Aries Zodiac Sign & Horoscope

Horoscope Date: November 30, 2020

As a kid, you probably believed a scaly, clawed hand would emerge from under your bed if you let a foot dangle. A cellar or closet was home to monsters. But when you removed emotions and looked at such scenarios rationally, they became less intimidating. Today's Lunar Eclipse can remove a fear attached to a particular attitude, thought process, or how you communicate. Detaching emotions and adopting a more philosophical view will also remove not only fear but a barrier.

♡ Aries Love Horoscope ♡

Today's Lunar Eclipse could remove any reluctance or complacency you may have nurtured recently. This could relate specifically to how you communicate with a lover or potential sweetheart, too. Fortunately, you're likely to adopt a more intellectual than intensely passionate approach to putting someone in the picture about what you think or feel. Get a new meeting of minds in place, and then see what can be done about boosting passion later!

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: December 1, 2020

Even when we know advice comes from a well-meant or well-intended source, we don't always welcome it. We listen out of courtesy but are aware of a line crossed regarding being told what someone thinks we must hear. Before you conclude how irrelevant or unhelpful someone's advice is, hear them out. There's likely to be an intriguing nugget of insight in there somewhere.

♡ Aries Love Horoscope ♡

A dilemma could surround how much to reveal about your love life or a partnership and how much to keep quiet. But you needn't wrestle on your own if you can find a trusted confidante or 'sounding board' to gain insights from. Perhaps a close friend or family member can help you focus on your passionate priorities. Suffering in silence really is an option now.

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: December 2, 2020

Throwing caution. Hanging consequences. Those are two of several pictorial phrases that apply to taking a risk or, at times, doing something careless. But risk-taking and carelessness shouldn't be synonymous. A very big line exists between the two when proper thought is given to what might be an otherwise hasty action. What you're likely to take now is a risk - but you know it's a calculated one.

♡ Aries Love Horoscope ♡

Here's a chance to inject playful, imaginative fun into your love life or a special connection. Getting a loved one on board with weird or wacky plans could be a cinch, too. But even if matters of the heart take on a more playful and light-hearted vibe, you and your paramour can learn much about each other in the process. That's your ticket to becoming closer and more intimate!

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: November 27, 2020 - December 3, 2020

There's a strong communicative theme this week. A Full Moon Eclipse affects how you think, process information, and convey yourself. You could find you have more communication-based obligations or discover that making a point and understanding others proves tricky. But you could also be on the receiving end of someone's frustration about what is, ultimately, their problem. If you treat it as a 'storm in a teacup,' then that will make it much more manageable - and brief!

♡ Aries Love Horoscope ♡

Opposites are known to attract - but the 'attraction factor' could be reduced if you and the one you love can't see eye-to-eye on a particular matter. You could bring an abundance of optimistic energy that the object of your affections takes a firehose to! There are ways to find common ground and 'get on the same page.' But it might not be this week that happens. Let confusing, opposing energy subside before taking any bold or decisive steps.

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Horoscope Date: December 2020

Your definition of 'relief' could involve Saturn and Jupiter no longer influencing your career. Both will target friendships and your involvement with groups. They'll also bring a new level of focus to cherished hopes, dreams, and wishes for the next twelve months - and beyond. Social restrictions won't deter you from forming and strengthening networks on every level. That's where the most inspiring opportunities can be found from this month - and for the next few years!

♡ Aries Love Horoscope ♡

Venus adds creativity to feeling more adventurous in the name of love. You could adopt a more spiritual and intellectual approach to your love life or a special connection, too. If you're single, romantic opportunities exist with anything mind-broadening - learning, studying, or media. Update your dating website profile! If you're attached, you could be reminded of how sexy a meeting of minds is. You'll have far-reaching views to share. But do listen to those that come your way.

