How Long Does it Take to Get Over a Breakup

Get over a breakup

The answer is different for everyone on how long it will take to get over a breakup. However, there are averages from studies and more, and we will talk about that. Several different methods are also here to choose from to show you how to move on from an ex. 91% of our clients report these helped them substantially in getting over a breakup. It’s time to ease your pain. These people felt better quickly, and so can you.

Let us very briefly begin with understanding the process of how to get over your ex.

There are typical steps in the process of getting over someone

1. Denial -You check your phone every few seconds, looking for some reconciliation, and refuse to believe that it happened to you.

2. Anger-You are angry with yourself and your partner for allowing this to happen. And sometimes take drastic steps in anger without thinking of the consequences. You are intensely jealous of the new relationship your partner might be getting into and keep comparing yourself.

3. Sadness -You sink into sadness, feeling a deep sense of loss and helplessness. You become numb to all other feelings of emotion and don’t care much for yourself or your loved ones.

4. Accepting reality-You make peace with yourself and face reality.

5. A new ray of hope –Finally, you see new hope. You look at yourself anew with a career, a life, and a bright future. 

Sadness- Get over a breakup

How long is the process of getting over a breakup?

1. In taking actions (like you are right now) to figure out how to move on from an ex, you speed up the process of getting over a breakup.

2. Some studies claim to have arrived at a figure, but the time frame depends on many aspects. Factors include the depth of emotional involvement or investment, how sensitive or rational you are, and your outlook towards life. Other factors that affect how to get over someone include the support system available to you and a lot more. Just as relationships are different for different people, so is getting over an ex.

3. Psychic readings by phone also play a positive role in getting a clear perspective of the situation. Many find it similar to therapy to get over a breakup.  Breakup experts see the ways to get over it fast based on tapping into your emotional needs. Chat with psychic online or psychics readings by phone are helpful to many people.

Some Knowledge Helps

4. The brain in a breakup works like it does when there is physical pain. Withdrawal symptoms are like those of drug addiction. On top of that, the emotional pain hurts worse than physical pain, yet there is no medicine to help.

5. The author of ‘Sex and the City’ Charlotte York said it takes half the time of a relationships’ duration to get getting over a breakup. Other people say it is just a matter of weeks.

6. A study from Monmouth University on how long it will take to get over a breakup took a sample of undergraduates. They discovered that 71% found themselves getting over someone in 3 months and 3 weeks on average.

Factors contributing to how long it takes to get over a breakup.

The intensity of your relationship and emotional investment are important factors. The deeper you have gone, the more time it will take.

Your background plays an important role. If you had an unhappy childhood and have experienced traumas and losses, you will take longer. The ability to let go of expectations and come to terms with reality comes from your past. Your level of stability and independence in your early life has led to the level of confidence you have in yourself.

Your ability to focus on caring for yourself helps. Things like regular exercise and doing what you love to do are essential. And immersing yourself in work or social activities also play a vital role. 

Various methods to assist in falling asleep are available online. Many find they can’t sleep after a breakup because it’s hard to stop the mind from racing. Just learning how to sleep after a breakup can be the first step on your road to getting over someone.

Being Objective helps

Your inclination to get professional support by seeking therapy to get over a breakup can prove to be helpful. Also, using meditation as a tool to train your mind to be at peace can lead to a much faster recovery, especially if you can’t sleep after the breakup happens.

Having loved ones around you and caring for you while you care for them. The more you can open up and talk to them, the faster the healing.

Extending beyond yourself to fill the void. I believe it was Somerset Maugham who said, “the void inside you can only be filled by extending beyond yourself.” If you can have a feeling of love and concern for the underprivileged, lend them a hand. That feeling of satisfaction and self-confidence will enable you to move on faster.

Extending beyond yourself- Get over a breakup

More on How to Move On From an Ex and Time frames

A lot depends upwon why there was a breakup - Get over a breakup

A lot depends upon “why” there was a breakup; was it cheating, selfishness, violence, or just plain incompatibility? Do you feel a loss of identity because you had become one with your partner? It is essential to know “why” so you can find closure.  You need some logical reason to satisfy your mind to be able to move forward.

However, it is central to recognize that you grieve for the loss of the fantasy of what you thought could happen, according to Dr. Juliana Morris, marriage and relationship therapist. The time frame depends a lot on getting out of the obsessive vicious circle of  ‘why’ and ‘what if.’

Growing Up Happens

Clean break. It also depends upon how much of a clean break you can make. How much you can rationally analyze the breakup to be real and final. And decide you are better off without that relationship. How much is it lowering your self-esteem and making you lose the potential of a promising career and life?

Positive and mature parting. Though it is not always easy getting over someone, you can try to accept it. Look at the breakup as final for the valid reason of incompatibility as partners. You’ll come out stronger, more confident, and happier in knowing how to move on from an ex.

Ability to transform into a new identity. How long it will take to get over a breakup will become much shorter as you put your chin up and reconquer the world. Finding yourself after a breakup can be a beautiful thing!

Ability to transform into a new identity- Get over a breakup

Psychic readings. Another way to get over a breakup faster is to have a chat with a psychic online or get psychic readings by phone. Experts with psychic gifts can give you deep insight into your breakup and how to get over it fast. They help guide your steps toward a better future.


Most individuals overestimate how long it takes to get over a breakup. The good news is that it transpires sooner than you think. Getting over an ex means taking your partner down from the pedestal you put them on but don’t get too negative. The one permanent relationship you have is with yourself. You are who matters the most.

Know how to save a relationship after breakup or before.

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