You Can Release Bad Karma


Releasing Bad Karma

Bad Karma can keep us trapped in a cycle. How can we tell if we are in this negative phase? We can see it when the same type of unfortunate situation keeps reoccurring. The funny thing about bad karma is that even though we have different parts of our lives, to one who has attracted it, the same kind of damaging energy presents itself in all aspects of them. From relationships to the level of health, a person with bad karma will feel as though they are tremendously unlucky in all respective points of their lives in that time period. The glimmer of hope, however, is that even though everyone tends to attract bad karma, it’s vital for us to understand that we can release it and move on.

How to Release Bad Karma

The first significant way to release oneself from lousy karma is to understand the point in which the negative energies started. For instance, if it was from heartbreak due to different relationships not working out, you need to ask yourself what went wrong to figure out what’s causing the relationships not to work. When you understand the cause of the karmic mess, you can then understand what it is you need to break free from. It might be a bad temper, or that you need a better process when addressing issues; either way, it’s best to deal with a bad karma situation head-on to try and solve the root of the karmic problem. A wise man once said that to solve a problem, we must first detect its source and then work on its solutions to free ourselves from it.

Severing Toxic Ties

The next stage to releasing bad karma is to make sure to sever all unhealthy ties to the wrong people. The kind of people we associate and communicate with have an influence on our lives in one way or another. When you share your life with the wrong people, their negative weight makes it hard to break free from what’s holding you back. Someone once said that we could not continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. It’s essential to note that toxic people in your life are the reason why toxic situations keep happening. When you switch to a better kind of friend group and become selective about the people you become close to, especially considering the perspective of the kind of impact they have on your life, you will then watch your life change for the better.

Finally, it must be noted that breaking loose from toxic relationships doesn’t mean that you need to fight with those toxic people; it just means to distance yourself from their influence. If you get into a disagreement with these toxic ‘friends’ to make them understand your point of view, you may bring up resentments, and, this attracts bad karma.

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