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Advisor Diana

Diana is a 3rd generation Psychic & Spiritual Advisor, specializing in love, career, finance, family, marriage, divorce, etc. With 25 yrs exp she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, & empathic.
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Leirah is an All-Around Psychic Advisor. She’s very accurate with Advisory, Tarot Card, & Astrology Readings to help you with Relationships, Break-Ups/Make-Ups, Love & Romance, Children, Family Matters& Human Character.
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Psychic Violet

Violet is a Psychic/Clairvoyant Love & Relationship Consultant. Her spiritual intuition will help you gain clarity & direction without sugar coating. Expert in life issues such as love affairs, marriage, relationships, family & divorce.
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Josfene is a clairvoyant and clairaudient advisor who also has the gift of mediumship. She also has over 10 years experience offering psychic readings. Her services are highly sought after.
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Merrily Heart

Merrily is a natural-born Psychic. Her goal is to present her clients with epiphanies that allow an enhanced awareness and quality for clarity, enhanced spirituality, and knowledge. She specializes in relationships, love advice, and guidance.
Profile Picture of Psychic Mike
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Psychic Mike

Psychic Mike is a gifted Psychic and Spiritual Counsellor who has a practical and straight shooter approach that assists his clients to attain goals, solve problems, and reach ultimate happiness in their lives. 
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Lilley has many years experience in Psychic/Clairvoyant &Medium work. As a Psychic/Tarot Reader with Paranormal investigation experience & parapsychology degree, she provides great accuracy on what your future holds.
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Mystic Sophie

Sophie offers readings such as tarot, crystal, and rune stone. A twin flame herself, she specializes in twin flame & love connections. Offering guidance to lead you to the correct path while helping you eliminate obstacles.
Profile Picture of Psychic Cinnamon Moon
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Cinnamon Moon

Cinnamon Moon is a Shamanic Spiritual Coach and Psychic Reader with more than 50 years of experience. Call her if you are looking for a consultation for spiritual development, she will be delighted to serve your needs!
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Psychic Daisy

Daisy’s clients love her Psychic Love Analysis Readings. Speaking the truth, she brings light & guidance to problems in your love life, family, career, health, or marriage. Find the true path to your destiny now!
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Mystic Nora

Nora is a 4th generation Psychic Reader & Spiritual Advisor. She can feel, hear & see into your energy field. Once she clarifies any issues & where your life is headed, you’ll see a clearer, improved path to your future.

Tarot Card Reading Manual

Many of us associate tarot card reading with fortune-telling, which is only a small part of the use and benefit.  This tarot card reading manual is based on decades of experience. Read on and get to know everything about tarot card reading and how it can make a valuable impact on your life. You will realize that reading tarot cards is extremely effective in any phase of life.

What Are Tarot Cards?

Although there is no tarot card meaning that is carved in stone, the simplest definition of tarot cards is a deck of cards that has symbols, words, pictures, and numbers on them. A deeper explanation would be cards that are said to be a form of divination, and their ultimate purpose is to work with your higher self.  Tarot cards tell the story of your past, give insight into your present, and predict your future.

The meanings of the numbers and images on each of the cards tell the card reader tarot insights and a story about you related to the past, present, and future. Tarot card decks consist of 78 cards with each card having its story, imagery, and symbolism. The cards act as a guide towards self-empowerment.

There is a meaning for every card in the deck. The idea is that the imagery, position, and symbolism of the tarot cards during a spread provide the advisor with a story about the person seeking the details. The advisor then gives guidance, depending on intuition and understanding. According to Tarot card readers, the future changes easily, and there can be no absolute prediction of what the future holds. Therefore when interpreting Tarot cards, the advisor focuses on the possible outcomes for the subject and also includes the issues that can influence the outcomes.

Card Reader Tarot

Many people are puzzled at how a deck of cards can give insights into someone’s life. Whether reading the cards yourself or seeing a card reader, tarot is a powerful divination tool. In use for many years, it provides insights into the past, present, and future of the seeker leading to the making of informed decisions. Tarot cards work by the process of synchronicity,which was conceived by psychologist Carl Jung. The process of synchronicity explains that events can be connected by meaning or symbolism rather than cause and effect. The tarot cards don’t work by magic, but they act as a sacred mirror. They create a connection with your subconscious mind so that you can gain access to inner wisdom and ability within you.

A normal scenario will have someone seeking information or answers to a question and a tarot advisor who is well versed in how to interpret the cards correctly. However, if you know how to read the cards, you can also do a reading on your own. A layout or spread made of tarot cards is like chapters in a book. Each of the cards in your spread connects to the other, which creates your story. Tarot cards have meaning, and there is the creation of an event through the dealing of the cards or asking of questions. The tarot reader will interpret the meanings and symbols in the cards, and this will result in a reading.

