Depression Defence Reiki

$29 or $59 / week

Are you feeling lost? Are you ready to find yourself again?

This reiki energy blessing and happiness spell might help defend you against waves of depression and anxiety symptoms. You’ve suffered more than enough.

Known by some as a happiness spell, it can help us connect with our own power, which has been said to ease anxiety and depression.

We use reiki combined with the happiness spell to send extra positive energy vibrations.

Imagine how great it would feel to not be extra tired, or feeling hopeless or many of the other awful feelings that go with depression. Happiness spells and reiki for depression signs often shift something inside, which could help you feel energetic and hopeful.

With depression spells more under control a person feels empowered with more positivity and guided to their purposeful in life.

This could open doors to opportunities to enjoy the fulfilled and renewed vitality you deserve. It is time to live your best life!

Weekly subscription, 4 per week on Days 1, 3, 5 &7.

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