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At Predict My Future, we provide online astrology reading that you can trust. Whether you are seeking zodiac psychics, an astrology sage reading, or a fortune teller to give astrology predictions related to your life, we have all this and more. Our astrologers are all trusted experts who will provide you with a memorable, informative experience through a phone psychic reading. If you prefer, astrology readers are also available through chat. Personal readings at Predict My Future will provide you with the motivational guidance you might need as you go through life’s challenges as well as successes. An astrology sage reading will give you your personalized road map, show you your calling in life, and help you unlock your full potential.

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Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 320 reviews
 by Claire Molina

I was a bit scared to get a reading because I didn’t know if the psychic would be totally off but it turned out absolutely perfect. Her reading was straightforward yet detailed and she didn’t judge me at all. Really sweet lady and very intuitive!

 by Amy Joseph

I had a reading about my finances and it proved to be more helpful than I thought. Cheryl helped me assess and see where the problem was coming from and advised me on next steps. As a bonus we also talked about my relationships with people. I’m so glad it wasn’t a waste of time.

 by Zechariah Stone

She was so supportive and gave an accurate reading of my current situation. This made me curious to hear more and the next readings with her took me through a very vivid picture of my future!

 by Suzanne Rodgers

There was a lot of detail in my reading, very direct and clear too.

 by Keith Pittman

I had a great time! I had no idea a psychic could match my energy so well. It truly was a deep experience for me.

 by Heinz Gibbs

I used to believe that psychic reading wasn’t a real thing, and that if it was, it couldn’t actually be effective. That was until I tried a reading with a psychic from Predict My Future. She was so understanding of my perspective and explained everything to me before proceeding to carry out her reading. That first session changed my life and Ihad tocome back for more, and each session drew me closer to an improved understanding of my life.

 by Barbara Duarte

My favorite thing about this psychic website is that I can trust the psychics just like I would trust a therapist. They always make me feel comfortable enough to talk about my problems. Highly recommend.

 by SukoJamil

My psychic was so sweet and precise, I really enjoyed the experience!

 by Hillary Ibarra

Whenever things seem to be going haywire, I look forward to a reading from any of the psychics on Predict My Future. I am always sure that I will leave much calmer than when I called in.

 by Sukio Kyal

I really enjoyed the experience! She was so kind and honest.


Psychic Cheryl

Cheryl is a RELATIONSHIP EXPERT & Accurate Psychic who can help with any life issues you are facing. World-renowned – she comes from a loving place of peace, care, & NON-JUDGMENT.
Psychic Daisy headshoot, best angel readings
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Psychic Daisy

Daisy’s clients love her Psychic Love Analysis Readings. Truthfully bringing light & guidance to issues in your love life, family, career, health, or marriage. Find the true path to your destiny now!
Profile Picture of Psychic Merrily Heart
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 221 reviews
 by Joanna Anderson

I really admire how gifted she is. I could tell she didn’t struggle one bit to predict my future and offer me practical advice on how to deal with what was coming my way.

 by Sally Golden

This psychic is not overbearing in any way. I found it so easy to open up to her and listening to her soothing words made me look forward to more readings with her.

 by Alexa Knox

She mentioned specific names of people in my life and my relationships with them. She was even able to predict who I would be dating in the future!

 by Patricia Cohen

Thanks for being completely truthful about my future. Merrily helped me realize how I can make better decisions in my life.

 by Marissa Morrow

I had a number of questions to ask her before the reading, which may have seemed unusual since she was the one who would carry out the reading. But she was polite and answered them calmly. Her reading turned out accurate to the dot.

 by Melanie Wilson

I’ve had several readings in my lifetime but I must admit, the psychics on this website know what they’re doing. My favorite psychic here is always so compassionate and understanding. She knows exactly what I’m thinking before I even have a chance to say it.

 by Beth Reed

My experience with the psychic was so peaceful, I didn’t want to leave. It still amazes me that she was so knowledgeable and accurate without previously knowing anything about me.

 by Ronald Young

She was very warm and empathetic. For a second I thought she knew me from another life. Before the actual reading, I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but when she mentioned certain dates and names of specific people in my life, I realized she definitely knew what she was doing. I’m even more interested in hearing more and will be calling again for another reading.

 by Margaret Lawson

She told me exactly what was going wrong with me without hesitation. After several wrong diagnoses from doctors, I was able to understand what to do thanks to her guidance.

 by Sally Golden

This psychic is not overbearing in any way. I found it so easy to open up to her and listening to her soothing words made me look forward to more readings with her.

