The Law of Divine Oneness Improves Your Life!

Law of Divine

The Law of Divine Oneness Improves Your Life! Watch Oprah’s Video!

The Law of Divine Oneness precedes all other laws on the list of the Laws of the Universe. That’s because all Life Laws are built on the knowledge within this Law.

Keep reading to understand what this Law is and how to use it to improve your quality of life.

Oprah has said many times that when people know the Life Laws, life becomes much easier. Watch this 2-minute video https://youtu.be/LiYYwiP_g3g in which Oprah talks about the Law of Oneness.

As you continue, you’ll notice that there is nothing complicated at all about this. But, if you don’t have this knowledge, then life can be very complicated. So in the following few minutes, you’ll learn something interesting. Even better, you’ll understand yourself and life to an extent you may not have known existed. And you’ll gain an understanding that most people don’t have.

According to the Law of Divine Oneness, the whole universe is interconnected. Nothing lives on its own in its little bubble. Have you ever heard of the phrase that “no man is an island?”It wouldn’t be surprising if the Law of Divine Oneness were the origin of the saying.

Understanding the Law of Divine Oneness

The feeling you get when you understand the Law of Divine Oneness is unlike anything else. When you know how this Law affects the way we live, you’ll change the way you approach life.

You’ll live in a feel-good mood most of the time because you understand why certain things happen. You stop blaming yourself and others. You’ll increase your life success and be more conscious of your contribution to the world.

The Law of Divine Oneness teaches that you are a part of the whole made up of everything else around you.

Fun fact: The human cellular make up has elements that resemble someaspectsof the solar system.

The solar system might not be living per se, but sharing an element with it is proof that it is part of us. Think of the cycle of life. You are born, you grow old to the end of your time on earth.And as the saying goes, dust becomes dust. In other words, you return to the earth from which you came.

It is that same ground that we grow our food on and from which our plants get their nutrients. Essentially, the connection we have on earth finds its way back to us in one form or the other. But it goes beyond the physical.

Law of Oneness Meaning

The Law of Oneness brings harmony to all Life Laws. The Law of Oneness teaches that we are all linked. A concept that the Law of Cause and Effect also supports. We all share the same energy.

According to the two Laws, it is because of the connection between our energies that we ‘feel’ each other. We might not recognize these occurrences as instances of the Universal Laws. Yet once you know these laws, those occurrences are proof that these laws work.

Take, for instance, how a parent gets a feeling that their child is in trouble, and it turns out to be true. Or how you might avoid a particular favorite route, then receive news later that something terrible happened along that route. Or when you call a friend or loved one, and immediately they pick up, they tell you that they were just about to contact you!

It might all look like luck or a coincidence, but once you take a closer look, you realize that nothing is random. Multiple universal energies influence and are influenced by our actions, thoughts, and feelings. Unfortunately, when we don’t realize that we exist as a whole and not as individuals, we tilt the universal balance.

  • Where there should be order, chaos thrives.
  • Places where there should be love, hatred flourishes.
  • Where there should be community, individualism blooms.

Breaking the Laws of the Universe forms the foundation for unexplained and unwanted manifestations. Yet, our misunderstanding of these Laws makes us believe that whatever happens around us is normal. Listen to people’s explanations of events, and you’ll hear a synonymous belief that “that’s life.”Actually, that’s life without knowing the Universal Life Laws. When you know these Laws, you control and improve your life.

Atonement vs.Oneness vs. At-one-ment (At one ment)

Atonement, Collective Consciousness, The Law of Oneness

Call it atonement, Oneness, or at-one-ment. The bottom line is that it all circles back to one thing – our ability to return to a harmonious existence where we work for the whole. In other words, Oneness is about contributing to the universe in ways that are beneficial not only to us but to all that’s around us.

Think about it. Today, there are only a few hundred companies that are responsible for the most pollution across the world. As those behind these companies line their pockets, the world continues to suffer. Destruction of animal habitats, plastic pollution, oil spills, and the release of toxic gases into the environment are only examples of the effects of the lack of Oneness with the world.

Logging has also had adverse effects on the ecology and environment. This points to a lack of Oneness, love, and harmony in the world. So, what is happening now? Many of these companies are seeking atonement, meaning they are paying to correct the effects of pollution.

So, what is happening now? Many of these companies are seeking atonement, meaning they are paying to correct the effects of pollution. The only thing left to do to regain Oneness with the universe is practice atonement. But what is the definition of atonement, at-one-ment (at one ment), Oneness, and are they different?


The state or fact of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.

At one ment

Living in a state of feeling one with everything and everyone, knowing not to judge someone because you have the same thing in you. It may appear different, but it’s the same. For example, someone may judge an alcoholic. A close look in the mirror of at one ment would show them that they have trouble handling money, or overeating, or working too much, or have some other challenge with self-control.

We might see someone do something foolish and judge them. Yet, we make mistakes; every one of us does. So should we be judging others when we are all the same? Or should we understand? Because we are what they are. That would be living in a state of at-one-ment. How peaceful would that be? Those who know the Law of Oneness live in that calm state, and it’s easy to do.


Reparation for a wrong or injury.

Going by the atonement definition above and that of Oneness, atonement is what we do when we want to reconcile our wrongdoings. Essentially, atonement is the action taken to get back in sync and correct a fall out with the whole.

The Law of One is the only way to find your place.

Understanding the Law of One is the only way to find your place in the whole. It will also help you align your life and actions to be in sync with the universe. The Law of One helps us realize that we are all part of one energy force. Which means you are more significant than you think.

Every creation has a connection to this universal energy, although we often feel disconnected. To connect and realize a state of Oneness, it is helpful to tune into our higher self.

How do we tune into our higher self?

