Code of Ethics

A Psychic Reading is a sacred connection with our clients. We operate in the Light, fully with the intention of Universal Love and Spirit.

  • We believe and trust the Light, the source of our inspiration and guidance.
  • We reveal the truths as it is revealed to us.
  • We are fully present with our client, giving our attention, our discretion and our integrity.
  • We will not judge our client’s choices, lifestyle or circumstance. We offer no personal opinion or perspective.
  • We respect our client’s privacy and honor their trust.
  • We will provide spiritual direction and clarity in an objective manner.
  • We seek to enlighten, educate and empower our clients; we can not solve all problems nor will we encourage them to become dependent on our services.
  • We honor our connection to the Universal Light and treat that connection with love, respect, reverence and peace.
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