Tarot Tina

Tarot Tina

Tarot Tina is an unbiased Psychic Medium who specializes in accurate Tarot Readings. She is an attuned Karuna Reiki practitioner who provides mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

– Breakup Advice – Career – Life – Love – Mediumship – Money – Tarot –

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Tarot Tina is a gifted and trusted Psychic Medium who has been reading Tarot for over 10 years. She has been proven time and time again for Tarot reading accuracy. She does not direct your next steps or judge you for those taken-but provides insight to the current matter.

Tarot Tina is a certified Yoga instructor and an attuned Karuna Reiki practitioner who uses her gifts of intuition and mediumship to give you honest answers. She is known to give excellent love advice, and answer questions about break-ups, money or life in general.

Tarot Tina is an unbiased, compassionate advocate for her clients.

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