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Incense For Anxiety

Do you suffer from chronic anxiety? Or is your work or personal life adding too much stress to your day? There are many over-the-counter and prescription drugs for anxiety, which have helped many people. Unfortunately, they can come with a long list of side effects. To evoke relaxation naturally, you can choose the best incense for anxiety. You can also burn scented candles, meditate, or enjoy reading a book.

The science between the sense of smell and mood

Using the best incense for anxiety has been practiced for centuries. According to science, smell has a very close link with your emotions. It can induce a sense of pleasure, relaxation, alertness, and more. The effects of any calming incense product depend on the brain’s reaction to the smell. 

Here are the top ten best incenses for anxiety:

Lavender Incense For Anxiety

best incense for anxiety
Lavender helps in improving concentration and keeps you focused.

The mauve-colored Lavender allows you to feel refreshed and calm. If you face difficulties of stress or anxiety, this is the right smell for your relaxation routine. The best time to use lavender is right before bedtime.

In the past, people burned lavender flowers during meditation. The smell from the flower helps relax your muscles, reduces the secretion of stress hormones, and improves the relaxation level. Beyond being the top choice incense for anxiety, lavender is also an anti-depressant and deep sleep inducer. Deep sleep allows you to avoid nightmares and helps the body regenerate energy during sleep. Since lavender promotes relaxation, you feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Sandalwood Incense For Sleep

best incense for anxiety
Sandalwood Incense is considered Best Incense For Anxiety.

In ancient India, sandalwood was an essential part of meditation and rituals. It expels negative energy. Sandalwood incense is the best incense for anxiety, healing emotional trauma, relaxing, restoring balance, and improving positive energy.

The Eastern culture, to this day, uses sandalwood during religious rituals because of its ability to create a soothing environment to relax and meditate. The pleasant aroma helps to reduce anxiety disorder episodes and stress. A study showed that sandalwood incense reduces anxiety in women who were about to undergo breast biopsies.

Sandalwood is a good incense for sleep. It helps to relax you into a proper sleep cycle. Since the scent reduces stress, it also lowers blood pressure, reducing heart attack, and stroke risk. Remember that it is a supplementary therapy method and not an alternative to your blood pressure or other life-saving medications. The sandalwood smell stimulates specific aroma receptors in your brain that improve keratin production. Keratin is one of the primary components for healing physical wounds.

Jasmine The Relaxing Incense

best incense for anxiety
Jasmine is also known for the relaxing properties.

The ever-popular Jasmine is known as a relaxing incense. However, the primary benefit of using jasmine incense is its ability to induce positivity. If you feel your anxiety is due to low self-worth, this is the right smell to reduce those negative feelings. Many studies have proven that the scent of jasmine is an effective alternative medicine for a sleep disorder, depression, stress, and anxiety disorder.

The brain and Central Nervous System create GABA, a chemical that soothes the nerves and relaxes the body. When you inhale jasmine incense, the GABA secretion increases by up to five times. Jasmine is also the best incense for sleep disorders induced by anxiety. The fragrance is also known to boost cognitive performance, improve alertness, and balance mood swings. It is the right smell for those suffering from PMS symptoms, hormonal problems, menopause, low libido, and aggression. It also decreases and balances blood pressure.

Jasmine is one of the very few incense flavors that can induce contentment and happiness by reducing tension and aggression. It also lessens fatigue and promotes productivity.

Nag Champa (Plumeria Pudica) Most Popular Incense Scent

Plumeria Pudica is the most famous Incense and is mostly used during meditation.

Nag Champa (Plumeria Pudica) is another age-old, most popular incense scent used during meditation. Even merely smelling the flower induces calmness to the mind. This incense is commonly used in Hindu and Buddhist monasteries to create a calming ambiance for meditation or relaxation.

The smell can induce relaxation and improve concentration. Thus, lighting Nag Champa incense and reading a book would allow you to relax and concentrate on your book. In turn, you are helping your brain regain its energy after a long, tedious day at work. Nag Champa incense does not directly reduce anxiety. It relieves anxiety disorder symptoms, thereby allowing you to take care of your daily routine easier.

Peppermint The Best Incense Smells

We all love peppermint gums, Did you know the incense help in reducing stress.

Peppermint is the best incense for anxiety disorderreducing muscle tension, pain, and improving relaxation. It helps boost clarity, alertness, and attentiveness. These three traits can help bypass an anxiety attack.

The smell of peppermint helps increase your brain’s blood flow, thereby allowing you to keep your mind clear. The primary chemicals in a peppermint induce refreshment and energy.

As an aromatherapy product, peppermint is one of the best incense smells. It stimulates circulation, reduces nervous tension, decreases irritability, and improves mental focus. It also brings a feeling of contentedness and balance.

Chamomile Best Incense For Anxiety

best incense for anxiety
Chamomile incense is considered to be the best incense for anxiety.

It is not a secret that Chamomile tea can relax your mind and reduce the frequency of your anxiety attacks. It aids in relaxation and generates a peaceful ambiance around you. If you feel overwhelmed and confused, then chamomile is the best incense to pick.

The list of health benefits of chamomile is long. They include improving digestion, healing wounds, reducing skin ailments, and pain relief. In the mental health genre, chamomile is one of the best incense for anxiety relief. It also assists in inducing a healthy sleep routine and reducing stress-related problems. A study published in PubMed shows that chamomile incense can lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

There are two types of chamomile incense. The German variety provides a calming effect for those suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety disorder. 

