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Universal laws govern the world. The most popular of these laws is the law of attraction. Several universal laws, including the law of cause and effect, affect the law of attraction. Your good karma comes through this law too.

However, the law of attraction is only a single piece of an intricate puzzle. The laws of universe are the designers of life. They work together as guiding principles for those who want a fulfilling and successful life.

Of the 12 universal laws, the law of cause and effect manifests itself in every facet of your daily life. If only you are more observant of things that happen around you, you will easily understand its prevalence.

So, what is the principle behind the law of cause and effect?

 – Every effect in your life has a cause

The saying of what goes around comes around, sums up the karmic law of cause and effect. But it does not end there as:

  • Each effect then becomes a cause for something else.

Cause and Effect Definition

Before we proceed further, what does cause and effect mean? The cause and effect definition is simple:

Cause – Cause is the reason or action that brings about the results.

Effect – Effect is the result of an action or cause.

The laws of universe are potent tools that can lead you to a highly-fulfilling life. For these laws to work for you and create good karma, you must align your thoughts and actions with their principles. You will find that it is easier to create wealth, heal, and attract what you desire than you initially thought.

Understanding the Law of Cause and Effect and Karma

The karmic law of cause and effect works together with your memory and desires. Becoming aware of the principles behind this law of the universe enables you to align your decisions and behaviors better. Ultimately, this alignment of decisions and behaviors (cause) leads you to consciously generate reality (effect).

Our brains are very powerful refiners of thoughts.

As a human being, you react to the life experiences that you take in. You categorize everything that happens in your life into good or bad. Then you determine desire. What most people do not realize is that this whole process is the foundation of your reality. But there is good news. A change of thoughts gives you the power to transform your reality.

Whatever your circumstances, you are in control of how you think of them. It is those thoughts that will influence the effects that come your way. Soon you will be surprised at how causes and effects shape your life.

Peter Baksa, while researching to write his book, The Point of Power, talked to injured veterans who had come back from Iraq. Despite their injuries, most were in agreement that the experience had a positive impact on their life. As it turns out, their experience had changed their perception of the events of their lives. They went further to rewrite their perspectives of the cause of the injuries (effect) they were now living with.

And they were in a happier place now that they had learned that they alone were in control of their reality. However, some refused to view the experience from a different perspective. The result was that most of these eventually fell into depression.

The Cause and Effect Law is About Changing Your Perspective

law of cause and effect -2 - Right Perspective
The Law of Cause and Effect – You Have to Get Your Perspective Right. Change will happen.

To enjoy the gifts of the laws of universe, you must overcome your ego. This makes it easier to view events in a different light. And that is when things start stacking up for good.

The Cause and Effect Law primarily states that how you process your present affects everything that happens to you.

Memories and experiences from the past have a significant influence on our present. The good news is that each of us is solely responsible for choosing how we respond to a situation. Unfortunately, some of us react reflexively, always allowing other people and circumstances to trigger our actions.

Sometimes we operate in ways that allow our ego to take precedence over our spirits. The problem with this is the ego works from lack, fear, inferiority, and scarcity. When we listen to our ego, we believe that our looks, material possessions, personality, or jobs define us.

However, understanding the laws of universe helps us connect to our spirituality. In turn, feelings like fear and doubt become a thing of the past. The ego makes us respond unconsciously. But by tapping into the principles of the law of karma, we become more conscious of our surroundings.

Once you realize the power of cause and effect, you start understanding how powerful your thoughts are. This transformation enables you to alter your reality as you like. The law of cause and effect rekindles your intuition, allowing you to understand the consequences of the actions you take.

Many people wonder whether this law is the same as karma. Is there a relationship between the two?

The Relationship Between the Karmic Law of Cause and Effect and Karma

Have you ever heard of the saying that karma is real? Well, the concept behind karma is that you reap what you sow. It makes the idea behind karma is real and the law of causality similar. The word karma meaning is that the universe gives back whatever you give to it. If you breed negativity, you get negativity in return. The same is true if you breed positivity.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, karma meaning is that it determines your existence in the next life. How ethically you live your current life affects how you live in the next life. Regardless of what religion you follow (or not), karma is real and the effects manifest every day.

Sometimes, these causes and effects take days, weeks, or months to get back to us. They might even take years or a lifetime. Like the laws of universekarma has its statutes. Understanding them opens up your mind to new experiences, thoughts, and perspectives. And then, also comes the opportunity to create more good karma.

To invite good karma in your life, you have to live by these 12 laws of karma.

12 Laws of Karma – Law of Universe Rebound

1. The Great Law – Where Karma and the Law of Causality Intersect

It is where the karma meaning and the law of causality intersect. The Great law states that we receive the same energy we give, whether good or bad. Some call it “law of universe rebound.”

