Law of Correspondence. Create a Great Life by following this Law of Universe!

Law of Correspondence

According to the law of correspondence, your circumstances are a mirror of your inner being. That means that to change your situation, you have to examine your inner self first. This law can be used to help yourself out of trouble, along with the use of the several other Law of Universe.

That is when you will be in a position to transform your reality into what you want.

Is your life feeling different from what you would want it to be? Do you find yourself blaming others or external factors for your circumstances or situation? 

This Law of Correspondence works along the lines and principles as any law of universe does. Some universal laws, for instance, the law of attraction, are renowned. In contrast, others, like the law of correspondence, are often overlooked.

Yet, to begin with, one of the most overlooked law of universe is the most powerful.

In this post, we explore the law of correspondence and identify how we can apply its principles for a more satisfying life.

As Above So Below Explanation: The Principles of The Law of Correspondence

The principles that our without (reality) reflects our within (thoughts, feelings, emotions) are the teachings of the law of correspondence. One common phrase that describes this principle is, “as within, so without.” That phrase is similar to the as above so below quote mentioned above.

Simply put, the two quotes mean that every individual’s reality is a mirror of what is inside them.

What does all this mean?

If your physical reality is awash with chaos, misery, grief, and discontent, it portrays your inner self. If you have low self-esteem, feel unworthy, or are always angry and full of hate, your reality will reflect the chaos.

But that’s hardly the worst of it. The worst part is that it breeds a cycle in perpetuity. As above so below explanation is that the worse we feel inside, the worse our reality becomes. It fuels a fire that is challenging to extinguish unless you are very deliberate.

The Paradigm Shift as a Law of Universe

How do you change that cycle of toxicity using Law of Universe? Remember, the worse you feel inside, the worse your situation gets. Then as your reality worsens, so do your feelings – an unbreakable cycle.

However, with a total paradigm shift, you can change the inner self to correspond with this law’s principles. Eventually, you will be able to transform your whole life and reality by just changing your perspective.

This law works because you can only change your outer life by changing your inner life first. Like Mitch Behan says, “All transformation is an inside job.”

The Paradigm Shift as a Law of Universe - law of correspondence
Law of Correspondence … As is Within, So is Without

The truth is that, regardless of any outer change you make, it will be in vain if it doesn’t start from within you.

Changing the outside without changing the inside is only a superficial fix. Recall, as is above, so is below. It might look like there is progress, but eventually, you find yourself in the same bind as before.

So, what do you change inside you so you can trust the transformation in your physical world? There are three things you need to change, namely:

1. Attitude

2. Beliefs

3. Thoughts

A paradigm shift starts with changing the way you think. Self-help writer and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer says that the things you look at begin to change as soon as you change the way you look at them.

Do you know that the most successful people have a different perspective on things than their less successful counterparts? A good example is the narrative of a half-filled glass. When someone presents you with a half-filled glass, do you see it as half-full or half-empty? Some of the lop-sided perceptions that affect our lives are often unconscious ones. Still, they have a significant impact on the life we live.

Taking Control is Within Your Grasp. As is Above, So is Below

Fortunately, we are the literal authors of our life. In other words, we have the sole control over the one thing that can transform our lives – our thoughts. Think of your thoughts as being the higher energy and the physical body as lower energy – as is above so is below. Your thoughts become physical manifestations.

Think of your thoughts- Law of Correspondence
Think of your thoughts

Changing our thoughts to focus on our desires is the only way to introduce meaningful and long-term change.

However, taking charge is easier said than done. The as above so below spiritual meaning is the understanding there is a lot more than the physical. Surrounded by energy, we are all connected. The as above so below spiritual meaning is that if you think correctly then it creates a good life.

For starters, the automatic response when a human being is in hardship is to blame external factors. It is a scapegoat that seems easier to confront instead of us admitting that we are the problem.

Yet, that is where the transformation begins – by accepting your shortcomings and working on changing them.

