The Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration

Nikola Tesla was big on the law of vibration, the law of the universe, and how it affects our reality. He believed the universe’s secrets are hidden in understanding energy, frequency, and vibration. He shared the same belief as this hermetic principle – that the universe is nothing more than energy vibrating at different wavelengths.

The law of attraction might be the most popular law of the universe. The law of attraction states that you attract or manifest what you focus your thoughts on. In other words – the power of thought creates a thing. Or, more simply, like attracts like. 

While that is mostly true, most people fail to understand that the law of vibration is the basis for the law of attraction.

But where do these two intersect? 

First, according to the laws of vibration, the universe is made up of energy in continuous motion. In other words, the energy that constitutes every aspect of our lives never stops.

True to the law of attraction, focusing your thoughts on something and believing it often makes it a reality. But to manifest your thoughts, you must tune in to the same vibrational frequency as the things you want to charm into your life.

If you have tried manifesting something in vain, you probably failed to tune into its vibrational frequency.

The Power of Thought and The Human Perception of Universal Vibrations 

Understanding the power of thought and that vibrational frequencies are the basis upon which everything exists is the key to comprehending how the universe works. 

Unfortunately, the world we live in today constantly feeds us fear. Think of war, poverty, and corruption and how that affects you. 

For many of us, these negative portrayals of world events bring our spirits and energy down. That’s why it’s essential to understand that everything around us exists in its unique vibrational frequency.

All we see, hear, touch, taste, or smell is energy on different wavelengths and vibrating at similarly different frequencies.

The brain acts as the translator that interprets these energies. That interpretation is then what we perceive as our reality and thus becomes the power of thought. 

Each energy cluster goes to the brain and interprets into something physical. A deep dive into the composition of matter reveals that all matter exists as pure energy at the core.

We perceive a car, a table, a tree, a building, or a person as physical forms. But when we break them down to their tiniest molecules, all these are energy.

Then there are our thoughts and emotions, non-physical energies. These, too, are vibrations but differ from the physical ones.

For non-physical energies, they vibrate on two levels – high or low. If you have negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions, your vibrations are at a low frequency.

If your vibrations are at a high frequency, you experience positive thoughts and emotions. Alike the law of attraction, the law of vibration states that what you focus on is what you receive back from the universe. This all ties in again with the power of thought.

The Law of the Universe is critical to the success of almost all high-achievers.

Does the Law of Attraction Raise Vibration?

Law of Attraction

The common question is, does the Law of Attraction raise vibration? The Law of Attraction along with the Law of Vibration work hand in hand. Suppose a person chooses to have a high or positive vibration based on their power of thought. In that case, they will manifest positive things in their life. So yes, the Law of Attraction can raise the vibration. 

As I mentioned before, the law of vibration states that the universe is constantly in motion and that like attracts like. Therefore, the results we get in life, our achievements, and even our failures are affected by our vibrations.

Most people have a difficult time manifesting and achieving their goals and dreams. The reason is that they barely understand how the laws of vibrations work as a law of the universe. 

We cannot ignore how powerful our thoughts are. But neither can we ignore the effect that raising your vibrations has on the law of attraction.

For those manifestations to become a reality, you must understand the role of energy. Bob Proctor, a renowned speaker, author, and motivational coach, is one of the biggest proponents of the Law of Energy, also known as the Law of Vibration.

Bob Proctor Law of Vibration

After studying the laws of the universe for approximately 50 years, it’s safe to say that Bob Proctor has seen it all.

He, too, agrees that while the law of attraction is more popular, the law of vibration renders the law of attraction its power. The law of attraction became popular after the movie “The Secret” went viral.

According to Bob Proctor, people only started exploring the law of attraction. Yet, most didn’t understand the law in-depth enough to realize that it doesn’t work independently.

Bob Proctor clearly states that while attraction and vibration are laws, the latter is the primary. He further notes that everything is the same at the core – energy.

The body is a molecular structure vibrating at supersonic speed. The brain is the electric adjustment station. According to Bob Proctor, the law of vibration says that while we think using our minds, our brains do not think.

We activate specific brain cells to realize particular actions like moving a hand. Otherwise, there would be no effect without activating the brain cells to trigger some activities.

So, what are the benefits of understanding this law? According to Bob, it gives you the ability to control your life, achievements, relationships, and wealth.

Using the concept of sales, salespeople understand that selling is doing something for someone, not to someone.

As a salesperson, your success comes with your ability to connect to a client’s needs. So, you sit down with your prospect and gather as much information about them as possible.

What problem are they trying to solve? Have they tried solving the problem before, and what was the outcome? What is their expectation of your product/service? What do they want to accomplish?

Asking these questions and getting the answers help the salesperson align their offer with the prospects’ needs. The salesperson can then tune to the customer’s vibrational frequency and therefore offer the right solution.