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Merrily Heart

Merrily is a natural-born Psychic. Her goal is to present you with epiphanies that enhance awareness & clarity, enhanced spirituality, & knowledge. She specializes in relationships, love advice, & guidance.
Female Psychic Reader specializing in love, career, finance, family, marriage, divorce.
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 30 reviews
 by Shannon Holmes

I strongly value honesty and I got that on this website. I would recommend any day.

 by Savannah Lynch

I was surprised that she showed genuine care about me. This made my experience very personal and I have a feeling that’s how she is with all her clients. Kudos!

 by Guillermo Mcgrath

I’ve always been so curious about what my future holds. Diana cleared all my doubts in one reading.

 by Maliyah Castillo

I’m yet to see any website that beats Predict My Future when it comes to psychic readings. It’s clear that they don’t just put random psychics on here, each one is amazing at what they do.

 by Bethany

She highlighted an issue I was dealing with and that instantly touched my heart because I was feeling so alone. Hearing someone else talk about what I was going through is something I don’t take for granted. Thanks so much!

 by Lily Russell

I loved my reading! I’ll be calling again soon for more.

 by Jamie Preston

Been searching for a psychic that is spot on and I found her on Predict My Future. Within seconds she was able to tell me of exact events in my life and gave me so much confidence in her abilities.

 by Alexandre Becker

My readings are always insightful and interesting. I’m glad I found a website I can trust.

 by April Hart

After trying the free 3 minutes, I was hooked. I called again to get a full reading and it helped me make some tough decisions I needed to make in my life.

 by Kaitlin Phillips

Beautiful experience, can’t wait to do this again!

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Advisor Diana

Diana is a 3rd generation Psychic & Spiritual Advisor, specializing in love, career, finance, family, marriage, divorce, etc. With 25 yrs exp she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, & empathic.
Lilley best love psychic looking straight on
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Jody M.

When she mentioned my alcoholic problem, I knew I was in safe hands. Thanks again for being so encouraging and understanding.

 by Vincent Richards

Swift, accurate and direct reading. Thanks!

 by Kitty Roth

I continually have a great experience every time I use this website. I am looking forward to many more awesome sessions.

 by Hailey Fox

I lost my dad a while back and really needed some closure to move on with my life. Psychic Lilley already knew what I was concerned about and focused on connecting me with him during the reading. I can’t thank her enough, she’s amazing.

 by Kimberly Turner

My reading was off the roof. It was so powerful that I had to call 3 more times to get the full reading. Absolutely wonderful!

 by Aaron Rivera

Predict My Future is a great website for anyone who wants to get real psychics with genuine readings!!

 by Bibi Odom

The first time I had a reading she told me why I was having bad energy all around me. She offered guidance and I followed the steps she mentioned and they worked. Now I often come to her for a reading whenever I need some help in my life.

 by Carrie Guerrero

She was able to connect with my angels and received answers from them about me. Everything she told me was clear, direct and with such a kind disposition.

 by Gracia Lane

Reading took me through a cleansing process, it was awesome feeling connected to people I had lost in the past. She also talked me through my future and I learnt so much.

 by Bob Camacho

I’ve had three readings on predictmyfuture.com and each one was well worth it. I was so impressed that I got my wife on here to try it too.