So, how do you take charge? It’s simple, take control of your mind, and you’ll have the reins for the rest of your life. Eliminate the thoughts of things you don’t want by focusing on the things you want in your life. That way, your life will start taking shape as you want, and you can build it up to live your dream life.

Law of Universe seen in The Butterfly Effect

The Law of Universe and principles behind the law of correspondence establish that our existence is three dimensional. 

To live to our fullest, the three planes that must be in harmony are the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. What this means is that the three realms are connected and are always communicating. The principles are similar to the butterfly effect.

When a butterfly flaps its wings, the energy reverberates, causing waves throughout the universe. These waves influence many aspects of our existence.

Similarly, our existence at the macro level is a construct of our micro reality. What we believe, think, and feel will send shockwaves across the universe. Eventually, these shockwaves find their way back to the sender. As is above so is below.

However small you think your act is, it impacts the overall structure of your behavior. In short, by doing anything, you virtually do everything. The concept might be hard to wrap your head around at first, but the short of it is that every cause has an effect.

Applying the Law of Correspondence in Your Life

Many of the principles in the law of universe come from The Kybalion, a detailed summary of the study of ancient Egypt and Greece’s hermetic philosophy.

The research follows the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. In this book, you find traces of the “as above so below quote.” Also contained are other renditions:as within so without and other as above so below explanations.

By internalizing the lessons from the law of correspondence, you’ll be preparing yourself for the life you desire. Below are steps that will help you transform your reality for the better.

Mind Your Thoughts & Feelings – Partial Law of Universe

Mind Your Thoughts & Feelings - Law of Correspondence
Your Thoughts become Your Reality. Keep them Positive for a Positive Reality. Follow the Law of Universe.

Are there situations and circumstances you are in that you would like to change? Be more mindful of what you think about and how you feel.

Observing your emotional and spiritual states will make you start seeing the patterns you need to change. If you have an awful week or days, take a step back, and evaluate your thoughts. 

Do you doubt your ability to accomplish a specific task or goal? Do you feel unworthy? What self-limiting beliefs are you entertaining?

Remember the as above so below spiritual meaning.

Positive and correct thinking creates a good life.

While your external factors might not be favorable, only you can decide how you perceive these factors. The bottom line is, your circumstances do not define you.

What thoughts are driving how you perceive your reality? Evaluate your life as a whole – career, relationships, finances, health, etc.

All these are an exact reflection of your inner world.

So, what practices do you need to make a habit so you can harness the potent power of the law of correspondence?

1. Take Responsibility and Watch for “as is above, so is below” examples.

Take Responsibility- Law of Correspondence
Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for what is happening in your life enables you to take the necessary steps to change it.

Your reality is a reflected image of your dominant thoughts. By managing your thoughts, you harness the power to change your physical life. You have to notice your thoughts to correct them. Therefore, watch for examples of as is above so is below.

The good thing about taking responsibility is that you can call yourself out without feeling embarrassed. Whenever you catch your thoughts leaning into negativity, quickly snap your mind back to thinking positively.

All the limitations you have been harboring are in your mind, so don’t let your thoughts hold you back anymore.

Whenever you find yourself in a pickle, don’t focus on why you can’t do something. Instead, ask yourself how you can get it done and explore as many options to accomplish what you want.

There is always a solution, something you can do to break through whatever wall you have hit. Rather than limit yourself, nurture expansive thoughts that help you overcome. 

When you overcome your limiting beliefs and thoughts, you’ll see the principles of the law of correspondence working for you.

2. Document Your Experiences to help notice The Law of Correspondence

Journaling what you are feeling and thinking is one of the best ways to keep yourself in check. 

It’s a liberating exercise, and it can change your perspective on life and yourself.

Documenting not only provides insight into your life but is also an excellent tool for tracking progress. Additionally, you can use a journal to record your affirmations and to declare positive thoughts.

