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Will He Come Back? 10 Promising Signals He’ll Be Back In No Time

Will he come back? Need twin flame readers? This question rarely crosses your mind when you’re newly in love. Sharing love with someone is blissful. This overwhelming emotion is irresistible and unforgettable. In a new relationship, everything seems hazy and perfect with your head in the clouds half the time as you take in the intensity of things. The possibilities of this new flame are endless.

Once you come down from the clouds, you recognize minor differences between you and your newfound love. Over time, these small differences can grow into sore spots in your love life if not addressed. It is upon you and your partner to talk out the differences and find common ground to ensure there is a happy ending to your destiny in love.

Unfortunately, solving issues today often means walking away or taking a break until you miss someone or something they added into your life. A simple discussion would do, but pride gets in the way. Will he come back?  Read on to discover 10 promising signals he’ll be back in no time.

1. Continued contact

When he texts you, he’s thinking about you. And when he calls you, he misses you. When he shows up, he wants to be with you.

Losing someone makes you realize just how much they meant to you. You miss them and all the things you did together that made your life better and happier. He’s contacting you because you matter, you’re special and he’s not happy without you.

Continued contact is his way of showing you he wants you back in his life. It’s your destiny in love.

2. Virtually stalks you

The internet makes it easy to keep tabs on people. Contrary to popular opinion, men also do their fair share of stalking on social media.

Continued contact

When your ex is interested in you, the easiest thing to do is watch your social media pages to see how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to. When he follows this up with likes and positive comments on your posts, this is an indication he still fancies you and wants you back. You need not be worried sick wondering ‘Will he come back‘? It’s going to happen sooner than later.

3. Consistently curious about how your day went

When he makes an effort to call or text you at the end of every day to see how you’re doing, it’s a subtle indication he misses you. If he asks genuine questions and listens intently, he is still interested in you. Worry not, as his return is your destiny in love.

His heart beats for you, but his pride won’t let him be upfront about wanting you back.  Take the subtle hints and wear the big boy pants if the feeling is mutual. Chances are you’ll end up saving both of you time that would be lost, pretending to move on rather than being where you want to be.

4. You shared something real

Finding genuine love in a relationship is easier said than done. Once you do, however, the mutual feelings you share are hardly forgotten. He may be upset or confused, but you know that the love is real. Knowing he truly loves you is one of the promising signals he’ll be back in no time.

Sometimes a love life can get complicated, but that kind of magic makes you long for the love you lost. Such mutual feelings push you both to work on your issues to get back to love and happy living.

5. Talks about what happened

After a breakup, it is easier to play the blame game. People rarely make a point of getting in touch with your ex to talk about what happened.

If he does this, it means his door is still open, and he wants to try and solve the issues you two had. If not, then it’s more likely that these are signs he will never come back.

6. Family ties are still strong

The hardest break up is one where your respective families had already become close. Having to explain why you’re no longer together is a pain no one wants to go through.

If you’re wondering – will he come back? Well, if he still finds time to keep in touch with your family after you part ways, he is interested in rekindling the love to get you back. It means he will come back, it’s your destiny in love.

Talks about what happened

7. Talks about the good old days

If he makes a point of reminding you what you had every chance he gets, this is an indication that he wants to try again. Bringing up memories from the good old days is his way of reminding you about the times you spent and the things you shared that were special. He wants you to melt and long for him again. So need not wonder “will he come back?”

The memories allow him to relive the special moments with you. He hopes that you’ll take the hint to rekindle the old flame and continue on your destiny in love.

8. Catches up with your friends

Nasty breakups are never a reason to keep in touch with your friends. When he continually pursues them and makes an effort to spend quality time with them, it means he wants you back but is afraid to say it. He is falling for you all over again, so be happy that his return is your destiny in love.

Keeping in touch with your friends is the best way he knows to stay in your circle. His still hanging around with them is a way of showing promising signals he’ll be back in no time.

9. A change in behavior

It is tough for anyone to change and grow. But sometimes he makes deliberate efforts to become the person you always wanted him to be. This means he sees things from your perspective and is willing to make changes rather than lose you. Trying to improve himself in areas you pointed out as reasons for your break up, is one of the promising signals he’ll be back in no time.

Look for consistency in the changes to make sure you don’t get back to the same things that caused your break up. To live up to your full destiny in love, you also have to decide if getting back together is what ‘you’ want.

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10. He isn’t seeing anyone else

It is normal to want to move on when things don’t work out. If he isn’t dating anyone after your break up, this is another of the promising signals he’ll be back in no time. Wanting to still be with you gives him no reason to see anyone else, and he hopes you’ll notice this. So you need not ask yourself “will he come back?”, “does he love me?”

If he chooses to start dating someone else, that is one of the signs he will never come back. You may still rekindle the love, but something significant needs to change to be able to fulfill your destiny in love.

Signs he will never come back

Signs he will never come back are a clear indication that it’s time to move on. Should he choose to call it quits, you’ll likely want to hold on to the good memories for as long as you can.

At times, this can be misleading. You might end up thinking the break up was a mistake and not a necessity. These memories give you false hope and may get you stuck. It can be hard to know if he will come back or not. The future without him holds so many possibilities. Watch for these signs he will never come back:

1. Struggles to show you love

When he suddenly seems cold and distant, struggles to show you love, or isn’t sure he loves you anymore, let the door hit him on his way out. It’s not destiny in love to be in a one-sided relationship. You can use the time to make your life better and find someone who appreciates you for all your worth.

2. He always has too busy a schedule

If he genuinely loves you, he will make time to be with you. He’ll get in touch with you to make plans ahead of time to make sure they’re uninterrupted. When he stops doing this with you, but everything else in his life remains constant, it’s time to move on and find someone who values you and makes time for you in their life.

3. A sudden change of priorities –

In every relationship, deliberate effort is made to develop standard routines. These make sure you spend quality time and do as much as you can together.

When love is genuine, these routines stay in place despite the challenges you face. If he starts ignoring your calls and texts, you’re no longer a priority in his life. Add on him spending all his time at work or with friends, and you see signs he will never come back. Don’t stick around for the farewell party. You’re better off finding other priorities of your own.

4. Sleeping with other people

This is the easy way out of a relationship you’re no longer interested in. When your ex cheats on you and continues sleeping with other people after you break up, these are clear signs that he will never come back.

Sleeping with other people and making no effort to hide the fact is the slap in the face that will get you going faster than he anticipated. Run away from this one and save yourself the embarrassment he has lined up just for you.

 busy schedule

Destiny in love

Psychic love reading! Destiny in love means there is someone out there you’re meant to be with. This places you on a path to find that particular person with whom you’ll share true love. Making deliberate efforts to show your love and care for them pays off immensely.

It requires a generous investment of time, emotion, and a healthy dose of compromise. With every great love comes the element of free will. One might assume this affects the nature of destiny in love (where the belief is that whatever is meant to be will be).

However, if you are both in love and are willing to work on your issues, free will aligns with this. You are at liberty to shape your destiny in love as you see fit and stay together forever! Remember, if he is your destiny in love, he will be back to share a beautiful love story with you!

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