Gift Of Prayer

Our Way of Giving Back – Our dedicated and loving Predict My Future “Gift of Prayer Team” will pray for you on any or every day of the year.

We believe in the power of prayer – few gifts could be more life-changing.

During your darkest days, pain and sadness can feel like a heavy burden. Let us lift up one another and help take away the pain weighing you down.

It is our privilege to help support and comfort you through prayer.

We also love to pray in celebration of anything you are thankful for.

After we complete the “blessings” ordered each day, our energy is positive and incredibly high. Therefore, we continue sharing our gifts and our love by fulfilling your prayer request.

You are welcome to come back as often as you wish and add your name to the “Gift of Prayer” list for that day.

We’ll send you an email to let you know when your personal prayer has been gifted to you. We need one another to get through this life. We love you, and we’re here to help. <3

Whatever you’re feeling – we at Predict My Future care about what concerns your heart.


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