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Lilley is very experienced as a Psychic/Clairvoyant & Medium. As a Psychic/Tarot Reader with Paranormal Investigation experience & parapsychology degree, she provides great accuracy on what your future holds.
Psychic smiling headshoot, best spiritual life coach
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Seraphina Angel

Seraphina is a psychic, spiritual life coach, channeler, empath, lightworker, tarot and oracle reader. Her psychic senses include clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient, & claircognizant.
Mystic Nora spiritual advisor headshoot
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
 by Wendy Oroczo

She knows her stuff!! Definitely calling again.

 by Vicky Blair

She’s fun to talk with and gave me a direct approach to the issues we spoke about. I must truly say, I had no idea a psychic would have such a great sense of humor.

 by Mareli Moreno

I asked her tobring me some clarity about my professional career. I love that she focused on that aspect but still added some details about my relationship with my mother. Thanks to this reading I began to understand why my mom did certain things to me. My time with this psychic was totally worth it.

 by Gianna Chung

I feel like I just got the best gift this year. She revealed something I had no idea was coming my way and her guidance helped me handle it perfectly. Thank you!!!

 by Valerie Lloyd

Mystic Nora communicated easily with my angels and passed on messages to me with so much clarity. I was impressed by how gifted she is.

 by Layla Wolfe

I truly got the impression that she cared about me and my situation. Her prediction was remarkable!

 by Sydney Howard

So humble and sweet, talking to her was a breeze. Psychic Nora was very accurate!

 by Tyrene Swanson

Excellent ability to understand my situation and offer advice. She was also empathetic through it all.

 by Anne Montoya

As soon as the reading started, I felt at ease. Her voice was soothing and calm, and she assured me I could trust her. Overall a sweet experience.

 by Konnor Dixon

Her suggestions were wise and practical. They made a lot of sense and when I began to try them out in my life, I saw great improvements.

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Mystic Nora

Nora – 4th generation Psychic Reader & Spiritual Advisor. She can feel, hear & see your energy field. Once she clarifies any issues & where your life is headed, you’ll see a clearer, improved path to your future.
TG Tarot looking straight on, honest and accurate psychic
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 58 reviews
 by Evie Valdez

He made it so easy to connect with him and I could gradually feel his empathy once he started the reading. He knew what questions I wanted to ask before I could voice them out and that made the process very smooth for me.

 by Emilia Cobb

After speaking to him so many times, I think I can refer to him as more of a friend than a random psychic. He has been my go-to person for when I don’t know what is going on in my life and need some guidance.

 by Sharon Lowery

I finally received the solution to my problem through natural healing. TG Tarot simply guided me on what to do and before I knew it, I began to experience real healing.

 by Gail Jefferson

Looking forward to trying out more psychics on here. The first one I had a reading with was simply amazing.

 by Casey Holt

WOW! The psychic was able to explain the energy of the events in my life that he was describing. He’s really gifted.

 by Michael Braun

My health has been tossed from one side to the other over the years. From sleeping disorders to breathing problems, it has been one hell of a ride. It took one reading to get me much calmer willing to do simple things that I couldn’t think of doing before.

 by Gabe Gilmore

I had been besieged with severe back pain. After a few readings with the psychic, I was able to do more than I could before thanks to his advice and I started to enjoy the little things in life.

 by Isabella Hurst

A friend referred me to Predict My Future and I had some sessions with TG Tarot. Besides the fact that he was great at reading me, the conversations we had opened my mind up to the possibilities the world has to offer. I am now more open-minded and ready to take on my healing journey.

 by Pranav Daniels

I got another prediction about my future in a second reading and can’t wait for it to come true because the first reading was accurate!

 by Anella Husle

He was great at reading me. I had a wonderful session with him that helped me see things in perspective.

