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She specializes in helping you to understand your relationship as well as those around you. She will help empower you with psychic guidance and information so you can have the happiness and abundance that is your divine right in life.

When she is reading for you she travels through your energy to see and feel what is going on in your world. She is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and emphatic psychic with spiritual guides that may give their input when they choose to. She can also read Tarot, Medicine, Crystal Healing, Fairie and Angel cards as well as Runes, however these tools are not used to "see" what is going on in your energy as she is already in it and only used to take your reading to another or deeper level.

Gifted and experienced in:

  • 29 years Psychic Guidance and Counseling
  • 5 years Online Psychic with 5 Star rating
  • PRI, PRN 6 years
  • Active International private practice

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