Law of Rhythm

Law of Rhythm

You finish school on time and have a job lined up even before graduation. With full support from your family and friends, you can transition seamlessly from one phase of life to another. 

You’re on a roll, and everything in your life seems to be on track. Until it no longer is.

Your perfect workplace suddenly feels hostile, and the employer who was always impressed by your performance can’t seem to find anything right about you lately. 

Years of social investment are rendered pointless when you have a falling out with your long-time friends. 

Even worse, your family faces numerous challenges and is holding on by a thread. You can’t seem to find your balance, and all this pushes you to an impossible edge. 

You look back and can’t help but wonder what happened to the once-centered and successful person you were. 

Such is the flow of life. 

A balanced season is often followed by a season of imbalance. This is what the Law of Rhythm stands for. 

This article will focus on what the Law of Rhythm means, how to rise above it for a better, happier life, and how you can use it to balance the mind, body, and spirit. 

Defining the Law of Rhythm

Laws of the universe

The major highlight of the 12 Laws of the universe is energy. In all the laws, energy releases into the universe, and it is upon you to match its frequency using your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. 

Depending on how you do this, you attract that energy to yourself. In return, your life shines brighter profoundly as the universe bows down to manifest your greatest desires. 

This way, you live a happier life when you’re in sync with the energy of the reality you wish to live and enjoy it to the fullest.  

The Law of Rhythm follows the same principle. It states that you are bound to receive a series of challenges in life whose purpose is to strengthen you. 

These challenges are like an initiation, each preparing you for the next chapter of your life. 

Instead of resisting the flow of energy in the Law of Rhythm, you should stay focused on your goals and get in sync with the flow of things. 

This helps provide you with a better understanding of how to responsibly handle different seasons in your life. 

How you respond to the changes in your life makes all the difference in your rhythm. You attract positivity from the universe when you keep your thoughts and feelings on positive things. 

Despite the challenges involved, accepting them helps you successfully ride whatever tide life throws at you. 

On the other hand, trying to go against the current of the tide wastes your energy. It exposes you to extreme negative aspects like anxiety and depression, making a bad situation worse. 

Riding this tide of change soon brings you a new season, a better season. The Law of rhythm governs everything in life – your health, wealth, and relationships. 

It allows you to achieve balance in different areas of your life. 

In the same way, this Law helps you foresee low tide seasons as they approach. With positivity in mind, take this insight as a sign that you need to concentrate on other areas in your life. 

For instance, resting after hard work is an excellent way to reconnect with your family and friends, catch up on your reading, reorganize your house, or take that overdue vacation. 

Such periods allow you to concentrate on areas you’ve been overlooking but need to focus on to prepare you for what’s ahead. Adhering to the Law of Rhythm helps you:

  • Grow your potential to better yourself.
  • Live a better, happier life by learning how to control your consciousness.
  • Trust the process and timing of every season in your life.
  • Understand that you are neither superior nor inferior to anyone. 
  • Stay aligned with your vision by giving you hope for better things.
  • Identify that self-esteem and humility are the same. The two should never contradict your intentions.
  • Appreciate that whatever happens in your world is relative. This means that someone else has it even worse than you for whatever you’re going through. 

Everything in life is governed by rhythm, and anything not maintained by this will certainly fail. To live a full life, it is of utmost importance that you master the rhythm of life. 

This goes a long way in helping you achieve and maintain favorable conditions that will suit you as you live your best life.

The origins of the Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm has its origins in the Hermetic traditions. These are based on the writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the inventor of writing and godfather of all arts dependent on it.  

The laws governing Hermetic traditions were first published in the early 19th century in Hermes’s book “The Three Initiates.” 

The title later changed to the Kybalion; a world-renowned book used as a reference for the Hermetic Principles. 

There are seven Hermetic Principles, with the Law of Rhythm being the fifth. This Law embodies the principle of action and reaction and how it manifests in all things, including mental states. 

The Kybalion states that “Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

Rhythm is the universal Law applied in all things, whether animate or inanimate. It establishes cycles, seasons, different stages of development, and patterns. 

The Hermetists accounted rhythm as the cause for different moods, feelings, and changes within human beings. 

The Law of Rhythm taught the Hermetists how to transmute energy and manage extreme rhythms of life. This principle also teaches you how to escape things that you feel will be unfavorable.

Understanding lower and higher consciousness enables you to rise above the undue effects of the Law of Rhythm, thus escaping the extremities of the back-and-forth swing. 