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TG Tarot Magyck

TG Tarot Magyck is an honest, accurate, Clairvoyant Psychic who gives exact time-frames. He has been giving precise readings since 1967.
Psychic katz looking straight forward.best phone readings.
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 132 reviews
 by Rhanya Tye

Thank you for the clear and honest reading.

 by Toni Hope

All my readings from Predict My Future have been right for the past year. The timelines were spot on. I like a website like this with just a few psychics because they only take the best. I want accuracy and I get it on this website.

 by Shawna Channing

She’s super amazing. Repeat client here.

 by Brendan Jones

You’re an amazing person who I could spend hours talking to. Your directions regarding my questions gave me hope. Thank you so much and I hope they all come to pass.

 by Nicole Zane

What an accurate reading by connecting to my spirit guides! You picked up my situation quickly and brought me on track. Now I have hope for the future.

 by Tanya Gomez

I’m sorry for the disconnection. Thank you for the clear reading and particularly pointing me to what I should look out for.

 by John Carter

She knows everything plus the details are on point. She reads your mind and gives you suggestions to do. Very helpful psychic!

 by Ariella Mumak

You really helped me fix my relationship and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. My boyfriend and I have fought and broke up so many times that it made me lose confidence in him. But with your advice things are rolling along smoothly and I feel safe again. That’s priceless!

 by Angelica Malik

Psychic Katz was so attentive. She listened all through. I’ve never expected to talk to such a person with a huge heart. She helped me so much and didn’t judge my weird relationship, she just helped.

 by Anton Briscoe

The kindest of people and the best of them all is found in her. She was truly patient and kind to me everytime we talked. She seeks to help always, and is good. Her predictions are for real.

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Psychic Katz (English or Spanish)

Katz provides The Oracle of Obi, Pendulum, Oracle Cards & more divination methods. Expert in Romance, Career, Finance, Health, etc. Recognized internationally, she helps people from all walks of life.

How Can an Astrology Sage Reading Help You?

If you are at crossroads in your life and looking for direction, your astrology reading will be an informative and healing experience. Many people enjoy reading their daily horoscopes in the morning. While knowing what the stars say about you is a helpful step, there is a whole lot more you may want to consider.

An insightful phone psychic reading based on your zodiac sign will allow you to remember more about your life’s journey and why you are here. An astrology reading can give you advice on relationships, love, careers, and so much more. Before we dive deeper into the benefits of astrology reading, let’s consider what astrology is all about.

astrology reading - dice with sun signs
Astrology Reading: a solution to many problems

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of what is beyond the physical. In Latin, the word astrology stands for “the study of the stars.” It studies relationships of our birth charts and planets in motion and uses this knowledge to find meanings of life questions and events.

Most of us are familiar with astrology as a reference to the twelve zodiac signs. However, this is only one type of astrology called Sun Astrology. It is the simplest type of astrology. Other astrology types include:

  • Mundane Astrology reviews and predicts global events and happenings around the world.
  • Interrogatory Astrology makes assertions about a person’s objectives and events in their life.
  • Natal Astrology explains and seeks out analyses based on your date of birth.

How Does Reading with an Astrology Sage Work?

During a reading, an astrology sage/zodiac psychic will use an astrology chart to create a sky map. This map helps reveal where all the solar system parts are in correlation to you.

The phone psychic reading will also relate your zodiac sign to a particular moment in time. You can provide your birthdate so the astrology sage can map out your astrology reading birth chart and discover the planetary relationships. Since the astrology sage knows how to read and interpret the symbols in the chart, they will give you information that focuses on your life and needs. If you have questions, you can ask, and they will provide you with information relevant to these questions.

How Can An Astrology Reading Help Me?

The universe wants us to succeed. As you open your heart and mind and ask many questions, you will gain valuable information. You can learn new ideas and suggestions that will be best for you. Astrology is valuable in receiving a clear perspective. It can bring meaning to what may seem to be meaningless events.

Insightful astrology readings will do more than describe your zodiac sign. Here are ways you may benefit:

Relationship Astrology (Synastry) readings can help you gain insights on how to make the most of your relationships. Whether you want to know the tiniest details of your bond with your child, romantic partner, or boss, this phone psychic reading will help you gain relationship advice and insights. Every relationship has challenges, and your astrology sage can help you learn the best way to find balance and make meaningful connections.

