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True love may never die, but finding it, to begin with is a challenge of itself. We’ve all felt a connection with someone that we thought was love, only to witness the bubble burst. We realized that it came from something superficial, like a perk of the person’s job or only just physical attraction. True love never occurs at first glance. Love, at first sight, is just a thought process come to life. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to find true love or are in a relationship and aren’t sure if you’ve found it, this article is for you! Here are seven tips for recognizing true love:

1. Love vs. Lust

These are two very different four-letter words. In the search for true love, it is essential to distinguish between lust and love. The reason for this is that they have similar symptoms at the start. In time they will branch out into very distinct entities. Though both beginning with infatuation, love will turn into admiring even the not-so-great parts of someone’s personality. Against that, lust will have you dismissing the negatives in favor of what they can do for you. Also, when in love, you will continuously want to know the person better, but in lust, you will never really consider their personality. You will also not want to find out more about them.

2. True Love Stems from Self-Love

It’s essential to love yourself. Many of the people having problems with finding true love are deficient in self-love. The fact remains that you cannot give what you do not have. If you do not have love towards yourself, it is reasonable that you are unable to reciprocate it to others. Plus, if you find it challenging to practice self-love, you won’t know when someone is not giving you the love you deserve in return. Once you are at a stable and happy place in your self-love journey, you will then be able to attract a mutual love or adequately assess the current state of a relationship better.

3. True Love Requires Authenticity

True love means that you can be your true authentic self with this person regardless of the situation. You cannot love a person that you find hard to be yourself around. If you feel that you are continually sacrificing to make your partner happy, something is not right. Yes, love involves some give and take, but it shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice so much as a compromise that goes both ways. If you don’t think that what you’re doing for your partner is being returned to you in kind, this is not true love.

4. True Love Takes Time

True love is built over time, not in an instant. It involves creating a connection with someone after being together extensively in various types of situations. Many weeks, months, or even years might be needed, but the common factor is the level of intimacy that’s created. If there is a lot of intimacy in a short period, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve found true love whether it’s real or not, so make sure to pace yourself. Allow time between when and where you see this person, aiming to observe them in different scenarios to be certain of your feelings. When it comes to true love, you want to make sure that the connection you’ve found is one of a kind, and this cannot be rushed.

5. True Love Requires Attraction

True love requires a connection with your partner, and a part of this is an attraction. Attraction in this sense is referring to both definitions: ‘a quality or feature that induces interest’ and ‘to invite by providing something of interest or pleasure.’ When relating this to love, it’s the feeling of attraction towards someone’s physical form and personality as opposed to the appeal of a like-minded person into your life.

In being attracted to someone, they should have traits you admire, as well as be physically pleasing to the eye. The latter is easy to find, but the former is not as simple as you must pay attention to small details in their actions and words. From there, you then need to try and be unbiased as you decide which of their personality traits you are attracted to from those that are generally acceptable from friends but will clash with your character in a relationship. If searching for true love, you want to attract a person who craves the same towards you. Experts say, “true love allows like poles to attract rather than repel.” This means that if you’re searching to be in a loving and lasting relationship, you need to make sure the energy you’re giving off to potential partners is what you would like redirected to you.

6. True Love is Selfless

True love requires you to release self-interest. If you genuinely love someone unconditionally, letting go of selfish desires should be effortless. Freeing these will strengthen the connection in your relationship, having the added bonus of making your love last longer as a stronger bond leads to fewer disagreements. True love cannot be built on personal wishes but rather a mutual want to help each other achieve great things.

7. True Love Comes from the Heart

Even though we can acknowledge the hormones in the brain that accompany emotions, the feeling of true love certainly comes from a place mainly in the heart. You cannot claim to love a person if you don’t feel excited to be around them or if you regularly find severe flaws in their personality. True love exists regardless of the situation since it comes from how you feel about the individual, not just their reactions to certain things.

Remember, true love can be found but needs to be developed first. Time, energy, and attraction are the main ingredients in a successful recipe. Make sure how you feel is more than on the surface and pay attention to the personality traits that give you pause. Using these tips as you search for true love will undoubtedly prove its existence and help you attain what you seek.

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