In Hermetism, what happens in unconsciousness is neutralized by ego. Thus, consciousness is not affected by negative vibrations of the mind and your surroundings. 

Such control helps you rise above the Law of rhythm to achieve happiness. 

How to rise above the Law of Rhythm 

Law of Rhythms

When things don’t go as desired in life, disappointment is inevitable. This leads you to judge yourself harshly, even when there is little to nothing to be done to change your situation. 

The discomfort caused by self-judgment signifies that you should cut yourself slack. Instead of wasting precious resources, and trying to fight at the risk of losing yourself, you should let go of judgment and let things take their course. 

No season is in your life to last. Embrace the highs and lows while keeping your eye on the ball. The low seasons prepare you to appreciate the high ones better when they come your way. 

In Hermeticism, this is referred to as refusing to participate in the backward swing or denying its place in your consciousness. 

Rising above the Law of Rhythm requires mastery of the Law of Neutralization and its application. It gets you to a higher state of mind that sets you apart from those who are yet to master the immutable laws of the universe.

This state of mind carries perfection and mental firmness that allows you to hone your better qualities and skills to manifest them in the best way possible.  

While tides continue to rise and fall in your life, mastering the rhythmic swings allows you to weather the storm and enjoy the stillness that comes after. 

You understand yourself and are in a better position to avoid being washed away by the inflows and outflows of life. This, coupled with the power of will, sets you on a higher plane to help you deal with different situations better. 

How to Apply the Law of Rhythm in Your Life

Many people struggle to harness the power of the universe’s immutable laws because they don’t understand their application. As we wrap up, let’s look at how to apply the Law of rhythm in particular.

Remember the brief mention of how the Law of rhythm is like a pendulum swinging from left to right in a rhythm? Life is similar in many ways, with numerous ups and downs, light and darkness, joy, happiness, sorrow, and grief – all coming and going from time to time.

However, you can avoid severe swings and maintain a consistent and standard rhythm by understanding how to flow with the Law of rhythm in mind.

Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Mental State

Mental State

Sometimes, you might feel like things are happening to you rather than for you. Without the proper mental health awareness and training, it’s easy to fall victim to circumstances and harbor negative thoughts.

However, once you understand that your thoughts and mental state affect your reality, you can start reigning them in. Whenever you face a difficult situation, take a step back, and ask reflective questions. 

Questions like how am I feeling? What action do I need to take to change my situation or how I feel? Coming up with answers to such questions helps you realize that you have options and choices that can turn your situation around. 

Wherever there is adversity, there is always an opportunity to change and realign your life with abundance and positivity. Thus, you regain a consistent and balanced rhythm.

Learn to Let go

Getting attached to outcomes also knocks you off-balance. You lose your rhythm, and it looks like the world is conspiring against you. 

Learning how not to get attached to attached saves you from the pressure and inadequacy you might experience if things don’t go your way. But you must develop a neutral or indifferent mental state to learn to let go. 

So, why is detachment vital if you want to stay in rhythm and maintain the energy you need to keep on living? 

If you are not attached or are quick to let go of situations that don’t work out, you develop control over your emotions. That way, you can be objective and see the lessons rather than see it as a failure.

That means you won’t beat yourself up over outcomes that don’t materialize as you expected, even in tough times.

Align Yourself with the Rhythm of Life

Align Yourself

This is the best way to always align with the rhythm of life – understanding that regardless of how low you are in the pendulum, you’ll eventually find your way back to the top.

In other words, despite a wild streak, the tide always turns for the better. So, don’t base your happiness on external forces beyond your control. Instead, go with the flow, control your responses to the circumstances, and the ups and downs of life won’t have any control over you.

 Think of it this way; if the rhythm is like a wave, there are peaks and troughs even at the lowest point. You need to lean into the peaks and ride the storm out while keeping your emotions and thoughts in check. 

You gain positivity and flow with the rhythm by maintaining patience and cultivating a sense of calm. 

Final Thought on the Law of Rhythm

The laws of the universe are about raising our vibrations and being in tune with a higher self. Similarly, the Law of rhythm manifests in our life through cycles of good and evil, light and dark.

Above all, we have the power to lean into the peaks of the flow and counter any extremes of life’s rhythm. This improves our growth and evolution; it enables us to connect to our spiritual planes at a higher level.

To reap the fruits of the Law of Rhythm and any other universal law, you only need to trust the process and change your mindset and perspective.

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