5 Easy Ways To Instantly Raise Your Self-Esteem

Our self-esteem is mostly the result of what we believe to be true about ourselves.  It can be ever-changing. Too high and low levels can both be emotionally harmful. Having low self- esteem can make you feel insecure, withdrawn, and have feelings of depression.  It can prevent you from succeeding and living up to your fullest potential. Below are five ways to fix low self-esteem and begin your journey to raising your self-esteem and feeling better!

1. Look at Your Negative Beliefs

There may be negative beliefs or messages that you have learned at a young age from teachers, friends, family members, or media.  Sadly, these messages stick with us. They can happen at any time, even as adults. Careers, fertility issues, marriage, and family life can also be a trigger.  These messages get into your head, and you repeat them over and over to yourself, and you start to believe them. They can end up making you feel terrible.

Pay attention.  Write down these negative thoughts for one week.  As you go throughout the day, jot down any negative messages as soon as you notice them.  It may shock you just how many there are.  

Now at the right time, a time when you are feeling positive about yourself, think a lot more about them.  Ask yourself some questions. Is this message valid? Why do I keep thinking this thought? Challenge these negative thoughts.  

Take one negative belief about yourself and change it for something positive.  For instance, “ I don’t feel like I’m very good at school, but I make friends easily.” 

Start to replace the negative thought with the positive.  Now for one week be very conscious and repeat the positive.   See the good in yourself! Write down everything good that others have to say about you as well! Continue this list and continue to add on.  We can learn to see ourselves in a new way at any time in our lives.  

You will see your low self-esteem raise almost instantly.  

2. Change Perspective

The easiest thing you can do to raise low self-esteem is to change your perspective.  Your friends call you with a problem. What do you do? You listen and give them the best advice you can.  You offer suggestions, reasonings, everything you can to be that great friend.  

Now, what about you? Instead of beating yourself up over a decision you made or choice you wish you could change, talk to yourself as if you were that supportive friend that you are, but now to yourself! 

Be kinder to yourself! See how much better you start to feel!

3. Be Grateful

One thing’s for sure: gratitude can influence your feelings and attitude!  If you can become aware of all the positives in your life you will create more positive energy.  Being thankful helps you focus on all the good things in your life.  

It will help with your self-esteem and happiness.  Writing is a great way to practice gratitude. Write down a couple of things every day that you are grateful for.  Try to appreciate all that’s around you. It could be a matter of just noticing.   

Remember to be grateful for the good things about yourself too!

4. I Can Do It!

If you want to fix low self-esteem, this should be your mantra: “I’m no less than anyone, and not above anyone else.  If someone can do this, so can I.” Even raising your low self-esteem! 

Positive affirmations work!  They can help you replace those negative thoughts with more positive ones!  You can recondition your brain and change the way you think. You will start to believe in yourself.  You will begin to know that you deserve all the good in the world that’s in store for you.  

5. You’re Enough!

You are made out of unconditional love and put on this Earth to make the most of it. Negative beliefs are not yours.  They come from a place of false programming from your past and fear. When you deeply understand this, you will see abundance all around and inside yourself. 

Stop comparing yourself to others.  Challenge to see yourself for the kind soul that you are.  Take part in activities that make you feel good about yourself.  Help others or volunteer. People find themselves in different ways.  Build your self-worth and respect yourself.  

You’re more than you can imagine!

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