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Do you believe in angels and know that you could contact them anytime, anywhere?  If not, then you are placing yourself at a disadvantage. Here are the points you must know about Angel Reading. 

Guardian angels have since the dawn of time been God’s loyal servants. Their devotion to the Creator has seen them bridge the gap between God and man. Being the hosts of heaven, therefore, the majestic creatures have made God’s plan and purpose prevail over our lives.

Who Are Angels?

From a biblical perspective, angels are spiritual beings, unlimited by flesh and form part of the divine hierarchy. On the contrary, theologians recognize guardian angels as spiritual forces created by God to oversee His will over our lives. So they are watchers. 

So, What Makes Them Unique?

First, angels never travel through a medium. Instead, they move through time. Additionally, the heavenly creatures are full of infinite knowledge. 

Christian angelology
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They think fast and contemplate things no man or woman can. Also, arch angels are not limited to reproductive laws, birth, or death. 

The Angelic Order

Christian angelology groups the angelic order into three categories. These include the

First Sphere

First sphere watchers serve as God’s heavenly servants. They comprise the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

Second Sphere

Second sphere agents work as heavenly governors. They guide and rule the spirits. What’s more, Dominions/Lordships regulate the duties of lower cadre watchers. Other angelic beings in this category include the virtues/stronghold and powers/authorities.

Third Sphere

Third sphere archangels are the most powerful. They function as humanity’s messengers, protectors, and heavenly guides. Most importantly, they work in tandem with principalities/rulers, archangels, and personal guardian angels.

7 Important and Fascinating Angels

The seven common angel names, according to the Book of Enoch, include:


Michael is a warrior. He keeps the world safe from Satan and the forces of evil. Above all, Archangel Michael defends and protects those who love God.  


Arch angel Gabriel is the guardian angel of Israel. More so, he is God’s bearer of good news. Hence, you now understand why God sent Gabriel to Mary to prophesy the birth of Jesus.

The 7 Achrangels


Archangel Raphael is the agent responsible for healing. Armed with a lot of compassion, Raphael refreshes your mind, body, and spirit. 


Archangel Uriel is the true representation of spiritual peace and the purity of heart. He is also responsible for salvation and ministration.


Better known as the angel of prayer, archangel Selaphiel connects people with God through devotion. He also keeps you focused on blocking out any distractions. Finally, angel Selaphiel helps you listen to God’s voice from within you. 


Archangel Raguel, the number six watcher, bestows consequences on the fallen-angels and demons who have transgressed God’s holy laws. Thus, Raguel is responsible for redemption, justice, harmony, and fairness. He is also the guardian angel of speech. 


Barachiel is the angel of blessings. He delivers God’s favor on all nations when needed. What’s more, arch angel Barachiel is the chief of the guardian angels.

Why They Are Here

Angelic beings serve as God’s servants. They deliver God’s heavenly revelations to humanity. Additionally, the spiritual creatures witness and offer worship to God. 

But that is not all they do. Apart from keeping a record of your daily deeds, arch angels guide you to a place of abundance. Thus, they keep you safe and comfortable when surrounded by adversity. Finally, angelic creatures bring an endless number of benefits.

Archangels Quotes

How Angel Reading Works

Having your angel cards read, or without cards talking to an angel reader is exciting and fun. 

What’s great is that it can be as convenient as picking up your phone or typing on chat. No need to leave the house. Instant answers by the absolute top-notch angel readers are right at your fingertips.

Here is why. First, you explore the unseen.

Second, you have that one-on-one encounter with an angelic being. 

Most importantly, angelic readings provide you with clarity and foresight about your life. But it all starts when you work with the right angel card or cardless angel reader

Luckily enough, PredictMyFuture offers both combinations. What’s more, the platform has been in business since 2005 and features only 5-star psychics. 

Below is how they serve:

From the onset, the ideal angel reader requests one or even a list of questions. These queries provide the angel interactive psychic with direction, especially when summoning archangels

Next, the reader shuffles a pack of cards until some fall out, or when the guardian angel responsible for your well-being instructs the psychic to stop. The psychic then interprets the message on the top-most card or on the ones that fell out. Whereas tarot cards predict your future, angelic cards reflect the things taking place in your life.  You can then adjust your life and live happier when being guided by these instructions.

What It Takes To Get Accurate Readings

Angels respect your free will. Hence, their insights only work for anyone with an open mind and enough will for growth. Most importantly, preparation is necessary for this line of work. Therefore, always prepare a list of questions to keep you, and the reader focused.


Although sometimes feared, angelic beings are a blessing. There is nothing to fear but lots of wisdom and life-improving guidance to gain. They connect us to God, all the while helping us overcome fear and life’s greatest challenges. In short, archangels help us fulfill our purpose on earth. That said, go ahead now and indulge in an angel reading by phone or chat. Our loving professionals offer you the best help if you are ready for a life-changing transformation today. 


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