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Psychic Medium


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She is an animal communicator so she does read clients pets and help find them if lost. She can talk to people who have died, she does not have control of this, for her if they are there she will tell the person they are here and what they want the client to know.

She does not have control of this so if they pop in on reading that is great and sometimes she will get no one. She is learning how to see and hear them on a regular basis. She loves to learn and grow as her gift evolves she finds she can do so much more

She does not know all the proper words for what she does, sometimes she feel like a mutt since she is not the psychic that only does one or two areas. As I tell my clients ADD is a lovely thing.

Gifted and experienced in:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Reiki
  • Empath
  • Animal Communication

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