Frequently Asked Questions

Are in-person Psychic readings or phone/chat Psychic readings more effective?

Phone and chat readings are more effective, and here’s why:

“Energy is Energy” whichever the method of communication with a client. Our expert Psychics can connect to the astral level.

Psychic Readings of our 5 Star Psychics are more beneficial and accurate than in-person Psychic Readings because of the following reasons:

  1. Psychic reading is more focused and accurate because there are no visual distractions like jewelry, body language, and facial expressions.
  2. Clients are more candid and at ease over phone or chat due to anonymity. Moreover, it can be done from your home with less disturbance for the flow of energy between you and your trusted Psychic.
  3. Similarly, the Psychic Readers are comfortable at a place and time of their choice which means that they give you a more reliable and focused reading.
How do I believe that your Psychics are the best?

Predict My Future is the Home of the Five Star Psychics. We have a high standard of elaborate testing methods for selecting Psychic readers. Only the best and most gifted Five-Star Psychic Readers make it to Predict My Future.

We have a constant re-evaluation system which ensures that our Psychic Advisors not only enter our system as the best in class but also remain so during their performance.

We also consider click4advisor psychic reviews from clients and register only top-rated online Psychics who can provide precise readings and predictions.

How do I call an Advisor for a Psychic Phone Reading?

The process of connection begins with clicking the CALL NOW button.

A click4advisor window will appear.

For newcomers:

  • Complete the form
  • Enjoy your reading with our Five Star Psychics!

If you are a returning customer:

  • Click on the CALL NOW button for the phone psychic of your choice
  • Enjoy your reading with our Five Star Psychics!
Is there a way to connect with an Advisor for a Psychic Chat Reading?

First and foremost, find the advisor you would like to connect with and click CHAT NOW.

A Click4Advisor chat window will appear.

For newcomers:

  • Complete the form
  • Enjoy your chat reading with our Five Star Psychics!

If you are a returning customer:

  • Click on the click4advisor chat button for the psychic reader of your choice
  • Enjoy your psychic chat reading with your Five Star Psychic!
Is creating a Click4Advisor account necessary to speak with an advisor at Predict My Future?

Yes, you need to create an account and ensure that all transactions take place through the click4advisor system. Using websites that use click4advisor assures safe, confidential, private conversations and a secure payment system.

Clients also find click4advisor psychic reviews help to give them an idea of who the best psychic reader is for them.

Is it permissible for our advisors to ask for a Client’s phone number, email address, or any other type of personal contact information?

No! This is a serious offense and must be reported to us via our Contact Us form.

Am I allowed to contact an advisor “on the side” or through any other means besides Predict My Future?

Definitely Not! Any communication outside the Predict My Future and the Click4Advisor system is prohibited. Please report such cases via our Contact Us form.

How is the professionalism of the advisors to Predict My Future?

Our advisors offer their services to our valued clients with great respect, courtesy, compassion, and professionalism. They have been selected for their high ethical values and integrity.

What is the process by which Predict My Future Psychic Advisors give readings?

Our Psychic readers are gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience; some are also Tarot Card Experts. We also have Psychic Mediums, Empaths, and Angel Readers.

Since we are the Home of the Five Star Psychics; all our Psychic Readers are highly gifted and intuitive.

What can I hope the quality of my readings will be like?

You, like all our clients, will get highly accurate and comprehensive readings from Predict My Future. They will be the best readings available and give you value for your money.

How do I know if my Psychic Advisor is available?

Go to “Psychic Advisors” to see who is currently logged in on the click4advisor psychic list.

“Online Advisors,” though logged in, may be busy. A green indicator showing “Call Now” or “Chat Now” on their profile shows that the advisor is ready for your call or chat.

A red “Busy – Join Cue” means they are busy with a client so click the red button to be next.

Sometimes an online advisor’s button is a blue “Arrange a Call” or “Arrange a Chat.” That means that they are offline.

In case the Psychic advisor I want to call is busy or offline, is it possible to schedule a call or chat or ask for callback?

Yes, you can click the blue or red indicator on their profile, mentioning; “Busy – Join Cue” or “Arrange a Call” or “Arrange a Chat.”

A Click4Advisor window comes up, on which you can request a Callback, Chatback or request a “Scheduled Call” and when the advisor is available, both your phone and theirs will ring and connect you.

Does the free minutes psychic reading offer have any conditions?

Psychic Reader free offer conditions are available at Click4Advisor Free Minutes Offer Policy.

Is it permissible to give feedback for my readings in writing?

Your feedback is very useful to us. Please feel free to leave Click4Advisor reviews. Please also read the Click4Advisor Feedback Policy.

Does Predict My Future accept credit cards?

We accept all Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit or debit cards.

Does Predict My Future have any specific working hours?

We are reachable to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; as it is always a pleasure for us to have trusted psychics available when our clients need them.

How can I offer my services as a Psychic Advisor?

You may send your application using our Join As An Advisor form. Since we are the Home of the Five Star Psychics – you must be a gifted and top-notch psychic. We are eager to have you onboard helping others by sharing your psychic abilities.

Do you have any promotional events?

Yes! Please subscribe to our email updates to keep abreast of the special promotional offers which appear from time to time.

What will my credit card statement show?

No information other than “Click4Advisor” will appear on your credit card transactions.

Is there a minimum age for using your services?

Yes, if you are 18 years or above, you can use our services.

How is it possible to view all the Psychic Advisors?

Our Psychic Readers, Angel Readers, Clairvoyants, Break-up Psychics, Love Psychics, Career Psychics, Money Psychics and all others can be viewed on the Advisors page.

Do you give access to my personal data to the advisors?

We do not. All customer information is confidential. Advisors will only know your username. More information is available at Click4Advisor Privacy Policy.

How do I select the right Psychic Advisor?

The specialty of each advisor, such as relationship psychics, mediums, or career psychic advisors, is provided in their profile for selection of the best psychic suited to you.

You can be sure that all Psychic readers enlisted with us are the best 5 Star Psychics you can find.

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