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Aquarius are born between January 21st and February 19th and are one of the air elements in the zodiac. Aquarians are intriguing thinkers, free-spirited, and analytical. They are a unique sign and enjoy reading, writing, and theorizing.  Innovative and eccentric, they have ideas that are forward-thinking and out of the box. Aquarians, signify spontaneity and independence. At times, they can be distant and emotionally detached from their partners, family, and friends.

Have a look at the Aquarius daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes below, including the Aquarius love horoscope.

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Horoscope Date: January 20, 2020

Your keenness to focus on only what you believe to be a priority and then kick back could be met with confusion or resistance from others. Your actions could create unnecessary trouble initially, but there is a method within your mad way of working when you reassure others by achieving more than they do. They might not understand your ideas, but they will grow to respect them eventually.

♡ Aquarius Love Horoscope ♡

New lines of discussion could result in new levels of focus given to a long-standing romantic or relationship matter. Whether this is because a plan has been given the green light to proceed or you sense timing could be ideal to embark upon whatever-it-is, old topics of discussion look set to be replaced with those that focus on a much more exciting and inspiring future.

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: January 21, 2020

Some people believe that to truly make or deliver a point, it's necessary to tell someone something once and then tell them again. They drill home a message without giving the recipient space to learn or understand something in their own way and time. You appear keen to ensure something is done your way - and possibly no other way. You might also not be interested in input or helpful criticism coming your direction – but could benefit surprisingly from both.

♡ Aquarius Love Horoscope ♡

It's possible to see a romantic or relationship situation in an inaccurate light at this time. This could affect decisions or commitments you're considering, so refrain from putting someone on a pedestal or seeing certain love life circumstances through rose-tinted glasses. As comforting as it might be to view matters of the heart idealistically, you could make your return to Earth more uncomfortable later by not introducing a bit more grounding now.

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: January 22, 2020

Shortcuts, where any plan is concerned, are always available if we're determined to spot them. We know when we're taking 'an easy option' unlikely to bring a result that we'd achieve by doing something carefully and adequately. A sense of urgency could, in some way now, encourage you to lower a standard for the sake of immediate progress. However, be prepared to retrace your steps if you do decide to go down this path of least resistance.

♡ Aquarius Love Horoscope ♡

Even if you experience confusion or uncertainty surrounding what you want and don't want with matters of the heart, there could be something reassuring and potentially inspiring about the way the romantic or relationship ball has landed squarely in your court. There's no need to rush decisions or put in place any plans frantically at this time. You could be setting yourself new and more ambitious romantic or relationship goals, and your passionate efforts need to be aligned with these. That probably won't happen overnight so continue to go with the flow - for now.

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: January 17, 2020 - January 23, 2020

As the Sun forms an awkward link with Uranus this week, you could feel tension or some form of negative energy increasing and feel that a 'breaking point' of some kind is likely to be reached imminently. It's fair to say that 'push' coming to 'shove' in some way during the coming days, but the good news is, you're not obliged to sit around and wait for it to happen. You have a chance to take control of a situation before it gains the upper hand. The sooner you accept the need to do so, the sooner you can steer a situation or certain circumstances into much calmer and more manageable waters.

♡ Aquarius Love Horoscope ♡

Matters of the heart could have a noticeably spontaneous or sudden feel to them this week and that will probably suit you just fine. If you're single, then the action you feel spurred to take will probably feel more thrilling than risky. You have a chance to 'dare to be different' or possibly do something you feared doing in the name of love. If you're attached, then the coming days could bring you and someone closer if you push aside the complexities surrounding a shared plan or aspiration and simply go for it. There could be something wonderfully sexy on offer that comes from making something up as the two of you go along!

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: January 2020

Whether it's a case of 'push' coming to 'shove' or you reaching the end of your proverbial tether regarding your health or physical well being, it could be apparent as January commences that you can't continue struggling in ways you have done. For some Aquarians, the word 'struggling' could be a bit harsh because it might be more appropriate to say that there's something related to your health or how you feel about yourself generally that requires closure or a fresh start. That's something the Lunar Eclipse on January 10 intends to bring. You have another chance to experience a clean slate with a New Moon occurring in your sign on January 24. Be clear in your mind about what you want to leave behind or need to start anew with and then take a confident step to make it happen - because it can happen!

♡ Aquarius Love Horoscope ♡

You have Venus working some magic in your sign from the start of the month until January 13. This offers a perfect opportunity to make the most of your pulling power or ability to sweep someone off their feet. However, it could be the New Moon in your sign on January 24 that not only brings a fresh start or clean slate to your life generally but can also inject fun and spontaneity into your love life. To spot and seize the opportunities on offer, you're going to have to adopt even more of an open mind than usual. With Uranus moving forward after a four-month slumber where your emotional foundations are concerned, you could also discover that a helpful and timely 'cosmic green light' is received to take one connection from lackluster to luscious!

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

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Jan 20 - Feb 18
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Aquarians are highly intelligent and value freedom and individuality. They are inventive and always have something new and exciting to offer their partners. Aquarius can be erratic and stubborn at times. They have no intention of acting how others expect them to and will hold firm to their convictions. They are ideally suited for someone who will appreciate their intelligence but will also allow them to have their space and independence.

