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Having had premonitory dreams from a young age, She discovered her talents when she saw things before they happened. She was drawn to Tarot Cards my friend used to do Readings for others. She was fascinated at how accurate the Cards were at inspiring her to pursue her goals. She was also quite intrigued by how her challenges were brought to light, giving her an opportunity to improve situations in her life. She was given her first Tarot Deck, the Rohrig Tarot from her mentor. The images were vivid and primal, and she learned quickly that she too had the gift of Reading.

She has been using Tarot, Palmistry with Touch Therapy, Tea Leaf Readings, Karmic Astrology, Numerology and Dream Analysis to read the Energetic Field of an individual for over 15 years.

Her approach to assisting clients is with present mindedness. She specializes with helping clients in the art of manifestation, creating practical and tangible goals, finding self-love, their life's purpose and creating contentment in life. She provides her clients clarity, awareness and hope. Each session is unique and deals with topics that are relevant to the past, present or future. Often times deceased relatives, helpful people and family members will appear in the readings. Her delivery of the message is gentle, uplifting and inspirational.

Her Readings are facilitated with the intention of Love, Light, Peace and Empowerment, with the best benefit for all. Readings are meant to enforce the Law of Free Will and for the client to discover their own magic, revealing what is necessary for a wishes fulfilled life. Allow her to be of service to you.

Gifted and experienced in:

  • Tarot Cards
  • Astrology
  • Dream Analysis
  • Numerology

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