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Aries zodiac symbol artwork
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Aries is the initial (first) sign of the Zodiac, and its’ astrological symbol is the Ram. Aries represents fiery energy and passion. They are competitive, determined, and strive to be first in everything. Aries is, by far, one of the most active signs. The Aries month is April, and the birth dates are between March 21 and April 19. Disciplined, an Aries is efficient and has excellent organizational skills. They have strong personalities and are great at multi-tasking. Aries are intellectual, independent, and will not shy away from challenges. An Aries will be honest and almost always tell you what is on their mind. They can have a fiery temper and may come across as overly opinionated at times.

Enjoy the Aries daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, including the Aries love horoscope.

Aries Zodiac Sign
Mar 21 - Apr 19
Symbol: Ram
Polarity: PositiveFlower: Honeysuckle
Quality: CardinalGem: Diamond
Aries ruling planet Mars
Ruling Planet:
Spirit Color:
Aries element FireAries ruling house number
Ruling House:

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Matching with an Aries is tough work- but it will be the best match of your life! Aries want to constantly grow and they will make sure you are growing too. They are attracted to successful people who are intelligent, as much as they are exciting. The Aries gets bored easily, so a perfect match for them is someone who is always changing things up and trying new things.

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Aries Compatibility

An Aries and an Aries together are like two peas in a pod. Since both have a lot of energy and are highly competitive, their relationship is bound to be full of fireworks. The two will understand their partner’s need for space and independence; however, they can be possessive at times. Both have strong personalities and are positive and enthusiastic. They will enjoy trying new things but will need to learn to work together. The two will need to make a conscious effort to be unselfish and think of their partner's needs. Generous, an Aries, and an Aries will have no problem indulging each other. The two will be open and straightforward with their feelings. They will need to be careful as they can be impulsive and can have emotional outbursts. If they can learn to compromise, they can have a fulfilling, passionate, and highly energetic relationship.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Taurus Compatibility

An Aries and a Taurus can have a very loving and passionate relationship. The two will need to find balance as an Aries can be impulsive, and a Taurus craves stability and security. A Taurus can help an Aries become more practical, and an Aries can help a Taurus be more adventurous. The two can learn a lot from one another, and an Aries can bring a sense of excitement to their relationship. Aries will need their space and independence, and a Taurus will want to feel safe and secure. The Taurus may become possessive, and Aries will need to reassure their partner that they are loved and not going anywhere. Both will want to take the lead in their relationship and will need to learn to compromise. If an Aries and a Taurus can find a balance, the two can have a very satisfying relationship.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Gemini Compatibility

An Aries and a Gemini will have an intellectual and physical connection. The two are very similar and can be a perfect match. Both are optimistic, independent, and adventurous. An Aries and a Gemini will understand and communicate well with one another. The two have common goals and aspirations, although their approach can be different. An Aries is straightforward and spontaneous, whereas a Gemini can be indecisive. An Aries is a passionate individual, and a Gemini is a natural chameleon who will copy the behavior of their partner. A Gemini is not competitive and will be happy letting their Aries partner take the spotlight. An Aries and Gemini will bring out the best in one another and work well together. The two will learn a lot from one another and can have an exhilarating relationship.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer are opposites. Aries is bold, and Cancer is sensitive and emotional. The two have very different personalities and will likely face many challenges in their relationship. Aries will look for new and exciting adventures, whereas Cancer longs for stability and security. However, just as this match can have bits of tension, it can also make for excellent compatibility. For instance, the relationship can work because, unlike Cancer, Aries is full of positive energy which can lift a gloomy Cancer. Cancer also tends to overthink issues that often drag them down. Aries, by nature, is optimistic and will encourage their partner to be more carefree. Both will need to listen to their partner and try to be understanding to reach compromises. Cancer may bring a sense of calmness and be what an Aries needs when they are feeling out of control. Over time and with balance, the two can provide one another with what each other needs and can make this relationship work.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Leo Compatibility

