Softbreez is a gifted Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator who has the ability to transmit messages from your loved ones, including your pets!

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Softbreez is an empathetic Psychic Medium and Life Coach who is best known for her gift as an Animal Communicator.

She has the ability to assist you in finding your pets if they are lost, and is an AKC Certified tester for a CGC Certification for dogs. She is also certified to train, SAR, cadaver, service, working and behavioural issues.

Softbreez is also a talented Medium who has the ability to speak with your loved ones who have passed on if they are willing to communicate. She has the ability to pick up on their messages to you, and communicate your responses back.

She is extremely gifted in various areas, including being a Reiki Certified energy worker, has remote viewing capabilities, and even has worked with law enforcement to help with unsolved cases!

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