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There is a lot of mystery encompassing the Celtic Runes; it has many aspects, many dynamics that historians have unfolded from time to time. Numerous modern twists have been added to these runes’ meanings, but they only reduce the Glory of the Celts. To know everything about the Runes, you have to go in-depth!


What is the meaning of Celtic runes?

The Celtic Runes meaning can vary from one book to another. Still, the bottom line is that Rune is a font used by the medieval period Germans to write scriptures on stone.

This font portrays hidden or magical information, as the meaning of the name suggests “something hidden.” Therefore, the runes’ definition was confined only to a specific group of people. The common masses had little knowledge about it. These runes were deemed inaccessible to the masses, and honor magic, weapons, and soldiers. However, now these runes have been translated to modern English, allowing rune readers to understand the German Literature, which is historic.

The use of runes fell out of practice after the Roman alphabet was introduced and accessible by all. However, the runes are still popular because of their mystery and divine magical energy.

The origin of the Celtic Runes is not definite. Still, right from the beginning, they were connected to the Divinity, and they reflected high power. Celtic Runes have been found on stones, Viking ships, spears, cups, and many objects. The most common of them all were the ones carved on pebbles.

Are the Celtic runes and Norse runes the same?

To say it in one word, no, they are not entirely the same. They do have similarities, but the differences are many. 

Both the Norse and Celtic runes were considered as sacred and engraved on wood in the beginning. However, the Norse runes hold protective power; on the other hand, the Celtic runes possess charm and persona.

“Each one of the Celtic runes is related to a God”

The best-known alphabets of the runes are Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and Younger Futhark. These have further branched out. Such features are not prevalent in the Norse Runes.

Symbolization of the Celtic Runes

All of Celtic Runes’ alphabets radiate profound and inner meaning. Here is a list of Celtic Rune meanings of a few characters.

  • Fehu: It symbolizes the incoming of Wealth and also marks the initiation of good luck. Fehu also marks the beginning of new relationships and prosperity in love.
  • Uruz: Uruz marks the end of a cycle or a loss; on the other hand, it also brings hope and chances of new beginnings.
  • Thurisaz: Thurisaz symbolizes the need to think and reason before turning to a decision. It tells you to keep aside love and passion while you are making a judgment.
  • Ansuz: Ansuz declares a new message when you are in a critical situation; it also helps bring friends and partners into your life.
  • Wunjo: Wunjo marks the departure of bad times and promises to fill in all of the gaps left by the wrong moments; fill them with positivity and love.
  • Mannaz: Mannaz symbolizes mental power and its ability to reach greater intelligence and achieve the best things in life.
  • Raidho: Raidho predicts the new journeys and exploration of the unexplored. 
  • Gifu: Gifu suggests the point of similarity between lovers, which also symbolizes the fulfillment of all love desires.
  • Isa: Isa symbolizes not to rush into anything and wait out in matters of the rush.
  • Hagalaz: Hagalaz symbolizes the loss of peace and clarity. 
  • Berkana: Berkana is a lucky charm, generally engraved on possessions. It also encourages positive growth of body, mind, and soul.
  • Jera: Jera suggests rewards; it fulfills work and love and allows you to have some time for yourself and reward yourself for the hardships.
  • Kenaz: Kenaz generally unties the knots, makes you choose between hard to choose things, and allows you to cherish the decision.
  • Sowilo: Sowilo clears the path and gives you a clear vision for making your choice, and it also makes way for victory.
  • Laguz: Laguz intrigues the side of your mind that decides with wisdom, and it connects you with greater intelligence that allows you to make the right decisions at the right time.

All of these Runes have definition and character in them that makes them stand out from the rest.

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Celtic Runes of Protection

We know that Celtic runes have divine powers. The alphabets are related to ancient perceptions of the highest form of Divinity, so it comes as no surprise that they also have protective powers.

“They attract divine powers in the course of a mission.”

Runes were engraved on weapons that warriors carried into war and personal items like rings to serve as protection against evil spirits and act as lucky charms.

However, all of the runes do not have protective powers. The five runes discussed below are the Celtic runes of Protection.

  • Tiwaz: This Rune symbolizes power, fortune, and success. It draws the forces of the universe to drive success to the holder, also known as the luck of the warrior.
  • Ingwaz: Ingwaz paves the way towards new beginnings and new success. It also symbolizes the completion of unfinished tasks. It is the affirmation of strength and wisdom.
  • Algiz: Algiz is the divine protection spell. It connects the religious world with the human world and protects you from everything around you.
  • Eihwaz: Eihwaz symbolizes the patient wait for the right thing, avoiding the rush into some mishap. It also tells us to keep other’s opinions out of our matters. It also serves as a defense.
  • Ehwaz: Ehwaz manages the balance between the opposites and between the same pairs to maintain harmony and peace all around. Ehwaz is the symbolization of movement.

Are there any uses of the runes now?

The power of these ancient Celtic runes is still commonly used. The runes are in some ways predictive, but they also provide you a positive influence. They help attract good fortune into your life when you struggle to find hope and power.

The Celtic runes of protection get engraved on pendants and rings. Which in turn protects from evil, and the different alphabets shower different blessings to the one in its possession.

Runic readers believe that you can take your future into your own hands and make whatever you want out of it, using the runes’ guidance to do so.

The readers can do runic readings by focussing on the runes, predicting with their subconscious mind, with the runes’ guidance. During the process, all of the runes are randomly spread in front of the reader.

You can ask questions and get answers through the guidance of runes. Seeking advice on any matter produces a vast array of predictions and readings performed with runes’ help.

The ancient Celtic Runes are mysterious and exist in various forms. With the understanding of the runes’ powers, we can utilize them for good and preserve the ancient history that enables us to gain so much from them.


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