An Aries and a Leo will have a passionate and adventurous relationship. Both will want to take the lead in this relationship and will need to be careful not to let their egos cause conflict between them. The two will admire and respect one another but can be impatient. An Aries and Leo relationship will be exciting, despite any difference in personalities. Both are fire signs. When this relationship is going well, it will be great but, when it is not going well, there will be heated arguments. Aries will need to be cautious not to hurt their partner’s feelings as they tend to say things without giving much thought. An Aries and Leo will be loyal and loving and can have a very energetic relationship.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

At first glance, an Aries and Virgo will seem very different. While Virgo is quiet and reserved, Aries is adventurous and full of energy. The Virgo may be intimidated by the liveliness of Aries but will also be attracted to their mysterious personality. Their relationship may progress slowly as the two learn to understand and respect their partner’s differences. If they focus on their partner’s strengths, they will discover so much about one another. Aries will show Virgo how to be more easy-going and spontaneous, and Virgo can teach Aries to be patient and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Both signs will need to make a conscious effort to be vulnerable and be teachable. The two can be a dynamic team if they choose to work together.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Libra Compatibility

An Aries and a Libra are direct opposites in the Zodiac; however, if they can find a balance, they can be what their partner needs. The two will have an intense physical attraction but will struggle to see eye to eye on specific issues. An Aries can be impulsive and spontaneous, whereas a Libra can be easy-going and indecisive. Libra looks for a harmonious and peaceful relationship, and the two will need to find healthy compromises. If the two can find a balance, they will learn a lot from one another and be what their partner needs.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

An Aries and a Scorpio will have an intense and passionate relationship. Both Aries and Scorpio are strong-willed and love to take control. They are also both sensual but can also be quite jealous and possessive. Both love taking chances and enjoy a good adrenaline rush. They will have an exciting time together, craving new experiences. The two will need to be careful as Aries is an extrovert, and a Scorpio can be more inward and emotional. If the two can combine their physical and emotional tendencies and work together, they can have a very successful relationship.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility

An Aries and Sagittarius have many similarities and can be a highly compatible match. Both are adventurous and are always looking for something new and exciting. The two are energetic and will have a deep understanding of their partner. Aries will need to give their partner space and independence that they need and may become possessive at times. Sagittarius will need to be careful not to hurt the sensitive Aries feelings. They tend to be bold and speak without giving a lot of thought. Although arguments may occur, the Sagittarius will be easy-going and comfortable with the Aries getting their way. The two are well-matched and have many similar interests and personality traits.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

Aries and Capricorn have very different personalities and will need to work hard to have a healthy relationship. Aries can be spontaneous and impulsive, and a Capricorn is practical and methodical. The Ram and the Goat astrologically will often lock horns. While the Aries is known to rush forward without a care in the world, Capricorn is much more conservative. Both are stubborn and may hesitate to try to understand their partner's point of view. If the two can find a balance and compromise, they will be able to help one another and find some common ground. Each will bring their unique qualities to the relationship. An Aries and Capricorn will need to respect one another and communicate well to overcome the struggles they will face.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

An Aries and Aquarius will have an exhilarating and creative relationship. Zodiac signs that are direct opposites will often have a special connection, and Aries and Aquarius are no exception. The two will communicate well and have an energetic and optimistic outlook on life. They will understand each other, and both crave adventure and new experiences. Both will need their space and independence; however, Aquarius will need to be careful that Aries does not become too possessive. The Aries admires the uniqueness of the Aquarius while the Aquarius loves the Aries energy and ability to take the initiative. Although the two have a special connection, they see things quite differently. The two will need to reassure each other that the relationship is essential to them and that they are interested in keeping it secure and a priority.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Aries and Pisces Compatibility

An Aries and a Pisces are impulsive and will have an exhilarating relationship. The two will be very protective and will have a deep understanding of their partner. Although they are different from one another, if they work together, they can have a great relationship. Pisces can teach Aries to relax and be more sensitive, whereas Aries can show Pisces that it okay to take risks that can be rewarding. Aries will want to take the lead in their relationship, and Pisces will not mind filling in whenever they are needed. The two can learn a lot from one another and can have a very fulfilling connection.

