5 Of Cups

5 of Cups, Five of Cups


The 5 of Cups or Five of Cups tarot card belongs to the suit of cups tarot. The cups tarot, 5 of cups, shows a man brooding over the three chalices or cups that have been knocked down in front of him. He is dressed in a black robe. He seems to be brooding over the disappointments that life has dealt him. It is also always good to know about the opposing card, the 5 of Cups Reversed or Five of Cups Reversed.

In the distance, a river empties into the security area of a castle on the opposite riverbank. Above it is a bridge and, in the distance, is a castle or fort.

The 5 of Cups in an Upright Position

In an upright position, this cups tarot card is one of regret, loss, and bereavement due to money and relationships. However, this card isn’t entirely negative, as the two upright cups behind the man depicted. They stand for unexplored opportunities. Sadly, he doesn’t see them as he is lost in regrets and missed valuable opportunities.

The card advises that whatever the extent of loss, one must go with the flow and grow in life.

What Is Indicated When the Five of Cups Is in An Upright Position

  • The man is stuck in the past and the mistakes he made then.
  • By revisiting the past, he misses out on opportunities now.
  • The card indicates that all is not lost, there are still opportunities to explore.

5 of Cups Personality Types in Upright Position

  • The seeker carries around a burden of regrets and disappointments.
  • He is hard to please, as his glass is only half-full.
  • He is a pessimist and lacks the courage to do something new

The Five of Cups in a Reverse Position


The 5 of Cups Reversed or Five of Cups Reversed of the cups tarot meaning shows that the individual has moved from regret and sorrow to acceptance of the past and appreciates the lessons learned.

What Is Indicated When the Four of Cups Is in A Reversed Position

  • The seeker accepts the lessons of life and welcomes newness in his life
  • He values the pain he went through which has made him stronger.
  • He is ready to pick up the two upright cups and explore them.
  • This is a time of healing and acceptance of life with its ups and downs.

Five of Cups Personality Types in a Reversed Position

  • The person lives with past sadness and regrets.
  • He is hard to please as he sees the negative side of every situation.
  • He can’t move towards progress because he can’t divorce himself from the emotional baggage of the past.
  • The person makes an excellent friend when you’re in trouble but will turn against you in good times.

Five of Cups in a Time-Based Position

Past: Setting aside past disappointments and moving towards progress is the theme now. 

Present: Explore new paths but stay with the truth or you will be dissatisfied.

Future: You may regret the mistakes you make. If you do, correct your mistakes and forgive yourself for them.

Other Associations

Work or/ Education: Though things aren’t going well for you now, focus on your strengths and wait for the right time to take a leap forward.

Romance: If your romantic life isn’t happy now, try to analyze your mistakes and see your relationship in its entirety.

Friends: Your closest friendships may be undergoing stressful times. If your group of friends splits, stay with one group and say goodbye to the other.

Money: Stay focused on what you have and don’t overspend.

Health: Don’t be very negative and stop thinking of your unhappy past. To get over the past hurt, understand where you went wrong.

Spirituality and Mentality: Spend a little time trying to understand what caused past hurt and how you can get over it.

Conclusion The 5 of Cups or Five of Cups is overly negative on the face of it, but on close inspection, it blends the good and the bad, which is what life is all about. This slice of life card teaches us to accept good and bad and take them in our stride. The opposing card 5 of Cups Reversed is also significant and should be dealt with attentively. You can find more information on all Tarot Cards here.

5 of Cups Reversed, Five of Cups Reversed

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