If you are honest and treat other people kindly and with love, people will treat you in the same manner. Surprisingly, this phenomenon happens even with strangers. And what happens if you are condescending, disrespectful, or treat people like they are beneath you? The truth is that you will get the same treatment from other people.

You foster good deeds; you receive good karma. And if you nurture awful actions, and bad karma follows you. When people warn that karma is real, this is how they visualize the karma meaning in everyday life.

2. Creation Law based on Causes and Effects

Do you have dreams and desires that you would like to actualize? There is only one surefire way of accomplishing your goals, to achieve them. According to this law, your will to make things happen will not just materialize out of nowhere. They will only occur if you take action. This comes down to causes and effects.

Sitting and waiting will not manifest your dream magically. Take Oprah and Beyoncé, for instance. The two influential women have found success because they have taken it upon themselves to create. And they not only develop but also establish events that benefit their audiences too.

There is no denying that karma is real and has worked exceptionally well for individuals like Oprah. Over her career on TV, she was famed for her generosity and uplifting those in need.

3. Humility Law

law of cause and effect - Humility Helps in the Change
The Law of Cause and Effect – Humility is the Stepping Stone to Change

Humility leads to strength and not to weakness. It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes and to make amends for them.” – John McCloy

Many successful people embody the law of humility. They understand that you can only change your circumstances once you acknowledge and accept your current situation. As this law teaches, the things you resist will persist in your life.

Resistance breeds the energy that fuels unwanted things. When you evaluate your life and start ignoring the things you do not want, you allow light to shine in on your life.

That is when you start getting clarity. But how do you become modest and tune into this law of karma?

  • Be thankful for what you have
  • Let go of what you do not have and do not want
  • Celebrate life
  • Be aware of the good karma you are creating

4. The Law of Growth

According to the law of growth, self-development is another way to invite good karma in your life. Investing in yourself does not necessarily refer to physical maturation. Instead, it relates to personal development.

Personal development can be through:

  • Learning more skills,
  • Going back to school,
  • Volunteering
  • Apprenticeship
  • Reading, and much more

The growth, change, and evolution occasioned by personal development will transform your external reality. Your environment changes the same way you grow and evolve.

Fortunately, learning never stops, and there is always something you can add to your arsenal. Growth can also mean shifting your mindset or learning to let go, forgive, and heal from heartache. These mindset issues or heartaches are causes, and effects come from them. We can fix that.

5. The Law of Responsibility

According to the law of responsibility, you are in control of:

  • Your achievements
  • Your failures
  • What you have or do not have
  • What you become, and
  • Your life in general
  • Karma

What does this mean? There is no excuse for anything that happens in your life. Blaming others for your situation or circumstance is only looking for a scapegoat.

The real power to change your circumstances, or yourself, lies only within you. The government, society, or other people have limited control over what happens to you.

The lone influence on your life is your thoughts. In his book, As a Man Thinketh, James Allen notes that our mind and thoughts (cause) have a massive influence on our reality. He goes on to liken the mind to a garden. As the gardener, you have two options (causes):

  • To cultivate your garden (mind/thoughts) intelligently
  • Or allow it to run wild

Regardless of the choice you make, you are guaranteed a harvest (effect). If you plant useful seeds into your mind, the mind will bring forth a bumper harvest. But should you plant useless seeds, the result will be an abundance of useless weeds. Essentially, positivity will breed positivity; negativity will breed negativity.

6. The Law of Connection and the Relation to Cause and Effect

Lessons from the law of connection reveal that everything in the universe is interconnected. Without one, the other does not exist. For example, the steps you need to take to start a vehicle. If you skip one step, the chances are that your vehicle will not start. If it does start, you might end up breaking something as a result.

The same logic applies to life. What you did in the past was a precedent of what you are experiencing now. What you do today will affect your life in the future. To avoid bad karma in your future, invest today in behaviors and habits that will lead good karma and a fulfilling life tomorrow.

Closer home, if you take the time to evaluate your past and present, you will start seeing patterns that have shaped the life you are living now. You will begin to recognize the causes and effects. The truth is, your emotions and experiences are the links between your past, present, and future self. Be kind, love, honor, and respect others, and you will get the same in return.

According to this karmic law of cause and effect, no step is greater than the other. Whether the first or last step of accomplishing a task, the bottom line is that skipping any step affects the outcome. Only following the set path and going through all the paces will give you the results you expect.

7. The Law of Attention

This law teaches us that it is better to follow or subscribe to one train of thought for the best results in life. Essentially, this helps you avoid analysis paralysis.

The human mind is not wired to tail numerous trains of thoughts. The law of attention recommends breaking down objectives into small, manageable tasks. Breaking down tasks into bits helps you accomplish more by following a linear approach to achieving each goal.

