The Moon


In this card, we can see the moon as it rises between two towers. The moon signifies its time to rest as we wait for the sun to rise again. The Moon is surrounded by a giant sun, and this shows that the moon is a reflection of the sun. Below the moon is a mysterious path that leads to the center of two towers indicating the balance between the logical and intuitive brain. The two white towers that are on both side of the landscape represent good and evil. There is also the opposite card i.e. The Moon Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

There is a long winding path at the center, and a dog and a wolf can be seen on either side of the path. The howling dog represents civilized behavior while the wolf signifies wild behavior. We can also see a lobster emerging out of the waters ready to embark on the long path reminding us that perseverance is key to win. Everything in this card speaks of two possibilities.

The Moon in the Upright Position

In the upright position, the Moon card represents:

  • Imagination
  • Dreams
  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Cycles
  • Patterns
  • Illusions
  • Confusion
  • The unknown

In this position, the card signifies that things may not be as they seem. You may have made plans that may not turn out as expected.  This is an indicator of a lack of clarity. Your insecurities may also be high at this time. The card also pops up in your spread when you have very vivid dreams that make it difficult for you to concentrate. It may mean that your imagination is at work.

The card could also mean that you are the lobster embarking on the unknown path, and the light from the moon can give you clarity and guidance. Concerning work and career, the Moon may show that you don’t have the big picture of things at the workplace. Things are not as they appear. Try to ask around and find out if things are being kept from you. When it comes to romance and love, the card is advising you to take a logic rather than an emotional approach to gain clarity on issues affecting your relationship. If you are looking for love, the card advises you that now isn’t the best time to start a new relationship. What might start as a good pairing may end up hurting you.

When it comes to money, the Moon in this position is not a positive card. It shows you that you shouldn’t get into investments that seem too good to be true. Ensure nobody is deceiving you of your money. In health, this card indicates that you need to take better care of your mental health. Don’t let stress and depression get the better of you. It also means that you shouldn’t ignore any signs that may show ill health.

The Moon in a Reversed Position

When the Moon is in the reversed position, it indicates:

  • Unhappiness
  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Self-deception
  • Misinterpretation

The Moon in the reversed position may indicate that darker aspects of the moon are at play in your life. Meaning chaos, confusion, madness, and addiction may be hovering over you like shadows in the dark.  You must get rid of these fears and move on. In the reversed position, the Moon may also indicate that secrets and lies are about to be revealed. You may have to deal with pain caused by deception.

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The Moon in Time Based Position.

  • Past – In the past, the Moon indicates a point in the time when things may not have been as they appeared. It may also mean a person you trusted in the past who deceived you or kept secrets from you. This may have led to your current situation.
  • PresentThe Moon in the present position may indicate confusion or that you don’t have things figured out. The card is encouraging you to be practical as you try to find your way out of the chaos.
  • Future – The Moon in this position is a sign that you may take a path that you never thought of taking in the past. You are going to move in a different direction.

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Other Associations

  • Element –Water
  • Yes or no question – No

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