One of the most potent ways of tuning into our spirituality is through meditation. By meditating, we allow universal energy to communicate with us. The communication can be through a voice in the mind, thoughts, feelings, and even a physical voice. Still, many of us struggle with being at one with the world even though we all have in us that same energy. Connecting with this energy and realizing Oneness raises our energy and vibrations. In turn, our health, happiness, and satisfaction improve tremendously. So do our joy and contentedness in ourselves.

At One Ment Brings a Reformed World-View

What happens when we are in at one ment, is that we start working together and helping each other. We begin taking responsibility for what we project and physically do to the world and each other. We automatically and effortlessly start becoming the best version of ourselves. But as you work towards understanding the Law of Oneness, it’s crucial that you also seek to understand the other Universal Laws. You can then start connecting the dots and discovering how they intersect.

As mentioned before, you’ll realize that when one Law is neglected, the effectiveness of the other Laws suffers. Ultimately, it goes to show that these Laws might be separate, but they are part of a whole and in at-one-ment with each other. If only the world’s population would be aware of the principals of these Laws. Then, we would be content with our lives, have an abundance mindset, love each other, and be consciously united.

Eventually, being aware of the power of the Universal Laws chips away at our disconnect. As our disconnection disappears, the reconnection in its place fosters Oneness. The fact is that energy for good, love, and light exists in each one of us. But the war, illnesses, poverty, hatred, and racism that is rife across the world suppress our ability to believe that we can make an impact.

However, we have the free will to decide how we allow circumstances to affect us. It is through free will that we can also choose what to believe. After creation, we had choices. Choices to preserve the world and maintain its original balance, or to let our individuality lead us. The state of the world today shows that we chose the latter, causing imbalance and separating ourselves from the universe and each other.

What We Should Learn from The Law of Divine Oneness

The most important takeaways from understanding the Law of Divine Oneness are:

1. We Are Not Separate Entities

All things in the universe have a link to each other. Our existence is like a circle, and it is impossible to live a solitary life. Our Collective Consciousness and shared universal energy bind us to everyone and everything.

2. Everything We Do Has an Effect on The World

Thoughts. Actions. Words. Beliefs. All of these have an impact on us as individuals and on our Collective Conscience and existence. The significance of this is that you influence the type of life you lead and your circumstances.

You have the control of whether you live a miserable judgmental, or understanding joyous life. Whatever you dedicate your mind and thoughts to is what you manifest. If you entertain thoughts of scarcity and poverty, you create these situations. If you harbor thoughts of abundance, wealth, and good health, you attract them into your life.

Suppose you said hurtful words to someone. Does it stop there? No. That person becomes sad or angry or anxious. Most likely, they won’t be their bubbly self around co-workers or their family. Now the energy around the work office and home are more suppressed. And that is if they aren’t crying or lashing out because then it’s worse than only suppressed! That energy affects others at work and home. Then how do your co-workers feel, and how will they interact with others? And how about those others? And the next ones? Probably not in a positive, happy way. The energy gets lower in the office. And this continues with a ripple effect, on and on. What appears to affect one affects everything. 

By shifting our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions, we can influence our reality. You can start this by focusing on what you want rather than dwelling on what you don’t want.

Atonement, Collective Consciousness, The Law of Oneness

3. Our Collective Consciousness is a Powerhouse

Collective Consciousness means this universal energy that connects us. We are all conscious, so together, we make up the Collective Consciousness. The inventions the world has seen have become a reality because of one thing – they are a manifestation of people’s desires. The more people with similar thoughts, the easier and faster these thoughts become a reality.

And these are usually based on something that someone else created. The car – came after someone invented the wheel, engines, gears, and more. And all those things came after someone came up with something else such as mining metals to make some of these parts, creating rubber, cloth, refining fuels, etc. And we can go back and back.

Big Picture Through Details

What goes into a chair? The nails someone invented using the metal someone else mined. The wood that someone cut from the forest and another cut into lumber and another shaped for the chair. The glue that someone processed and the container it was in that someone created and processed. Varnish, sandpaper, saws, hammers, transporting the items, the list goes on. And what was one of the first parts of the Collective Conscience that created the chair, the car, and everything to make them – an idea.

Hopefully, you don’t ever look at things the same again. Everything is a masterpiece from the concept – through to the creation. One person couldn’t do this alone, so it took the Collective Consciousness. Things are created because of the Law of Oneness. Next to nothing could exist without Oneness.

These are two examples of billions of things and ideas coming from the Collective Consciousness – from all of us. We all have a duty as part of this Collective Conscience. Think of any successful invention. You’ll realize that it has one driving factor– people’s interest in finding a better way to accomplish something. This Collective Conscience triggers a light bulb moment in an individuals’ brain. That energy leads several connected people to a path of inventing to satisfy a common need/desire.

Final Thoughts

We benefit from becoming aware of our thoughts and being strategic with our speech/utterings and actions. They all have an impact on the entire world.

Awareness of our impact on our environment will keep us from amplifying the suffering in the world. In its place, it will intensify healing and our contribution towards improving universal Oneness. Today, since many are unaware of the Universal Laws, the depletion of the earth’s resources and wars prevail.

At some point, the earth may be in grave danger. Without a choice, nature and the earth itself will force us to go back to our roots and go through a period of atonement. Then will we reconnect to our Oneness and facilitate the healing and regeneration of earth’s resources and peace among men. Let’s hope this doesn’t have to happen.

In due course, we will realize that our actions will always affect the world we live in, including the individual outcomes we attract.

If you feel, as we do, that this knowledge should be available to all, please share this on social media, email to a friend, or talk about it with loved ones. You’ll not just be helping them; you’ll be helping us all, the entire Collective Consciousness. Articles for all 12 Universal Laws are here on Predict My Future. Enjoy them all, and let them lead you to a higher understanding and a better quality of life!

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