Angel Answers

Angel Answers

Angel Answers, also known as Sylvia, is a Clairvoyant Psychic with over 25 years of experience doing international readings. She is known for being extremely accurate and detailed in her readings.

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Angel Answers, also known as Sylvia, has been doing international readings for over 25 years.

Since birth, she has been a gifted Clairvoyant and Psychic. These gifts have been running on her mothers side for generations. Additionally, she holds a Bachelors of Science in Social and Behavioral Science, Doctorate in Law (lawyer) and a Doctorate in Metaphysics. She is also an ordained minister. She uses her knowledge along with her Psychic Gift to give you an accurate reading, every time.

Helpful tips Sylvia would like you to know for your BEST reading possible:

When calling Sylvia, try to be relaxed. When you are emotional it is much harder for her to see for you. For those of you who call back, Sylvia rarely remembers every detail of a reading as it flows through her. Please do not be offended. Try not to lie to her, as it will make the reading unreliable. She is not here to judge, just to help. Try not being as focused on timing as you are the accuracy of the reading.


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Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 70 reviews
byBoris Shredder onPredict My Future

You made me smile! So much positivity. Thanks for helping me. The last time your psychic advice helped me so I hope it does again this time. Only time will tell.

byGuy Fielding onPredict My Future

Wow!!! You are super accurate!!! I can’t believe it. You are 5 stars and MORE!!!! Truly grateful. You are an angel!

byMia Jon onPredict My Future

Great reading. This angel reader tuned into my marriage right away and gave the predictions. I thought he was cheating, but she told me he was preparing a surprise for me. So I snooped a bit based on what she said…lol…. and found out that she’s right! I’m grateful that I didn’t confront and accuse him!!!!!

byChad Kalinga onPredict My Future

Par excellence. What an excellent reading! Wow! Thank you for such detail! I will soon reconnect with you.

byElla White onPredict My Future

Angel Answers connects with the angels and archangels, which is what I was looking for. The psychic reading was beyond fantastic. It was a wonderful experience.

byMerrilee Johnson onPredict My Future

Thank you. I had a wonderful time talking to you J. Blessings to you too.

byAsher Fortis onPredict My Future

You are amazing!!! Call this woman, and she will attend to your concerns fully.

byVictoria Greenwood onPredict My Future

Helped me a great deal. I will call back for more.

byLillian Opal onPredict My Future

I appreciate your time connecting with me. You did great at understanding my breakup and giving advice to repair things. We’re talking again and getting along better. Thanks!

bySamantha Brooke onPredict My Future

My go to, my therapist. You are amazing with the readings and advice.

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