The Major Arcana Cards and What They Represent

The 78 Tarot cards are divided into 22 major Arcana cards, also called trumps and the 56 minor Arcana cards.

The 22 major Arcana cards are the beautiful-picture cards in a Tarot deck. They represent the archetypal energies or images. They also tell the story of the fool. The fool is marked by card number zero. The story of the fool starts at this zero numbered card, and the story continues through the experiences of the fool until it reaches the card number 21.

These major cards represent ideas, concepts, and principles. They also impact the entire interpretation of your reading. If you get a major card in your reading, pay special attention to its meaning.These cards represent significant events or long term energy in your life.

The Minor Arcana Cards and What They Represent

The minor Tarot cards have the 16 Tarot court cards, also called the personality cards that represent 16 personalities that we often express ourselves in. They also have the 40 numbered cards that are in four suits. These cards are almost the same as a deck of regular playing cards. They include four suits, namely wands, swords, cups and pentacles or circles. Each of the suits represents a meaning to a particular aspect of your life. Each of the suits has ten cards numbered from one to ten. The suits also have the court or face cards, namely the king, knight, queen, and the page.

These minor cards compliment the major cards and also provide more understanding of the major cards during a reading. They often represent the current challenges and opportunities you may be experiencing daily.

How to Read Tarot Cards

Tarot card reading has become more popular compared to the past.  Not too long ago, many associated the reading with negativity, and the cards were often seen as scary or intimidating. Today, there is a positive outlook towards Tarot card reading, and many people are seeking Tarot card advisors while others are looking for ways they can learn to read Tarot cards.

So, you may be wondering how tarot cards are read, here’s how.

Before a reading, the subject or the person seeking a reading will shuffle the cards. This is meant to transfer the energy of the subject to the deck. Shuffling also helps you to connect physically with the deck. The subject should also concentrate their energy on the area they seek guidance while shuffling the cards. In the case of a reading at a distance, the tarot reader will focus on the client’s energy while shuffling.

One essential part of the Tarot card reading is for the subject to have an unwavering concentration on the question they want answered. Once the shuffling occurs and the deck is cut, the reader may also choose the spread. The type of spread used by the card reader depends on the type of question asked and the results expected, along with a spread they feel a current energetic connection to.

The card reader will then lay the cards in a spread. A spread is a pattern, or an arrangement used to layout the shuffled and cut cards. The cards in the spread are interpreted based on their face value and the position they hold in the spread. For instance, some spreads focus on giving particular information such as emotional matters, relationships, spiritual matters, or the influence your life has on others.   

The card advisor will give you the meaning of the spread and decode the meaning with the aspect of the question you are asking. They will interpret the selection of your cards and give them meaning. The tarot reading gives the subject information that can help them make better-informed decisions. Thus, it isn’t a guarantee of future outcomes.

Although there is no right or wrong way of reading tarot cards, there are things you can do to give a more positive reading. Here a few things to consider that can help you get the best out of your reading.

. You Don’t Have To Ask A Question

Sometimes you may not know what to ask.You may be looking for a cue, an encouraging word, or even a warning. It is okay to not have a question. The cards can work with your feelings and give you the answers you need.

. Tarot Card Reading Is About You

It aims to empower you. It can also help you know what’s going on in other people’s minds or hearts. For instance, questions such as ‘Does she love me?’ are mostly just for fun but not very helpful to your life. The best question you can ask in such a situation would be, ‘what can I do to improve our relationship?’

. Consider Asking Positive Questions

If you want to get helpful answers, use positive energy in your questions. The type of questions you should ask ought to relate to the ‘what can I do’ kind of questions. Such questions are likely to result in proactive and empowering answers.

. Be Intentional And Honest

Be specific and clear about what you want from the reading. Don’t go consulting the cards because you are hoping to avoid what’s staring in your face. Moreover, don’t also seek a tarot reading because you want to avoid the advice given to you in the last reading. Further, be honest with yourself. Ask honest questions, even if they are uncomfortable or difficult. Don’t ask something to cover up what you really want to ask. As you shuffle your cards, let the issue at hand be present.

. Be Concise

If you ask obscure questions,you’ll get obscure answers. Be as concise as possible. Let the question be simple and to the point so that the cards and the advisor understand what you are looking for. Being concise will ensure you get the answers you need.

. Let There Be A Connection Between You And The Tarot Reader You Choose

Choose a tarot reader that you feel connected to. Before a reading, take some time and meditate on what you seek from the reading. That will help you get in the right energy space to find the connection between you and the right reader.

