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Life is the greatest mystery of all. Feeling secure in what’s to come can be a real challenge as there is no how-to book that applies to every individual situation found in your average person’s life. Each one of us has a different idea of what core values are fundamental. So, Its best to ask a Psychic to know about these things.

Some people value love and family, above all. Others believe it’s financial gain. Still, others want to have it all! As such, it’s no secret that we all would appreciate some aid in the decision-making process at times, and that is where a psychic reading comes in. The paths and crossroads that can present themselves can be quite the challenge, and we don’t always know which is best to pursue or what opportunities to take. Although what choice to make seems unclear at times, our psychics can offer clarity.

From basic to complex questions, they have the experience and knowledge to connect with the divine and provide answers. Psychic readings can truly help pinpoint what you might be lacking or where you feel lost in life. The best part? If you’re skeptical of the benefits, free minutes are available for you to try! Now, the only question is, what do you want to know? You don’t need to be entirely sure, but you should have an idea of what you’re searching for during the session with a reader. Even if you have no expectations and are truly lost on where to begin, this guide is here to help you in the right direction.

Ask a psychic: Planning Your Questions for Best Results

Ask a psychic

Trying to plan out the rest of your life in one full swoop is a daunting and impossible task. No one can say precisely where they’ll end up in life or with who, especially as it’s inevitable that people and places change. This is where a psychic reading can come in and help provide clarity in sometimes obscure parts of our lives. Before the session, attempt some meditation or calming techniques to assist you in entering it with a clear head and an idea of what you’d like to know.

For example, instead of trying to imagine every possible outcome for a particular scenario, keep it simple. Start with thinking about one thing in your life that is currently giving you some troubles. When doing this, you need to be relaxed; phone on silent, television turned off, sitting in a calming place where you feel centered, away from all external distractions. Then, hone in on the most critical thing in your life, whether it’s a goal you are trying to achieve or a living thing.


Visualize it and hold on to that for a minute. Allow yourself to dwell in that moment; maybe an ideal family, enjoying a beautiful beach alone or imagine yourself in your dream career dressed in those designer clothes you cannot yet afford. Whatever your image is, dive deeper into the details to try and uncover what they could represent. From here, you can start to form questions to ask your psychic. If you are still at an utter loss, no need to panic.

Below are tips and template questions that will help walk you through how to approach a psychic reading even if you’re unsure of what direction to go in. Write out the questions that feel right to you and modify them to accommodate your mental picture from your meditative moment. Keep reading to have more clarity on what to ask.

Creating Quality Questions: Ask a psychic

Ask a psychic

It’s imperative to maximize the time you have with your psychic as they are channeling the divine. The intentions behind our questions are as important as the questions themselves, so pay close attention to these tips.

Go in with a plan but let your psychic guide you as they are the ones with the connection to the spirits. Planning out what you want to know is key, so have your questions prepared. Make sure they are not easily answered with a simple yes or no.

They should be deep and meaningful so that your psychic can respond in kind. Let your questions be specific to your scenario but also open-ended as to allow for fuller answers. Don’t aim to receive specific details as no one can tell you anything for certain, but psychics can provide the correct direction for you to go in. When discussing an issue that is meaningful to you, be direct with the emotions surrounding it, and address as much as possible from your psychic’s response before changing topics.

Ask about things that will benefit you moving forward with intent and purpose as change never occurs from repeating the same mistakes. Look forward and not backward as the best advice is going to focus on guiding you towards something, not just dwelling on past pain. Trust your gut and give yourself entirely to the process; let your psychic guide your new path. If you don’t understand the reading at first, that is absolutely natural. Sometimes, we need to move forward before everything becomes clear, and only then can we really act on the advice given.

Ask a psychic: How to Word the Questions

Ask a psychic

As you’ve been following along, you most likely have a rough idea of what you would like to ask about, even if you still need a helping hand in picking the right questions. Below we have included some sample questions to guide you toward making your own. Remember the above advice when reading those questions.

Choose the items that resonate best with you and your situation. It’s vital that the questions reflect your desires and will be how your psychic builds up your connection, providing you with meaningful guidance that will help you in the years to come.

As these are sample questions, feel free to modify them to suit your needs. Also, make sure to read all options as you might think it to be unrelated to your situation, but the wording shares a similar sentiment of what you’re looking to find.

General Questions About Life

  • Why do I feel so lost in my life’s journey?
  • How can I find the right direction for my life?
  • What can the universe tell me about the path I am pursuing?
  • How can I better control [insert situation here] happening at the moment?
  • Why have I not found my life’s purpose yet?
  • How can I clarify my life purpose?
  • In what way can I improve my spiritual connection to [insert situation here, such as a belief in a higher power, relationship, worldly concept]?
  • How can I better serve my desires?
  • Can the divine show me the best path to take?

Questions about Love and Family

  • How do I find love?
  • Why have I not already found love?
  • Am I being cheated on?
  • Will my partner come back after our breakup?
  • How can I attract the right people towards me?
  • Do they have good intentions?
  • Am I currently in the right relationship?
  • Does a certain person like me?
  • What are they feeling for me?
  • What can you tell me about the future of my current relationship?
  • How can I heal my heart from past traumas moving forward?
  • In what way can I develop deeper relationships?
  • How can I bridge the gap between the different kinds of people around me?
  • What can the divine tell me about harmony in [insert situation here]?

Questions about Careers and Money

  • How can I tell if I am on a fulfilling career path?
  • How can I stabilize and improve my finances?
  • What is the best career path for me?
  • What can the divine tell me about finding fulfillment through my work?
  • How can I find a path to a more meaningful career?
  • How can I improve my standing at my current workplace?
  • Why do I feel uncertain about my current career?
  • How can I tell if this is the right path for me?

These questions can also be turned into statements of things you would like clarified, but most importantly should be worded to include the intention of what you are seeking.

Ready to Begin?

You are now set up with the tools to begin your divine inquiry, have you decided on what intentions you are going to put forth?

Does the list you’ve written resonate with what you would like clarified? Do you feel a curiosity towards the answers to said questions? You should think that posing these specific queries to the psychic will illuminate the best path or decisions for your life.

Should you still be uncertain of what questions to ask even after having a visualization of what you want, no worries, return to the quiet, relaxed place from before and try again. While taking in some deep breaths and focusing on your dreams, desires, and what you want most out of life. Then go over the questions and repeat until you no longer feel the uncertainty. Once you have a breakthrough, make sure to write it down quickly.

If even this does not work, look at the supplied questions to feel which ones stick out to you and relate to what you’re already doing in life. Choose those to ask the psychic. Now that you have a plan, you are ready to speak to a psychic and have a session.

This should be fun and enjoyable so don’t feel uneasy, even if this is your first reading; just prepare for it using the steps we discussed earlier. Look forward to the new journey you are about to embark on! If it’s not your first time, don’t assume you already know what the divine has in store for you; remember to keep an open mind. No matter how these things have gone for you in the past, every reading is a new experience that can show you a new path. It’s time to follow the path that’s right for you, not just the path right in front of you.

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