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  • Divine and Sacred

    Tantric Sex and Sacred Sex Spell

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    This is a combination of love spell and sex spell. It might help you connect with your partner on a deeper level of intimacy and sexuality. Sacred sex is about achieving higher spiritual states and feeling powerful energy coming from the understanding that sex can be a physical act that provides a direct connection with the divine.

    Imagine your body, mind, and spirit intertwined as you and your partner enjoy a deeper level of sex. You may savor the strengthening of spiritual communion between you two as you harness the power of the divine during sacred sex.

  • Career and Business

    Time For A Pay Raise

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    Do you desire to be promoted and recognized at your place of work, therefore increasing your wages? If so, then this blessing and pay raise increase spell might be helpful to give you an edge in your career.

    You may find yourself attracting acknowledgment for your good traits especially those overlooked in the past. Be ready though; you might get offered a promotion with perks and a pay raise right out of the blue – so have an answer prepared.

  • Divine and Sacred

    Vivid Memory of Dreams Spellcast

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    Everyone enters dreamland, but not all remember the dreams. If you desire to remember dreams vividly, this sleep spell and blessing might give you the help needed.

    You may start observing that your dreams are trying to pass on an urgent message or warning. Hence the need to naturally have a knowingness of how to remember your dreams, and the reason that you were called to read this. Everything happens for a reason, the universe is always sending us messages.

    You may find that you become able to understand dream interpretation as well, helping you to conquer issues you are battling.

    If you long to remember the dreams that might lead you to a better life, this might be the sleep spell and blessing for you.

  • Weight Loss
    Physical and Emotional

    Weight Loss Spell

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    Between stress, a busy schedule, and readily available unhealthy foods, weight loss can be a challenge. Perhaps that’s why you’re interested in a lose weight spell.

    Perhaps you’ve tried a weight loss diet, weight loss pills or drinks, weight loss meal plan, weight loss exercise or all of those. For some people, these weight loss programs are not the solution and just leave them feeling frustrated and sad. Imagine a gradual shift in your mindset to be craving healthy food choices without struggling through weight loss programs.

    This weight loss spell might help you lose weight effortlessly with a progressive stress-free change of habits that support a healthy weight.

    This change your life spell; performed by a quality spells caster, could reduce your interest in unhealthy foods and increase your love of the taste of healthy cuisine.  It may even help reduce weight through higher energy vibration without any change in your diet. How would it be to have people notice you’re losing weight, admiring and complimenting you. Imagine how great it could feel to be lighter too!

    ***If you feel that a one-time spellcasting may not be enough – there are 2 other options:

    1. Subscribe to receive this 4 times per week (at a discount) to consistently reinforce the energy
    2. View the ALL – Powerful Weight loss Package which is our ultimate weight loss package
  • Weight Maintenance Measure Waist
    Health and Physical

    Weight Maintenance Reiki and Spellcast

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    Do you have various sizes of clothing in your closet to wear based on your weight fluctuating? Do you worry that you’re getting too small or too big?

    There is a balance to everything in life, including diet and healthy weight maintenance. Sometimes your body may forget to give you specific signals to let you know what it needs and doesn’t and that’s not your fault.

    This is a combined spell and reiki at only the cost for one or the other. We have found the best results when we lump these two together so we’re happy to perform both for the cost of only one. Reiki therapy for weight maintenance spell might give your subconscious a nudge so that it starts giving you the cues as to what it needs and help you to crave those foods. You’ll likely also feel that you have less desire for foods that your body doesn’t need.

    You may find that this effortlessly brings about balance in other areas of your life too. Based on the law of attraction for weight maintenance, as things improve and you put out higher happier energy – other positive things are drawn into your too!

    P.S. If you’re looking for weight loss spells with reiki session blessings that are our most powerful – they can be found under ALL-Powerful Packages.

  • Good Luck

    Your Lucky Talisman

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    Would you like to own a Lucky Talisman that may bring good luck forever?

    This blessing and good luck spell might direct you to your Lucky Talisman, which could turn bad luck into unexpected joy in every aspect of life.

    You’ll have to keep an eye out for this powerfully lucky piece though – you’ll know it when you see it.

    Imagine how you would feel if your lucky numbers came in, or if you were so lucky to meet a fantastic partner or get a great job just by keeping your Lucky Talisman in your pocket or purse.

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