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Releasing Bad Karma

release bad karma

It would be a rhetorical question if you asked someone whether they want to release bad karma. The term ‘bad karma’ seems scary, and no one wants it. Before we release it, let us understand what bad karma is and how it affects us.

The concept of bad karma

Bad karma is the opposite force of good karma. Since good karma comes from good deeds, bad karma is from bad deeds.

However, we all make a few mistakes in life; after all, we are just ordinary humans. So don’t worry about the occasional bad deed.

 Bad Karma can keep us trapped in a cycle. How can we tell if we are in this negative spin? We can see it when the same type of unfortunate situation keeps reoccurring.

Even though we have different parts of our lives, bad karma can transfer across them all. If you attract bad karma, the negative energy presents itself in all aspects of life. From relationships to health, a person with bad karma will feel unlucky in all of their life.

The good news is that we can release it and move on.

Do I have to release bad karma?

  • Do you feel weighed down because of bad karma?
  • Have you considered how to analyze your karma to understand if you have accumulated bad karma?
  • Are you feeling unlucky even with the simplest things?
  • Do you feel like something you once did to others is returning to you in an amplified version?
  • Did you cheat someone out of $10? And get cheated out of more money later? It was most likely karma returning to you.

It is easy to understand instant karma. You pick on someone in the morning, and even before the day ends, you get bullied by people. That is instant karma, which is a simple lesson that life teaches you. 

However, karma isn’t always instant. If you accumulate bad karma, it attracts negative energy, and those bad vibes stay with you energetically.

Today you might be a person who does good, but things still aren’t working out for you. Your business might fail, people might cheat you, or you might always end up the unlucky one.

It’s time to change your luck. Are you ready to release bad karma to get out of this vicious circle?

Ways to release bad karma

release bad karma

Your mind is your key

According to Buddhism, your mind rules karma. If you intentionally do an evil deed, it may somehow still end up being a good opportunity for the other party. But that still accumulates bad karma. 

Karma depends on your mind and its intention. Say you bragged and lied to someone about a job opportunity but gave him the wrong company name. He applied to that other company and ended up with a great new job. It is still an evil deed. 

If you act with good intentions, it will reap good karma regardless of how it turns out. It is about how genuinely you commit an action. Throwing a couple of coins at a person in need or doing volunteer work seems virtuous. But if it is secretly a publicity stunt, it won’t help your karma because the intent is wrong.

If you want to end the cycle, be upright, and think respectably. You can turn things into positive with mindful good intentions. It doesn’t need to be a significant act, such as saving children from burning buildings. It could be a simple kind compliment or listening to someone who needs to talk without expecting anything in return.  Doing good for the sake of doing the right thing is the key. This intention is what makes the difference.

Look around you 

Before you analyze your karma, think about the karma of people around you. Being a simple bystander during a crime is a crime in itself if you can stop it. 

Say you see your friend bullying a person. You can stop it, but for social reasons, you might not get involved. Even if you did not like the bullying act or did not perform it, you are still accumulating bad karma. Once again, the intent is suspect here.

You cannot be responsible for the acts of people around you. But you can be accountable for your actions or whom you choose to be around. Wicked minds attract negative energy. Following through on those thoughts would prompt you to do more evil things, and the cycle goes on. 

If you think you cannot get your friends to release bad karma, it is best to stay away from them. After all, it is your bad karma that you wish to remove. So the onus of doing the right thing lies with your decisions for doing good. 

Finally, it must be noted that breaking loose from toxic relationships doesn’t mean that you need to fight with those toxic people; it just means to distance yourself from their influence. If you get into a disagreement with these toxic ‘friends’ to make them understand your point of view, you may bring up resentments, and, this attracts bad karma.

release bad karma

Severing Toxic Ties

The next stage to releasing bad karma is related to the previous one but on a deeper level. Make sure to sever all unhealthy ties to the wrong people.

The kind of people we associate and communicate with influence our lives in one way or another. When you share your time with the wrong people, their negativity makes it hard to break free from what’s holding you back.

We can’t continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. It’s essential to note that toxic people in your life are why toxic situations keep happening.

Find a better kind of friend group and become selective about the people you become close to. And consider the type of impact they could have on your life. You will then watch your life change for the better. Breaking loose from toxic relationships doesn’t mean that you need to fight with those toxic people. It just means to distance yourself from their influence. If you disagree with these toxic ‘friends’ to make them understand your point of view, you may bring up resentment, which attracts bad karma.

Do not focus on releasing bad karma

Buddha once said that focusing more on your action is like walking in quicksand. The more you sink into it, the more difficult it is to reach the destination. 

The true meaning of good karma is doing good deeds for the sake of being decent and not with an ulterior motive. 

A person collecting donations for building homes for the poor just for the sake of nullifying his bad karma would not effectively release his bad karma. You can’t fool karma. Do not analyze your karma and or be obsessed with the result.

Face your karma

You cannot escape your karma. Every bad deed will get accounted for, and karma is a very stubborn accountant. So, when you get unlucky, remember that you are experiencing the wrath of karma. For the saying aptly goes, ‘You reap what you sow.’

Even Science backs it up with Newton’s third law ‘Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction.’  

Is your boss lashing out at you for no apparent reason? Do not show anger or try to get back at him. You must always give your best to free yourself from the cycle of karma. 

Always be grateful for what you have and forgive those who are mistreating you. Thus, the cycle ends. The previously pending account gets paid in full due to your generous approach.

Where did the bad karma start?

A significant way to release yourself from lousy karma is to understand the point at which the negative energies started.

For instance, perhaps it was from heartbreak due to different relationships not working out. Ask yourself what went wrong to figure out what’s causing the relationships not to work.

When you understand the cause of the karmic mess, you then understand what needs to change. Maybe it’s a bad temper or that you need to pause before addressing issues. Once you recognize the cause, you can resolve the root of the karmic problem.

To solve a problem, we must first detect its source and then work on its solutions to free ourselves from it. 

Short cuts help, but more is required

Some rituals are said to remove bad karma from your soul. For instance, taking a holy dip in the Ganges is said to release bad karma. Such rituals may helpend the bad karma cyclebut you should still work on removing negativity from your mind. The mind does not magically reform if you are taking shortcuts.

Apologizing for what you did is very helpful in releasing bad karma. The person who suffered at your hands has the best forgiveness, especially if you make amends. After all, you will be the beneficiary for releasing bad karma this way. You also help that person feel better, which is the most straightforward way. 

You don’t need money to release bad karma or to create good karma. Money cannot buy good karma. In contrast, a pure and good heart can win good karma without spending a dime.

Are you ready to release bad karma? Maybe you would like to gain insight into what you could change to help speed the release. A good psychic reading can provide clarity and help you know where to start.

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