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  • Self-Improvement

    Personal Power Spell

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    Do you feel like you have no control over what is happening in your life anymore?

    This type of spell work and blessing might help you take power back to put your life back into your own hands.

    It’s time to regain the power to shape your life the way you desire. It’s your birthright, it’s your life! You deserve this!

  • Divine and Sacred

    Premonition Dreaming Spell

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    What is a premonition dream?

    Do you desire to have prior knowledge of situations before they occur? Sigmund Freud alluded to the fact, several times, that certain dreams predict the future.

    Through premonition dreams, you can visit Spirit daily. By having premonitions you may find yourself making miraculous life decisions that amaze the people around you. The nice thing is that by seeing what’s coming, you can help them and yourself to make the best life choices.

    With what areas of life could you use the help of prior knowledge? Luck? Lottery? Love? Career?

    With this dream spell and blessing, you may find yourself getting revelations about the future and steps to take to hasten or change it through recurring instances of premonition dreams. You may enjoy the combination of this with the “Vivid Memory of Dreams” blessing; it may super sharpen your subconscious with awareness and recollection of even more of your dreams.

  • Career and Business

    Prosperous Business

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    This blessing and positive spellcasting might help you achieve better sales or bottom-line numbers for business growth. You may begin to attract the customers that could lead to that breakthrough.

    Don’t be surprised if your fatigue from all that worry turns into short-term exhaustion of a different sort. You might need to adjust to being busier and keeping up with your increased client base.

    Be sure you’re willing to put in the hours required to keep up with a busy business. Only choose this business success spell and blessing if you’re feeling ambitious because you might have to hustle.

  • Quit Smoking
    Physical and Emotional

    Quit Smoking Spell

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    Have you tried everything to quit smoking, to find yourself still with an overwhelming craving? Have you thought that there must be some “smoking quit” secret? Or wondered; how long is the timeline for quitting smoking if you do find that secret?

    Perhaps you have wondered about quit smoking hypnosis and if that might help you stop smoking cold turkey.

    Many quit smoking aids are available to help with stopping smoking such as pills and medications, stop smoking patches and acupuncture and the list goes on. Unfortunately, these methods are not highly successful and that creates feelings of failure. When a person feels they have failed; that stress could even cause them to even smoke more.

    It’s not the person who is the failure, it’s the method; quitting smoking is not easy.

    We have found the best results for quitting smoking come from a sacred powerful combination of reiki energy, stop smoking spells, angel blessings, and the use of crystals, all administered lovingly by experienced reiki masters.

    Since quitting smoking is a big challenge, it’s okay for you to accept a boost in your inner strength and an overall feeling of a calm, clear mind. With that empowerment and relaxed mind, along with this powerful smoking antidote, you may find it much much easier to tackle quitting smoking.

    Many people who have received this have expressed that smoking doesn’t interest them as much as it did in the past and many have enjoyed a complete smoking cessation.

    If you’re ready to stop trying this on your own and willing to accept some sacred help to stop smoking, this may be just the remedy for you.

  • Love

    Rekindle Your Love Spell

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    You and your romantic partner deserve another chance to make your relationship work again.

    Imagine developing a new sense of mutual understanding that can renew and rekindle your love.

    This love spell might give you both a boost of renewed interest that can help you rediscover and rebuild your intimacy level, both physically and emotionally. You may see your relationship grow even more than you had hoped for!

  • Divine and Sacred

    Sacred Steering Spell

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    Would you like a connection so deep with the Sacred and your Spirit Guides that you feel as if you are being steered in the optimal direction?

    You may begin making the best decisions and taking the most suitable steps for you, with very little thought.

    This powerful sacred spell may also be able to open up your subconscious mind to plug right into your Spirit Guides insight.

    With this blessing, you may continuously feel guided by a profound higher power, giving you the right knowledge, wisdom, and understanding towards living a fulfilling life full of all the things you’ve dreamed.

    What could you use this kind of profound knowledge for? Money? Love? Luck? Peace and Joy? Enlightenment?

  • Physical and Emotional

    Self-Esteem Boost – Self Love Spell

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    Are you having trouble feeling confident?

    Do you avoid certain events or people because of low self-esteem or feelings of inadequacy?

    Have you worried about the challenge of self-esteem building? Wondered how to improve and raise your self-esteem?

    This self-love spell can help you be your best self and believe it!

  • Sex and Intimacy

    Sexual Attraction of Your Lover Spell

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    Is your sex life unfulfilling?

    Imagine having increased natural sexual energy exuding so much from you that your partner feels it energetically. How amazing would it feel if that energy going out – returned as you becoming their magnetic object of desire?

    Through this sex spell, you and your lover may discover your real power of sensuality and passion, which can positively influence every other aspect of your strengthened relationship.

  • Sex and Intimacy

    Sexual Pleasure on Overdrive Spell

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    Do you want to be extraordinarily satisfied sexually?

    Have you fantasized about greater control and intensity during sex?

    Imagine there’s a trigger creating an extreme level of sexual pleasure and sensations that might even lead to multiple orgasms. This sexual pleasure spell and blessing may help you feel every touch; sending arousal tingles of sheer pleasure and satisfaction throughout your entire body.

  • Love

    Smooth Breakup Spell

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    Are you ready to move on from your relationship?

    This smooth break-up spell and blessing may help both of you focus on the bigger picture, as you open yourselves up to new possibilities.

    Imagine the pair of you letting go of resentment and frustration and giving way to peacefulness, friendship, and freedom. Imagine all the right circumstances synchronizing to allow each of you to feel good about a smooth breakup and an exciting new start.

    When the energy of the person leaves your life peacefully, that opens space energetically for great new romantic opportunities!

  • Love

    Soul Mate Spell

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    Do you feel that love has passed you by?

    If you believe in true love and desire it in your life, then imagine being with your Soul Mate! See yourself walking hand in hand, cuddling, making love, talking, laughing, spending time exploring, and feeling like you’re on cloud nine.

    This reiki blessing and love spell might put things together to bring your Soul Mate in at the right time, in the perfect way.

    Be sure that you’re ready for a Soul Mate commitment because you may be amazed at who gets conjured up.

  • Love

    Summon New Love Spell

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    People may find you irresistible sexually and more attractive after this mighty love spell and blessing.

    Imagine yourself in a whirlwind romance because that is likely to happen. Prepare yourself for a desirable partner that may come into your life soon, wanting to give you love and to receive your love.

    You only live once, take the step to help summon your special romantic partner to you. Don’t just exist – make love happen and live an exciting life with your heart full of the love that you desire and deserve!

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