Different Tarot Cards Spreads

Tarot spreads are the patterns in which the tarot cards in a deck are laid out during a reading. There are various tarot card spreads. Some of these spreads incorporate a single card, while others will include as many as all 78 cards. Each tarot spread has an energy of its own, just like each card in the spread has some aspect of the whole reading. If you are doing the reading yourself,you’ll decide the spread to use. This can also apply in case someone else is reading the cards for you.

Choosing the right spread points you to the best discovery path.  However, no matter the spread you use, the results will surely help you get answers to your question. Here are a few popular spreads, although there are numerous spreads out there.

. The Three Card Spread

If you are a beginner, this is the best card spread for you. This spread is characterized by three cards spread horizontally. Counting the cards from left to right, the first card shows the past, the middle one the present,and the third one the future. The first card will let you know of issues affecting your situation. The second card will disclose what is happening at the moment, and the third card shows possible events that may occur based on the action you take.

. The Yes Or No Tarot Card Spread

This spread gives you a Tarot yes or no answer to a precise question. The card reader considers the favorable and unfavorable aspects of this single card tarot spread. Reading that can result in a positive or negative answer to your question. The Tarot card reading Yes or No does work, so you shouldn’t doubt when using it.

However, when using this spread, you should ask a precise question that can yield a yes or no answer.  Questions that aren’t specific or those that require detailed clarifications will not yield you the best answer. For example, a question such as’what are the obstacles in my career life?’ will not give you an accurate answer.

reading tarot cards,
tarot card reading, card reader tarot

Further, Yes or No card spread requires you to ask questions without mixed feelings. For example, asking a question such as ‘will I be successful in life?’ may not give you an accurate solution as success is a broad term that is made up of health, finance, and love, among other aspects. For instance, if you get a no to this question, you may need to explore what area you won’t be successful in. The single card tarot spread is a good solution for a person who isn’t interested in long and detailed solutions for their questions.

. The Five Card Spread

This card spread uses five cards and provides you with more information about your situation. It also may give you the result in case you take a course of action after the reading. The spread is characterized by five cards that are spread in a cross position.

Meaning of each card

The card at the extreme right indicates past obstacles. Then the card at the center shows the present occurrences and what is influencing things to be the way they are.

The card at the left from the center shows past events impacting the current situation. The bottom card indicates the reasons that resulted in the current state of affairs. At the top, the card shows possible results that may happen in case the seeker follows a particular course of action now. This spread is useful when you require a reading that can help you decide what to do about a situation.

reading tarot cards,
tarot card reading, card reader tarot

reading tarot cards,
tarot card reading, card reader tarot
. Celtic Cross Spread

This popular cross spread is meant to shed light on the different aspects of your life. This spread uses ten cards spread in a circle and line layout. Due to the popularity of this spread, it has many variations.

In this spread, card number one shows your present condition. Card two shows the troubles or obstacles you are currently facing. Then the card three represents the most favorable outcome. Card four gives the cause for your current state. Card five is for your immediate past, and card six is your immediate future. Thus, reading tarot cards gives you great meaning and direction in life.

The seventh card shows where you are currently and how this is related to your question. Card number eight gives your current surroundings, such as family, immediate environment, friends among others. Card number nine shows your fears and hopes related to your question or life and the last card represents the outcome related to the question you asked.

. The Horoscope Tarot Spread

The horoscope spread is made up of 13 cards. The 12 cards represent each of the 12 zodiac signs. The 13th card is an indicator of your question. This reading will give you predictions in a nutshell, and if you are asking a specific question, the spread will answer it.

This spread is ideal if you want a bulk reading. For instance, maybe you are a group of several people who require a reading on a specific issue. The horoscope tarot spread will give you an answer to your group’s question.

. The True Love Spread

The true love spread is very popular as everyone wants to know how their love life is doing.

This is a great spread if you want to enquire about the happenings of your romantic relationship. The tarot spread has six tarot cards. Among them, the first card represents you and your feelings and outlook of the relationship

reading tarot cards,
tarot card reading, card reader tarot

The second card is for your partner showing their attitude, emotions, and expectations about the relationship. Then the third card represents the characteristics that draw you to each other. The fourth card signifies the strengths of your relationship, while the fifth card is for the weaknesses in your relationship.

The final card, also called the true love card, shows the issues in your relationship that you need to address. These are just a few card spreads, but there are other spreads that we haven’t touched on, such as:

  • Tetractys spread, which provides a snapshot of your state from physical to spiritual elements of your life
  • The cross and triangle spread shows the overall direction of your life
  • The relationship spread that looks at your relationship with others
  • Planetary spread that provides you with insight into the different aspects of your current life
  • Mandala spread looks into your spiritual self
  • The tarot birthday spread helps you to come up with a plot towards the achievement of your goals before you celebrate your next birthday
reading tarot cards, tarot card reading, card reader tarot
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