance in everything you are experiencing.

12. Law of Gender

According to the law of gender, you can find everything in terms of masculine and feminine. This law governs the creation, and it is in the form of sex in the animal kingdom.

A simple understanding of this law is that in nature, everything exists as male and female. For there to be life, both of the sexes must exist in equal measure.

Further, nature is awash with both feminine and masculine aspects.  This also means that everyone has both female and male energy.

The feminine is the receptive inspirational energy inside you. While the male energy is the dynamic, actionable power manifested on the outside.

Having a balance between the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies is needed to get things completed.  As you find a balance between these two energies, you increase your productivity. The other important thing pointed out by Bob Proctor on this law is that everything has a gestational period.

This law points out that you need to give all things time to grow and mature. For instance, it takes nine months for a human child to be born. Even seeds need to germinate before they sprout out. Your ideas, too, need time before they become realities.

The law helps us to learn that nothing happens instantly. Your ideas, dreams, hopes, and goals are like seeds. You need to water them and tend to them before they fertilize. At the right time, the seeds you plant and nurture will sprout and grow.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, no matter where you are in your life, you’ll relate to these laws.

Each of the 12 universal laws has its meaning and benefits in the universe. The fantastic news is that you now have the answers to the question of what are universal laws?

Now, you can begin making small changes that will add up to significant life improvements. If you embrace all of them and use them in your life, they will bring balance.

If you were only aware of one or two of these laws, we hope you are now well-equipped with the knowledge you need to use them to bring harmony in your life.

Know how to release Bad Karma.

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