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Whether you're looking for life direction in relationships, career, finance, or health, seeking dream interpretations, or want to connect with loved ones from beyond or your Spirit guides, she customizes each reading to give you the most accurate session available.

She provides compassionate yet honest intuitive guidance. She can help you find the answers you seek and the insight you need.

30 years exp. Combining Astrology and numerology with the Tarot, and Psychic Intuition, her readings are designed to bring enlightenment, balance of mind, body and spirit, but also to help you find your true life's path.

Her name is Barbara and she is a professional psychic~tarot reader. She has been intuitive and sensitive for as long as she can remember. When she was a child, she didn't understand it at the time, but she saw things that others couldn't see and was able to sense energy and feel vibrations.

She is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient.(see,feel,hear) Her Reading style is warm, loving, and supportive. Her readings are honest and to the point, and absolutely non-judgmental. Her experience includes Personal Readings, Reading at fairs , Phone Readings, Internet ,and Parties. You will also see her on the Psychic-TV show in the UK. She likes to help Her clients gain insight, clarity, strength,healing, forgiveness, and patience. She can answer your questions about Love ,Career, Creativity, Life's Purpose, and Major Decisions. She specializes in times and Dates that events will happen in your life. She can also give description of people coming into your life. The tools she uses are the universal Waite Tarot Deck with Numerology/Astrology, Angel Oracle Cards, and Pendulum. Before she starts a reading she always ask for assistance from her Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to help guard against negativity , and to help provide a clear accurate Reading. She also uses Stones for Grounding, Protection, Clarity, and Intuition.

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