Journaling will also help you reflect on the past so you can see all you have accomplished. That way, you don’t dwell on the things you are yet to achieve because you know progress has been there.

3. Be Grateful for What You Have. In itself, This Could Be a Powerful Law of Universe

Be GratefulBe Grateful for What You Have - Law of Correspondence
as above so below spiritual meaning….be forever grateful for grace to flow

Remember the analogy of the glass-half-full vs. half-empty? It’s easy for you to look at your glass as half empty. Unfortunately, most of us do.

By looking at it as half full fosters an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful boosts your happiness as it breeds feelings of joy and accomplishment.

Gratitude is one practice that has an immense effect on how we perceive our reality.

Dr. Robert Emmons, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, has widely researched the effect of gratitude with wild success.

Over years of studying the subject in-depth, he has concluded that recording that you are grateful for has a powerful effect on our reality. This study is another example of the as above so below spiritual meaning.

His findings are widely documented in The Journal of Positive Psychology, for which he is editor-in-chief, and in two of his books:

  • Gratitude works: A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Prosperity,
  • Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier

If you are wondering how documenting what you are grateful for helps you, scientific evidence shows effects including:

  • Additional selflessness, generosity, and compassion
  • More forgiving 
  • Outgoing
  • Feels more love from and towards their community
  • Abundant positive emotions and optimism
  • More attentive and lively
  • Increased happiness and pleasure
  • A stronger immune system
  • Better pain tolerance
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Better self-care and more exercise
  • Better sleep and relaxation

Gratitude not only breeds positivity and blocks negativity but also makes you stress-resistant. Lastly, it makes you realize your worthiness to the world.

4. Consciously Seek Opportunities that Make You Feel Optimistic and Avoid Those that Heighten Your Pessimism

Often, the reason we get negative vibes is allowing negativity to overtake our conscious mind. The good news is that, as humans, we are aware of the things that breed negativity in our lives.

If there is a situation that makes you doubt yourself or makes you feel like the world is against you, avoid it. If there are people who only criticize you but have nothing good to say about you, stay away from them.

You might even have something that reminds you of a rough time that always invites negativity. Put that item away, or better yet, get rid of it.

On the other hand, you might know places, activities, people, or practices that make you feel good about yourself or the world. If you do, pursue them with enthusiasm and relentlessness anytime you feel down.

5. Live Like Your Desires Have Become a Reality

Living like you have accomplished your desires goes back to another law of universe – the law of vibration. According to the law of vibration, should you wish to attract anything in your life, you must match its vibrational frequency.

the law of correspondence
Law of Universe…match your vibrations with what you desire, and you shall achieve it

The fact that the law of vibration overlaps the law of correspondence shows how the laws of universe work in harmony. So, how does living like your dreams have been accomplished help? For starters, it helps you visualize how your life would be when you realize your desires.

The vibration law teaches that visualization helps you elevate your vibrations to match whatever you want to attract. Then, when things start aligning with your goals, you start feeling better about yourself. And the self-perpetuity of positivity and results continues.

Don’t let your perception of your current reality limit or burden you. Bridging the distance between your now and what or where you want to be will help shift your mindset. To start your visualization routine, begin by closing your eyes and making a mental picture of your ideal self. Do this as often as you can; you’ll realize the change in your reality.

Final Thoughts

To recap, we must always remember that whatever we hold in our consciousness is replicated in our reality. It means that the mind absorbs everything in its original format. Here is what you should know. Distinguishing between reality, faith, and illusions, is very hard for the mind to do.

When interpreting things, the brain confuses what you focus on with facts, making it easy to make your thoughts real. So, to make the law of correspondence work for you, you need to evaluate how you feel on the inside. Feeling bad on the inside will make you have an unpleasant reality. The alternative is to adopt positivity and cultivate optimism and happiness. The universe will work to project the same as your physical existence.

And remember; as is above, so is below.

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