Throughout his writings, you’ll see that the Bob Proctor Law of Vibration explains that changing your vibrational frequency is the fastest way to manifest what you desire. Of course, an overall understanding of the law of the universe also helps in this positive change. 

Like Attracts Like. Changing Your Vibration Transforms Your Life

Once we understand that like attracts like, life starts to improve. Many people work extremely hard to make their dreams a reality. But if the law of vibration is to go by, working hard without changing your vibrations will not yield any results. 

Have you ever felt that despite your all, things don’t seem to go your way? This is a clear indication that your vibrations are not aligned with the vibrations of what you want to attract.

Our question above, “Does the Law of Attraction Raise Vibration” touched on this.

Regardless of your effort, vibrational misalignment makes it hard to manifest your goals. Most people start business after business, with each failing after the other. 

They try hiring different talents, working more, and strategizing, only to end up closing shop. The reason is that they do not understand the laws of vibration.

To get past the cycle of failure, you must shift your vibration. Since like attracts like, we need to vibrate on a level that will attract good things to us. Creating thoughts and feelings (vibrations) that are in harmony with your goals is the only way of realizing those goals.

Changing your vibrations means you also align with the universe. The universe then conspires to make your desires a reality without much effort. 

Still, the question is, how do you trigger the law of vibration to start working in your life?

Activating the Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration

That you can manifest what you desire by focusing your thoughts on it and aligning your actions is widely known. The secret, however, is to tune your vibrations to be in alignment with the vibrations of what you desire.

The easiest part of manifestation is focusing and dreaming about your goals and desires. Aligning your vibrations to those goals and desires is the hard part. 

Once you know what you want, your effort should align your vibrations to your desires. Even if you always think of becoming a millionaire, it won’t happen magically.

Theoretically, wishing for a million dollars to fall from the sky could happen if you are perfectly aligned with the desire. But most people don’t believe that would ever happen, and because of that belief, it doesn’t happen!

But even before you align yourself with your goals, did you know vibrational alignment is the remaining 10% of manifestation? By the time you get to vibrational alignment, 90% of the work is completed subconsciously. 

According to the laws of the universe, our reality only echoes our thoughts. Like attracts like, so everything you see starts from the inner world, such as thoughts, desires, or goals. 

Aligning yourself with the law of vibration helps you unlock your desires from their energetic hold into reality. Understanding the law of vibration will help you bridge the gap between your goal and the manifestation.

According to Abraham Hicks, our existence is more non-physical than physical. That’s why the universe conspires to deliver whatever we align with. 

But how do you align yourself with your intentions so they can manifest? It all boils down to harmonizing your thoughts and feelings with your intent.

For starters, act as if what you desire is already a reality. Do you want a car? Buy some car keys and carry them with you wherever you go. When your brain tunes in and starts believing that you have a car, you’ll be surprised at how fast this can become a reality.

Feeling like your desire has already come true gradually closes the gap between it being a desire and becoming a reality.

To simplify it even further, here are four actionable practices that will help you harness the power of the law of energy. 

Set the Right and Definite Intention

Setting the right intentions is the first step to harnessing the law of energy. Unfortunately, most people are unsure about what they want, let alone know how to manifest it. A lack of clarity on what you want will only delay its manifestation. 

Some people want to own a successful business one moment and then want to get a promotion at their workplace the next moment. Without clarity on what you want, the universe will only send you the same mixed results.

Vague desires also hinder your ability to harness the power of the laws of vibration. Think about it – if you want to be rich, are you clear on the kind of riches you want? How much will be enough for you to say that you are rich?

You get the universe’s translation if you only give a vague projection. For instance, you might desire a salary raise. But what happens when you only get a raise of $100? 

You’ll probably associate it with a negative feeling because it is way less than what you would have wanted. The problem is that you never define the number, and thus the universe delivered a raise nonetheless. 

Setting your intentions right keeps you from disappointments like those described above. When you are sure of your desires, you send the universe a consistent message, and your wishes manifest as you envision.

Like attracts Like So Visualize to Raise Your Vibration

Since like attracts like, visualization can be a powerful manifestation tool.

So far, it is clear that the key to aligning your vibration with what you want lies in focus. Visualization can help you focus effortlessly.

Here is why visualization is so powerful. While the mind is the most powerful tool in the human body, when there are visuals involved, it can’t differentiate reality and imagination. 

Do you ever get a mouth full of saliva whenever you visualize eating your favorite meal? That is your brain at work responding to visualization like it is a reality.

Start living your life as if your desires have become a reality. It conditions your mind and aligns your vibrations with the universe, preparing you to receive your manifestations.

The more vivid your desires are, the more believable they appear to the mind. Maintaining that vibrational frequency signals to the universe that you are ready to receive, and the universe channels the same energy back to you.

