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She has been doing readings for over 25 years now with local, national and international clients. She is the founder of a corporation created for the sole purpose of aiding others through psychic life counseling. ****INTERNATIONAL CALLERS, PLEASE OBSERVE HER HOURS OF OPERATION FROM 9AM-9PM PACIFIC STADARD TIME ZONE****

HELPFUL TIPS FOR YOUR BEST PSYCHIC READING: When calling a psychic, try to be calm. When you are emotional it is much harder to SEE for you. For those of you who call back, she has many clients, so she rarely remember every detail of a reading as it flows through her. Please do not be offended.

She has been gifted since birth to be clairvoyant and psychic and these gifts run on her Jewish mother's side of the family for multiple generations. Additionally, she holds a Bachelors of Science in Social and Behavioral Science, Doctorate in Law (lawyer) and a Doctorate in Metaphysics.She is also an ordained minister.

Never lie to your psychic. It will make the reading unreliable. We are not here to judge, just to help. If your intent is to deceive, your reading will reflect this. In any reading there are possible outcomes & scenarios, YOU and anyone else involved in the situation has free will, choice, and may choose a different path, which could make the predicted outcome change. This is a common occurrence with TIME. The only simple answer is that the only place time is measurable is in our own world, ruled by clocks and calendars. She gets her information from a place where time has little meaning. Try not be as hung up on timing as you are the accuracy of the reading.

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