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Aries

Aquarius and Aries can make for a fun relationship. Both signs are outgoing, free-spirited and eccentric. They can bring out the best in each other, by pushing one another outside of their comfort zones and always seeing opportunities for growth. There will never be a lack of passion with this pair! However, an Aries and Aquarius partnership is not without its flaws. This relationship can be very stressful after a while, as they may push each other too far. Each sign can be erratic and stubborn at times. They both have no intention of acting how others expect them to and will hold firm to their convictions.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Taurus

An Aquarius and Taurus are an unlikely pair who view life very differently from one another. A Taurus is traditional and practical, whereas an Aquarius is free-spirited and unconventional. The wacky concepts of Aquarians can be exhausting for Taureans, and in return, Taurus can be too dull for an Aquarius. Both are opinionated and stubborn at times. When they make up their minds, they are unlikely to change their viewpoints. However, both are loyal and committed. If they decide their connection is satisfying, the two will find a way to make their relationship work.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Gemini

These two have an intense emotional connection. Both value their independence and look to fulfill one another needs. An Aquarius and Gemini are energetic and intelligent. The two love exploring new ideas and will have many in-depth conversations and healthy debates. A Gemini is easygoing and may feel that their Aquarius partner is too set in their ways. Aquarius with Gemini, work well together and can be a source of inspiration for one another.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Cancer

An Aquarius and Cancer are complete opposites and will need to accept one another’s differences. Cancer can be traditional, whereas Aquarius is very modern and progressive. The two will try to be understanding of each other’s needs, but will not naturally move in the same direction. Cancer can be emotional and expect a lot from their partner who can push an independent Aquarius far away. If both decide they want their relationship to work, they need to find a balance and learn to compromise.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Leo

An Aquarius and a Leo will have a dynamic and adventurous relationship. Aquarius has a creative and unique personality, and Leo is charming and full of energy. Both need their space and are independent but will need to be careful not to come off as too distant or aloof. The two will admire one another and need to respect each other’s differences. Aquarius will have no problem keeping up with the energy of their Leo partner and can add creativity to their relationship. Together they can learn and grow and enjoy their mutual interests. Both are loyal, and they will be able to create magic together.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Virgo

An Aquarius and Virgo have unique life approaches but can learn a lot from one another’s differences. Aquarius is passionate and free-spirited, whereas Virgo is practical and methodical. Aquarius will seem exciting and will find comfort with the loyalty of their Virgo partner. Aquarius can be spiritual, and Virgo is highly intellectual. Both will need to appreciate one another's perspective and try to learn from their partner. If the two can work together and resolve their conflicts, they will be able to reach their goals and have a satisfying relationship.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Libra

An Aquarius and Libra will connect on an intellectual level. They have many similar interests and needs. Energetic and optimistic, this pair will have an exhilarating relationship. Both Aquarius and Libra are humanitarians and look to see the greater good in the world. They look for fairness and equality and will do everything to avoid conflict. A Libra and Aquarius will be creative and have many intellectual conversations about their interests and goals. They will work well together and be supportive, neither trying to steal the spotlight. Together this can be an enriching relationship.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Scorpio

An Aquarius and Scorpio will have very different life approaches. Scorpio is emotional and can take things to heart, whereas an Aquarius is capable of brushing things off and can seem distant and aloof. Aquarius is an extrovert and loves to be social, and Scorpio prefers more intimate settings. The pair have very little in common but are both determined. If they decide they want their relationship to work, very little will get in the way of them getting what they want. The two can be overly opinionated and like things to go their way. Scorpio will need to give their Aquarius partner space and the freedom they need without becoming too possessive. When they begin to celebrate their differences, they can have a very satisfying relationship.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Sagittarius

An Aquarius and Sagittarius will be a creative and inspiring pair. The two will communicate well with one another and will have an energetic and optimistic outlook on life. Both will admire one another and appreciate their partner’s independence. They will come up with many new ideas, and Aquarius will always help carry them out. Aquarius and Sagittarius are adventurous and intellectual. Both are loyal and will be devoted to one another. With their excellent communication skills, they will be able to resolve any conflicts and have a very gratifying relationship.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn can bring out the best in one another and will have an intense attraction. Both can be opinionated and stubborn and may seem like opposites at first glance. Aquarius is free-spirited and values their independence, whereas Capricorn is more careful and rational. Capricorn will need to give their Aquarius partner their space and freedom but will appreciate their partner’s love and support. The two may face challenges if they cannot understand each other’s perspectives, and Capricorn may come across as too restrictive. Both will need to accept their differences and learn from one another. If they can work together, they can have a satisfying relationship.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Aquarius

Two Aquarians together will be a positive force set out to change the world by helping others one at a time. Both are social and outgoing and will have many similar views and ideas. Independent and sometimes distant, the pair will need to remind each other of their feelings and remember to make time for one another. The two are intellectual and will have countless debates and conversations. They will need to be careful not to be too stubborn and be mindful and respectful of their partner. Creative and innovative, an Aquarius with Aquarius relationship can be passionate and full of romance. They will be an asset to their community, friends, and family.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Aquarius And Pisces

An Aquarius and Pisces will have a very loving and compassionate relationship. Aquarius will need to be careful that they do not seem too distant and aloof for their Pisces partner. The two will communicate well and get past any differences in a forgiving and forgetting manner. Both will be thoughtful and respectful of one another. An Aquarius and Pisces will not be dull at all. This couple is coming from two extreme ends and will be determined to find a balance with each other. For the Pisces, he or she will continually seek love, and for the Aquarius, he or she will be distant, albeit naturally. Energetic and enthusiastic, these two are well-matched and will want a genuine and sincere relationship. The shared interests of an Aquarius and Pisces make them a compatible pair.
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