Further, the law recommends ranking tasks in order of priority. You can then start with the most important and give it your all rather than splitting your focus across different jobs. Ultimately, the lesson here is that you should focus on positivity and your highest values. Given that the universe mirrors the energy you project, you must tune into your positivity. Besides, focusing on these positive values overshadows the capacity of your brain to focus on the negative.

8. The Law of Kindness (Giving and Hospitality)

law of cause and effect - Always Help Others
The Law of Cause and Effect – Help Others to Help Yourself

This law of karma clearly explains itself. It is about being generous and selfless. About sharing whatever you have with those who need it, and about actioning your thoughts. Some people are big on advocacy, but when the opportunity presents itself to action what they preach, they rarely do it.

In other words, if you are a supporter of giving and charity work, do not just do it in speech. Instead, when you come across people that need your help, go right ahead and offer as much support as you can. You cannot claim to believe in one thing and not follow it up with actions.

Such are the teachings of the karmic law of giving and hospitality. For selflessness to be a virtue, you must accommodate something other than yourself.

9. The Law of The Moment

This law is also known as the law of here and now or forgiveness. The law advocates for living in the present, forgetting the past, and not stressing about the future. Unfortunately, many of us live in the past. We repeatedly replay what went wrong and our past mistakes. We keep playing the same old records of failure and disappointments.

All this at the expense of connecting with our present and making the most of our now. The problem with focusing on old thoughts, patterns, and behavior is that they prevent you from formulating new ones. To transform your present and set a solid foundation for your future, you must forget and forgive the past.

Think of life as a flower. Beautiful and full of nectar. But to get to the nectar, you have to get past the bloom or petals. Your past experiences and emotions are the petals of your life. They are the reason you are yet to get inside and partake of the nectar within.

The moment you forgive and forget, those petals start shedding away, revealing the nectar inside. But dwelling on the past and worrying about the future will only hide the nectar. The fact is that the past is gone; you cannot control it. But you can shape your future depending on your actions and thoughts today. 

10. The Law of Transformation and Release

law of cause and effect - Transpormation Wil Happen
The Law of Cause and Effect – Persistence is the Key to Transformation

“Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.

Do you find yourself experiencing similar situations over and over again? It can range anywhere from:

  • Attracting undesirable partners
  • Getting difficult clients
  • Getting rejections whenever you apply for a position

If you experience such, the law of change is trying to pass along a message – you need to change. You need to evaluate your actions, behaviors, and habits and start identifying areas to improve. That is the only way you will end the vicious cycle of unwanted results.

To effect and identify the change you desire, you must connect your thoughts and feelings. The problem is that many of us overthink and feel too little. But only a balance of feelings and thoughts will initiate transformative action that guarantees you different results.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward. Causes and Effects Might Take Time.

According to this karmic law, you must be patient and work towards it for you to get a reward. Causes and effects do not always follow each other instantly.

In simpler terms, hard work pays. That said, for your work to pay off, it has to be consistent. Sometimes, realizing the progress you desire will take time. Yet, this law teaches that regardless of how long it takes, the most important thing is to keep your eye on the ball.

The adage goes that Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, this law teaches you to live in the knowledge that patience is critical whenever you want to achieve great things. Be persistent in your efforts, do not entertain the thoughts of giving up, celebrate yourself, and savor each milestone you hit.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

The last law of karma says that you are a significant part of the universe regardless of who you are. Whether you believe it or not, your existence on earth means you have value.

You are uniquely gifted, and that value and gifts are supposed to be experienced by the rest of the world. That is the fastest and easiest way for you to impact the planet – using your unique abilities. Remember, you receive from the universe whatever you put into it. So, be conscious of the energy you project to the world because it will mirror to you.

 Cause and Effect Examples

In a relationship between cause and effect, one must precede the other. In this case, the cause comes first, followed by the effect. A good cause and effect example is when an alarm wakes you up in the morning. The clock is the cause; the effect is your waking up.

In a school setting, the chances are that the students who study more to understand the concepts better outperform those who read less. The cause is learning more; the effect is better performance. Similarly, in the workplace, those who consistently deliver excellent results often get the promotion first. The cause is the delivery of exceptional outcomes; the subsequent effect is a promotion.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, causes are actions; effects are the consequences of those actions. Actions can be either physical, social, mental, or emotional. But regardless of the type of action, it influences how your life and circumstances turn out.

The law of cause and effect teaches that you should be mindful of your actions as they send a ripple effect to the universe. And with the interconnectedness of the world, those ripples eventually find their way back to you.

This law is immutable, meaning it does not change regardless of where you are in the world. However, one thing holds that life is not built upon luck, chance, or accidents. And ultimately, the life you are living today is entirely your choice.

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