Child Sponsorship is one of the many ways that Predict My Future provides love and hope for a better future

Our mission is to positively change lives forever!

Predict My Future aspires to make a real difference. We are a monthly sponsor of children in many third world countries.

A portion of your purchase goes toward this life-changing gift, including benefiting full rescue centers to save lives. These rescue centers are on the front line where the need is the greatest and literally save abandoned, abused, homeless & starving children from the streets.

We Strive to Make the World a Better Place

At Predict My Future, we strive to make the world a better place for everyone: our clients, orphaned children and the global community.

Positive energy increases when one person achieves a better life or raises their self-esteem or has a safe place to sleep.

The law of attraction works for those beautiful souls and lifts the entire collect consciousness for all of us.



People lack adequate access to clean drinking water.

Predict my future is a monthly sponsor of children in many third world countries.

Our psychic and clairvoyant definition and effort is based around helping people. Predict My Future psychic readers strive to help you make the best decisions with insight, leading you to a happier life.

Some see psychic readings as fortune-telling with absolute predictions. Your future and the future of our sponsored children are “not” carved in stone, but based on decisions.

It brings us joy to share the messages we receive to help you make insightful decisions: creating a more joyful, fulfilling, abundant life!

By sponsoring these children, together, we touch more lives with love and compassion.


Our child sponsorship helps to rescue and completely support orphaned children.


It enables full rescue centers to love, provide basic care, bedding, clothes, food for each orphan, drill for fresh water and help feed poor villages.


The compassion in child sponsorship will save a life from tragedy while providing hope and a future!

Thank you for helping us make the world a better place!

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