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Cartomancy Readings Definition

Utilizes a regular old deck of playing cards, psychics can do Cartomancy readings using those cards as an instrument to guide our current and future decisions. Hearts (known to correspond with Cups in tarot cards) exhibit the feelings, while Diamonds (Tarot Pentacles) are connected to finances as well as a multitude of problems away from home. Clubs (Tarot Wands) are drawing consideration to finance or business, while Spades (Tarot Swords) are shedding light on the challenges we are facing or may be facing in the future.


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Tarot 3 Card Spread Description

A three-card spread is a commonly used tarot reading. Three cards are laid out resembling the Past, Present, and Future.

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Tarot Cards Definition or Tarot Decks Definition

Tarot cards (tarot decks) are a means used by tarot readers and many psychics. A tarot card deck contains 78 cards. Tarot readers practice understanding each of the tarot cards with meanings. A tarot reader must spend countless time in studies of the symbols and numbers on the tarot cards to perform an accurate tarot reading.

The difference between a tarot reading and a mystic reading is that a tarot reader uses tarot decks and a mystic does not. It is more common to come across a tarot card reading psychic since, in new age predictions, these are considered to be closely related.

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Tarot Online Description

Online there are sites that host tarot cards, which you can ask your questions and have electronically delivered tarot card spreads delivered instantly.

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Tarot Spread Definition

A Tarot Spread is a method done by a Tarot Reader in which they lay the Tarot Cards in a specific order, each position representing a different meaning. There are countless types of spreads, which could include one card, several cards, or all the cards in the deck.

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Tarot True Love Spread Description

A True Love Spread is a popular tarot reading involving 5 cards to help answer questions specifically about one’s romantic life. The first card represents the major concern or obstacle that is blocking you. The second card signifies a current challenge and complication that keeps showing up.

The third card reveals hidden elements affecting your present state. The fourth card displays new suggestions, people, or elements that can help you develop. The fifth and final card signifies what you need to accomplish to be successful and what to avoid to prevent failure.

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Tarot Yes or No Description

A popular method of reading Tarot Cards is a Yes or No reading. It is a simple way to get a straightforward answer to a specific question. Your question can be about anything including relationships, career, money, or love. One card is revealed following your question, and though it gives a Yes or No answer, it also goes into more detail surrounding the situation and why it has given you the answer it has.

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The Career Path Tarot Spread Description

The Career Path Tarot spread is a popular spread used to assist the person with understanding how to overcome difficulties in their professional life, and the different paths they may follow career-wise. This spread includes seven tarot cards.

The first card signifies the answer to the question, “is the present career path what is truly desired?”. The second card represents what measures must be taken to expand their career. The third card signifies the aspects in the professional life which can no longer be altered. The fourth card represents their current career performance.

The fifth card informs the person of the steps needed to change, and what they should improve on. The sixth card represents past events that may be affecting their current work status. The seventh and final card explains the anticipated result if the person can accurately interpret and follow the guidance given to them by the reading.

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The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Description

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is a complex, yet very popular spread. It is one of the oldest Tarot spreads in history. It is used for a range of different questions, and its complexity allows for very specific information to be addressed. There are ten cards laid out in the Celtic Cross Spread.

The first card represents the present situation the person discovers themselves in. The second card lays across the first card and is read in an upright position. This card displays what the main barrier or obstacle holding the person back is. The third card represents subliminal influences showing what the person is truly desiring.  The fourth card shows what tools the person has available to use to be able to overpower the obstacle in the second card to reach their final goal.

The fifth card displays the past of the situation at hand. A negative past may be hindering their current situation, and it is time for them to move on. A positive past may be used as motivation. The sixth card displays which direction the person is heading. The seventh card shows the attitude and views of the person related to the situation at hand.

A change of perspective might be needed to move towards their final outcome. The eighth card is displaying the surrounding energy, and if the person is being negatively or positively influenced by it. The ninth card signifies the deepest desires and anxieties of the person and brings attention to what they should be aware of as it may be influencing their actions. The tenth card is the Final Outcome card. This is the approaching future that the person will soon discover themselves in.

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The Spiritual Guidance Tarot Spread Description

The Spiritual Guidance spread is used in circumstances in which the person is finding themselves with an obstacle hindering their spiritual development. There are eight cards involved in this spread.

The first card reveals the main worry of the person, or issue at hand involving their spiritual journey. The second card illuminates the reason the person is asking for guidance. The third card displays the areas of their life which is causing them most of their worry. The fourth card identifies situations the person may not be aware of. The fifth card is the guidance card.

This gives advice on what the person should or should not do. The sixth card explains how the person should move on from their worries, and how to proceed on their spiritual journey. The seventh card reveals how the person should continue their spiritual journey in a positive light.The eighth card clarifies the potential result the person will get if they are able to abide by the guidance card (5th card) successfully.

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The Success Tarot Spread Description

The success spread is a popular tarot spread used to assist the person in the correct way to approach a challenge they are facing. There are five cards laid in a specific order.

The first card represents the current problem they are facing. The second card goes into more detail about the current challenges. The third card uncovers the concealed factors influencing the present situation. The fourth card signifies new concepts, people or things that can help the person develop further. The fifth and final card reveals what the person needs to accomplish in order to be prosperous in the given situation, and which direction they should follow. It also can reveal what the person needs to avoid in order to be successful. 

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Tаrоt Reading Definition or Tarot Reader Definition

Tarot reading is the асt оf mаkіng future рrеdісtіоnѕ аbоut a реrѕоn’ѕ life uѕіng information frоm deckѕ оf tarot саrdѕ. The 78 tarot cards provide information оn a реrѕоn’ѕ finance, love rеlаtіоnѕhірѕ аnd оthеr tarot questions. Whether in-person or online tarot readings, there are various layouts that can be used by a trusted tarot reader.

Some popular tarot layouts include tarot three card reading (thеѕе аrе uѕuаllу dоnе tо аnѕwеr a lіmіtеd number оf questions and also occasionally for tarot yes or no), tarot five-card spread, tarot yes no, аnd thе Celtic cross ten саrd tаrоt reading which is deeper аnd answers a wider rаngе оf life questions.

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