On the other hand, the Roman chamomile incense is right for digestion problems and pain. It is common in pre-natal relaxation massage sessions. It can even calm down children with hyperactive disorder. This aroma also helps in dealing with anxiety and depression related to hormonal problems, menopause and mood swings.

Lemongrass Relaxing Incense

best incense for anxiety
Lemongrass Incense creates a happy environment for you.

The well-known Lemongrass is a relaxing incense and is commonly preferred by those looking for a fragrance to bring a holistic happy feel. In short, lemongrass is a mood stimulator. Lemongrass tea is known to improve sexual desire, increase energy, and improve your mood.

If you are looking for aromatherapy options, the lemongrass incense is right to improve positive thoughts, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood. It is also known to promote clarity and enhance peacefulness. Which, in turn, induces sound and deep sleep. The inhalation of lemongrass incense scent is scientifically proven to improve calmness and alertness.

Pine Incense Scents

Pine natural oil helps in reducing anxiety levels and creates a soothing environment.

The slender-looking Pine fragrance brings Christmas memories to many. The pine smell induces cheer, happiness, and the warm presence of love. Suppose you feel choked with pressure and stress. In that case, this is one of the most popular incense scents to improve your relaxation levels and bring down anxiety levels.

In ancient times, people used pine incense to uplift spirit and mood. They used pine incense in the winter to induce optimism, emotional health, and mental stability. It helps to reduce the effect of anxiety disorder and improves emotional health. Pine is stimulating and gives a warm effect. The best time to enjoy pine incense is in the morning before you start with your routine. Now you know why pine is the most popular car scent.

Cinnamon Best Smelling Incense 

Cinnamon Oil triggers relaxations and helps reduce stress as well.

The ever-loved Cinnamon is another best smelling incense that reminds some of Christmas. It is one of the edible spices used to make desserts during festive times. Thus, the smell of this incense would immediately take you back to joyful times with loved ones. Making you feel surrounded by love and warmth. This aroma induces security and happiness, thereby reducing anxiety disorder.

Cinnamon is one of the best incense smells that can help you trigger relaxation, concentration, deep sleep, and motivation. Many ancient cultures use cinnamon during rituals to remove negative energy. It is the best incense for anxiety, mental stability, self-confidence, and happiness. It is a stimulant, as well, that helps you to break out of depression episodes. The woody smell of cinnamon can increase libido and emotional stability in women.

If you feel exhausted and even small issues bring you down, cinnamon is the right smell to boost your energy. This scent gives the motivation to get through the day. 

Suppose cinnamon is too strong for you or have a specific dislike to cinnamon. In that case, vanilla incense is the next best option with almost the same benefits as cinnamon incense. However, cinnamon incense is the best scent to start your day. And vanilla is the best incense for relaxation during the afternoon or right before bedtime.

Rose Best Incense For Anxiety

best incense for anxiety
Being a flower of love it helps to cure anxiety.

Do you need an introduction to what a rose fragrance can do to your mood? The smell of rose is the universal aroma of affection and the feeling of warmth. Such a peaceful ambiance induces relaxation and promotes stability, helping to reduce anxiety attacks.

Folklore and retailers emphasize that the smell of rose can ignite love. However, scientifically, it is proven to reduce anger, create confidence, and induce happiness. 

Those suffering from an anxiety disorder often have an irregular sleep cycle. And, this best incense for anxiety induces deep sleep and relaxation during rest. 

A study conducted by London researchers showed that those exposed to rose incense also had better memory retention.

Serotonin is a naturally secreted hormone that helps stabilize our mood, regulate anxiety, reduce depression, and manage stress. Certain aromas can induce our brain to secrete more serotonin, and rose is one of the top on that list.

Which is the right relaxation incense for me?

Now the calming incense product purchase becomes a bit challenging. All the above ten incense flavours are best for anxiety. However, the best option differs from one individual to another. First, take into account the information above and which matches your situation. Some might find all ten equally relaxing, while others find a different incense or a combination of two to be a perfect choice. Trial and error is the only alternative that can give you a reliable solution.

While you are searching for the best incense for anxiety, here are some of the pointers that you need to know.

Herb or Oil?

It is impossible to create an incense stick with just the dried herb. The manufacturer needs some components to make it stick together, burn at a steady speed, and provide a good smell. 

It is best to select products with a high percentage of herbal ingredients and avoid those with perfume oils and bamboo core. The best tactic to detect this is by burning a stick. If the stick burns with a whiter smoke, it consists of herbs without the bamboo core. If the stick has a dark smoke with a hint of smoky smell, it is bamboo with synthetic perfume.

best incense for anxiety

How Strong Should It Smell?

Manufacturers dip bamboo sticks into fragrance oil to promote their products, which gives a more robust and longer-lasting smell but has no medicinal value. And, this more pungent smell would also turn into a smoky smell quickly. 

When you burn a stick with 100% herbal ingredients, the smell is very mild and does not last long. Although mild and short-lived, the incense fragrances from natural products stay pleasant until the stick finishes burning.


There are many other choices in the market for those looking for the best incense for anxiety. Remember that the fragrance is an alternative supporting therapy and not a replacement for your medicines. Moreover, the right choice of scents depends on your mood. Once you have picked the right fragrance, do not expect perfect results by the first stick’s end. It is a routine to which your brain will become accustomed. Eventually, your mind starts to relax the moment the scent reaches you.

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