Trust the Process and Believe

The Bible says that a man is a construct of his thoughts. There is a process behind everything in life. If you don’t believe in the process, the chances of it working for you are slim.

Believing in something means following through with its principles without a doubt. Believing in something makes it easy to take action to make it a reality.

For instance, what’s the first thing you do when you believe you will win a lottery? Of course, you buy a lottery ticket. What if you are 100% sure that your business will succeed? You work hard and put your heart and soul into it.

Once you believe in something, you start the process. 

People who doubt the process often fail to take the action required to achieve their dreams. Thinking about what you want to accomplish while still doubting the chances of achieving it keeps you from achieving a goal.

Be Objective and Prepare to Receive

Being objective means being ready to let go of your expectations. Sometimes, things won’t always go your way. But that is not a reason for you to lose your focus. 

Obsessing about the things you want will only stress you when they don’t pan out. Obsessing also hinders the manifestation process, causing it to fail.

Manifestation is like a plant. You plant a seed of thought into your mind, water and nurture it by focusing on it and letting it be. It grows gradually and eventually bears fruit. 

Ensure you condition your mind to believe and align your actions to achieve. However, don’t try to rush the process. Considering the same plant analogy, it starts dying if you over-water your plant.

Now that you know what you need to do to harness what the law of energy offers, how do you master the law?

Mastering the Law of Vibration

The simple exercises below will help you master the laws of vibration. Practice them daily, and you’ll soon realize that you align with your goal and the universe in general.

Be grateful


Feeling good helps raise your vibrations. An excellent way to feel good about where you are is to list all things for which you are grateful. 

What do you already have that makes you feel like you have made a step toward getting where you want to go? Make a habit of writing down whatever you are grateful for. 

It might be a pet, good health, or education – if it makes you grateful, write it down whenever you feel low.

Make a Vision Board 

Vision boards are one of the most potent tools to raise your vibration and manifest your desires. Ask any successful person; they probably have a vision board that they update regularly.

Not only do vision boards bring out our creativity, but they also spark feelings of passion and drive toward achieving our dreams.

Seeing your dream house, dream car, or dream vacation location makes you want to do more to get closer to achieving them. It also helps you visualize what you want to accomplish, making it easier to manifest.


Affirmations are a form of self-empowerment that fosters positive thinking. Ultimately, positive thoughts that arise from declarations help you achieve whatever you set your mind on. 

By repeating your affirmations as often as possible, you condition your mind to believe in the reality you want. 

If you want to manifest anything, repeat it by saying it to yourself, and it will eventually manifest. It’s even more powerful when you say it in front of a mirror, and it boosts your confidence.

Share Your Dreams

What do I mean when I say share your dreams? Talk about them often. Talking about what you want to accomplish keeps the goal alive.

The more you share about your dreams, the more they become a part of your existence. It’s also a way of nurturing a support system to help you achieve those dreams.

Besides, sharing also reminds you that there are people who know what you intend to accomplish, and thus you should work on achieving it.

Be kind and praise lavishly

Be kind

Positive feelings raise your vibrations, and kindness is often repaid with compassion, which breeds positivity. Greet and smile at people, and they will reciprocate. 

As you practice kindness, learn to praise good things with enthusiasm and joy. One mistake we make while manifesting is resenting the same things we want to achieve.

Many resent the rich and consider them show-offs when they only enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If you see a wealthy person driving a luxury car, praise them for their effort rather than resent them. Visualize yourself sitting in that driver’s seat or being chauffeured around town.

The laws of the universe explain that it is impossible to attract what you resent. 

Resentment makes you think you do not want to be like that person. As a result, the universe works at preventing you from reaching the same heights.

Be Generous

The hand that gives is the one that receives. To share, you must stretch out your arm and open your hand. It’s the same concept when you want to receive something – stretch your arm and extend your hand.

If you clench your fist to grasp what you have for yourself, you leave no room to receive. Give as much as possible whenever you have the opportunity, and others will be as generous to you.

Giving communicates to your brain that you have more than enough. And because the law of attraction works by projecting what you project to the universe, others will give back to you voluntarily.

Go Out and Connect with Nature

If one thing in the world is in perfect vibration with the universe, it is nature. Most people report that being out in nature raises their spirits.

Whenever you want to reflect on center your emotions, take a nature walk, cycle, or take a drive. Feel the breeze or sit under a shade and observe nature. The chirping of birds, the clouds, the blue sky, and the crashing waves at the beach are all therapeutic.

Final Thoughts

Even as you practice the teachings of the law of attraction and other laws of the universe, remember that the law of vibration takes center stage. 

There is a process to anything, and you must respect it and be patient in your quest to accomplish your goals.

Tuning into the law of vibration is about repeating the practices outlined above. Eventually, they become regular habits that shift your mindset and help you maintain positivity so you can manifest your dreams effortlessly.

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