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Sonic Nova is a multidimensional coach & mentor to 1000 she is known as the channeler for The Avatar Group Consciousness, consisting of 150 highly evolved celestial beings, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and her Infinite Celestial Self; she refers to this infinite consciousness as The Avatar Group Consciousness or (AVATAR). The meaning is: an embodiment, a bodily manifestation of the divine!

She specialize in the following areas:

Master Channeler to the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms and The Avatar Group ConsciousnessThe (consists of my Infinite Self and 150 highly evolved celestial beings AVATARÃ meaning an embodiment, or bodily manifestation of the divine.

Master Telepathic Communicator, conscious channel and trans-channel, is Ambassador she refers to this infinite consciousness as The Avatar Group Conscience referred as (AVATAR)!

Psychic and Remote Viewing Relationship Expert

Future Potentials Readings in all areas of life

Career, Finances, Money issues, Abundance or Scarcity issues and how to overcome and re-pattern you for success!

Soul-Mate, Twin-Flame, Twin-Ray connections or readings, letting you know what type of relationship you're encountering, and what stands between your mutual joy and happiness in your relationship!

Life Architecture Coaching and Light Transmissions Energy Healer

Past Life Akashic Record Readings

Remote Quantum Energetic Healing sessions

Master Herbalist and Natural Supplement Intuitive (My philosophy is to cure yourself with foods and natures best remedies).

Medical Intuitive- for humans and your pets large and small

Master Telepath Pet Communicator and Healer

Sessions, (Your facilitator between yourself and your diseased loved ones)

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