Career Astrology readings can help you recognize your strengths, weakness, and talents. This reading will also give you insight into the professions that will help you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Astrologers online can steer you in the right direction when it comes to suitable careers or questionable professional changes.

Karmic Astrology readings can help you figure out what might have led to the experiences you are having now. They can also help you know why some particular individuals are part of your life. These insights can help you gain a more profound sense of life.

It helps you understand your character better. When combined with your zodiac sign and horoscope overview, it can help you know your vulnerable areas. It can aid you in understanding yourself better so you can make any necessary positive changes.

Our psychic astrologers can provide additional guidance and support over several sessions.

Soul Purpose Astrology readings can help you develop a game plan for what you may face down the road. A quick psychic phone reading with an astrology sage will show what is ahead and how you can best prepare for it.

Business Astrology readings can help you make vital decisions related to your business. It can help you know the best time to launch a product and can reveal ways to get maximum results out of your team. An astrology reader may also suggest leadership qualities that you may want to work on to take your business to a new level.

Transit or Progressive Astrology reading can help you make concrete plans for your future.

They will describe the relationship between you and the planetary elements. Since planets keep moving, the planetary positions relative to the earth at the time of your birth may have changed. Sometimes referred to as astrology today or astrology horoscope, this reading can help you know the time-sensitive events in your life that may occur.

astrology sage reading: sun signs dial with angel
Astrology Sage Reading: get your problems solved today

Relocation Astrology readings are particularly important if you are planning on moving or going on a vacation. This phone psychic reading will explain how this moving affects your birth chart and may help you find the perfect vacation destination.

Medical Astrology readings support you in making informed health decisions. These decisions may include choosing the best dates for procedures such as surgeries or proposed treatments by your doctor. For instance, many medical procedures performed during an eclipse often have complications.

A medical astrologer may also give you information on the source of symptoms that may be baffling your medical practitioner.

How Do I Prepare For My Online Predictions?

To get the best from your astrology reading, here are a few things to remember:

  • Have a list of priority questions to ask your astrologer as this will help your zodiac psychic know what areas are essential for you to discuss during the reading.
  • Have your birth details with you, such as your date and place of birth. This information will help your astrology sage give you a more detailed reading during your session.
  • Take notes during the online astrology reading. It will provide you with something you can refer to in the future.

Prepare a List of Questions to Ask Your Astrologer:

It is best to have an idea of questions for which you require guidance. Moreover, the questions should give your zodiac psychic the chance to guide you on what to do to achieve your desires. Additionally, your astrology reader is not there to judge you. Zodiac readers are professionals and always keep your personal information and interactions confidential. Feel free to ask any questions during a reading. Here are sample questions you can ask during a reading:

  • How compatible is our overall chart?
  • When is the best time to get married – legally bond into this relationship?
  • What does he/she seek out of the relationship?
  • How compatible are our moon signs?
  • What will be the 3 best things between us if we get married?
  • What will be the 3 worst things between us or 3 biggest obstacles if we get married?
  • How compatible are our sun signs?
  • Do you suggest this match or should I look out for someone else?
  • How do I make my relationship work better?
Important Question: How can I understand and recover from this breakup/divorce?
  • I’m thinking of marrying my partner. Is that a good idea?
  • I just lost, or am about to lose, a loved one. How can I heal and find meaning in this?
  • How do motivate myself to become more productive?
  • Why can’t I seem to hold onto money the way some people can? How can I change that?
  • What would it take for me to start a successful business?
  • I lost my job. How do I make the most of it?
  • What can I learn about my child that will help me be a more understanding and supportive parent?
  • Which patterns from my family of origin am I carrying forward into my life? Which ones are working for me, which aren’t, and how can I work with them more consciously?
  • What kind of community can I join or create to feel more at home?
  • How can I improve my communication skills with the people I care about?

At Predict My Future, we offer you a reliable and accurate astrology phone psychic reading. We are here to help you in as many ways possible. Whether our astrology sage is revealing damaging relationship issues, warning you of challenges, or pinpointing hidden talents, the shared knowledge will allow you to be in control of your life.

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