Taurus Man Aquarius Woman

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility
Love Compatibility
Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Having so little in common could still make Taurus and Aquarius compatible. This is because once they find a way to play their strengths, and balance their mutual weaknesses, they become a great match. These two signs are opposites, therefore, their relationship can be incredibly unpredictable. As two fixed symbols of the zodiac, Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman both want to engage with one person and once they discover feelings for one another, they can form a strong connection.

 Taurus is a matter of security and tradition, while Aquarius is always against social norms, traditions and rules. The Taurus man thirsts for security in relationships and wants to plant deep roots, while the Aquarius woman thirsts for an adventurous and unconventional life. Only when they find a way to overcome these great differences will they be able to enjoy a great romantic relationship. If you want to learn more on Aquarius compatibility with Taurus, here is an in-depth analysis.

Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility

A romantic Taurus man often find himself confused when they fall in love with an Aquarius woman, someone who does not want to talk about love, romance or feelings. Not that Aquarians do not want to be in love and share a loving relationship with someone, but the Taurus want more than what Aquarius can offer.

This couple is unusual in many ways and constantly evolving, which will be disappointing and unpleasant for the eternal seeker of security. The free spirit Aquarius woman will naturally want to escape the possessive hold of the Taurus man, which will make things even more difficult. However, when these two people have similar emotional needs, the attraction will be strong. From there, they can build a strong relationship.

Emotional Aquarius Taurus Compatibility

Astrologically speaking, the Taurus man will rarely fall in love with an Aquarius woman, simply because their emotional nature could not be any different. While Taurus is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and needs daily love, Aquarius is often described as cold and emotionless. When Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman meet, they will either find something very rare in each other on their first date, or they will never see the end of it. If they cannot find common ground, they will feel as if they came from two different planets. Taurus man needs stability, so only when they recognize the stable side of Aquarius woman, they can give themselves completely to the relationship and try to challenge the case.

Aquarius woman Taurus man Sexual Compatibility

The tender and sensual nature of Taurus will probably be too much for the eccentric Aquarius. However, when the attraction manifests itself, it can go a long way. While Taurus man wants nothing more than security and stability in their relationship, Aquarius woman always wants a relationship in which they feel free to explore sex to the fullest. In other words, a sexual Aquarius and Taurus relationship. Unless, it is too much to ask for, Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man too can have surprising and unusual sexual encounters that will be satisfying for body and mind.

Taurus man is also naturally shy and takes a long time to give in to sexual pleasures, but it is here that Aquarius woman will help him to relax and approach the physical act from a different angle. The sexual compatibility of Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman is best when both ask what they want and what they need, in order to meet each other’s needs. In addition, they will have to correct their differences to make the most of their sexual life, because none of them would like to have a relationship in which they feel disrespected or ignored.

couple in an intimate embrace. taurus man and aquarius woman 2
Taurus man and aquarius woman: they have a great physical bond

Taurus and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

As people living according to completely different rules, morals, beliefs, and values, a game of compatibility between a Taurus man and Aquarius woman can be dynamic, fun and exciting. However, in a marriage, they have to make compromises to solve all kinds of problems to which they are related, and they may not succeed very well.

Although the marriage between Taurus man and Aquarius woman can occur when the two are equally engaged to each other, their differences and expectations in life can be too important an obstacle to overcome. Aquarius woman is the most progressive sign of the zodiac as these individuals are ideological about life. Taurus man on the other hand has a practical, concrete and conservative lifestyle. Thus, when the Taurus believes that it is time to start a family, the Aquarius may simply have purchased tickets to Egypt. Taurus man can never get the stability he needs in a marriage, because of the unpredictability of an Aquarius woman. Therefore, marriage between these two people is very unlikely and, if it does, may not last.

couple walking hand in hand. taurus man and aquarius woman 3
Challenging times crop-up for Taurus man and Aquarius woman in a marriage

Aquarius and Taurus Polarity

Aquarius is yin, the female energy. Taurus is a yang, the male energy. With opposite polarities, one might think that there is some harmony in this relationship. Aquarius woman is projective and assertive, while Taurus man is receptive and passive.

If the relationship enters the polarized zone, all bets are void. If the yin becomes passive at the extreme, it can become a martyr in the relationship. Taurus man can be so stubborn and resistant to change that he is passive and aggressive. Aquarius woman can also become hostile, especially when their personal freedom is at stake.

The yin and yang energies influence the compatibility factor between Aquarius and a Taurus. Signs of excess yang energy in Aquarius women include anger and a dominant attitude. It is best for both of them to learn the art of compromise from day one in this stimulating relationship. The constant concern to maintain balance is the art of combining Aquarius and Taurus. However, will it work for everyone? It’s unlikely. One couple can sing “I’m crazy about you”, the other might sing “I hate myself because I love you”.

couple embracing. taurus man and aquarius woman 4
Compromise is the key to every successful relationship

Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Taurus man with Aquarius woman is an example of love at first sight. They will promote a relationship based on mutual interests in arts and music. When he first saw her at home, he might have been confused by the eccentric style of the interior.

The Aquarius woman created her furniture according to what each piece represents on a personal level. She may have a glass animal menagerie in the corner of her living room. Look across the room and you will see replicas of Frank Frazetta‘s fantastic works throughout the house.

Hey, he’s her favorite artist, so why not? A man will seduce the Aquarius woman from the beginning. He’s so comfortable with eccentrics and strangers. The Taurus male is a man of stability and comfort. Things that are foreign to him attract him from the beginning of this fragile relationship. It is important to focus on fragility. The practical stability that attracts the Aquarian woman quickly turns into contempt and boredom.

What does this mean? The always oppositional nature of this couple means that the compatibility will be low between Taurus man and Aquarius woman in bed. This means that the Taurus man will have no choice but to intensify his game. He will have to plan the dates and mix in a lot of spontaneity. Keeping the Aquarius woman on her toes will allow him to keep her eyes on the ball. Otherwise, boredom will push her out of the relationship.

Aquarius and Taurus Behavioral Compatibility

When it comes to disagreement, both sides will have to learn methods to withdraw into a debate. In the midst of a discussion, fury fuels the moment. There will be no winners here. Compromises and understanding are needed. But the temperaments of Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman derive from obstinacy. Two people with strong heads tend to make compromise impossible.

A Taurus man will find the eccentric behaviors of the Aquarian woman attractive for some time. However, his lack of orthodoxy will become a delicate point. The Aquarius woman has a radical mind. The Taurus man is practical. Mix these two states of mind and we invoke chaos without a doubt!

The question of impracticability in relation to practicality will arise in the relationship between Aquarius and Taurus. One of the main problems is money. The continuous cash outflows will drive the Taurus crazy for savings. Aquarius drifting away from spending will find that Taurus’ tight grip on cash is a source of irritation.


The couple Aquarius woman and Taurus man are facing a battle that promises to be difficult. The compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus born under these solar signs is low. So, pairing is already an act that defies all odds. Therefore, vigilance and attention to each other’s needs will ensure the survival of the relationship.

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Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility
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