Emotional Side

Aries tend to look on the bright side of every situation. They are mentally strong and it takes a lot to make them feel defeated. They try and find humor in even the darkest situations around them but they trust you they will reveal their true emotions. Aries have many deep-rooted fears that they need to confide in someone about. They are ultimately afraid of ending up alone

What Makes Aries Happy?

Aries are exciting and adventurous and love experiencing new things. They are independent and want the world to view them for who they genuinely are. They are born from fire and crave to be in the spotlight and love when their partners or friends are paying attention to them.

What Makes Aries Unhappy?

When they do not produce the results they have set their minds on, they will become distant and unhappy.

Aries also feel frustrated if they lack inspiration. They have a lot of energy and do not do well in situations where others try to control or dominate them.

Aries Need Constant Growth

An Aries will always want to take the lead and can be very competitive. They often need to push their limits to feel like they are growing.

Love and


A relationship with an Aries will be a beautiful mix of passion, spontaneity, and love. If an Aries is interested in you, they will become consumed by the task of winning you over. Being with an Aries means you will never know what tomorrow may bring but it’s going to be good! Aries love to make the people around them feel loved, and will constantly crave the same attention.


What is Aries Like In a Love Relationship?

An Aries in love will be direct and let their partner know exactly how they are feeling. The Aries man in love will dazzle you, while the Aries woman will seduce. They often sweep their partner off their feet and enjoy a little game of cat and mouse. If their partner plays a little hard to get, they usually become more interested.

Aries is outgoing, energetic, and friendly. They can have an enthusiastic, aggressive, and bold approach at times but are so genuine they are often well-liked. With their charming and magnetic personalities, they usually have a higher number of lovers before settling down.


Aries are Straightforward With You

The best thing about Aries is that they are straightforward and forthright, letting their partner know precisely how they are feeling.


How To Tell If An Aries Is Into You

If you are wondering if an Aries is interested in you, look out for these signs:

-They will try to impress you and are very affectionate
-They are touchy-feely
-They will ask about your day and take a genuine interest in you
-They’ll make the first move
-They are protective
-They are sincere and straightforward
-They can get jealous and possessive
-They put their partner on a pedestal
-They are eager to please their partner in the bedroom


How Not To Attract An Aries

Playing hard to get for too long may discourage Aries, and they may quickly move on.


What Are Aries Like In Bed?

An Aries woman may be dominant in every aspect of their life but in the bedroom, that is not the case. Show control, and you will have an unforgettable experience.

An Aries man will continue the dominant trend sexually as well. He loves to show whos boss in bed!


Keeping An Aries Interested

You may get the attention of an Aries quickly, however keeping that is another thing. Aries need to be constantly stimulated and appreciated. However, they could quickly become overstimulated and feel trapped. It may be a hard balance to learn but by following their lead, and keeping your own hobbies separate, you can make this work!



An Aries has an impulsive and unpredictable side. They are always keeping everyone on their toes and look for ways to mix things up. Life for them is never stale or boring. Natural adventurers, an Aries loves to explore and has an intense need for individuality. Due to their high levels of vitality, an Aries needs stimulation and constant change where they can release some of their energy.

Aries is a Fire Sign

Aries is a fire sign and is spontaneous, intuitive, and passionate. The fire signs are Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.
What does the Aries fire sign mean?

Fire signs are bold, intuitive, and energetic.
Fire as an element is a life force. Enthusiastic, an Aries can inspire you to keep on going in spite of there being resistance. Those that have fire as an element are optimistic and action-oriented.

Aries is Ruled by Planet Mars

Mars is the planet of conflict, desire, aggression, and competition. This go-getter planet gives them the energy they need to be daring and fearless.

Mars is known as the planet of warriors. This ruling planet provides an Aries with strength and endurance.
An Aries will stand up for what is right in spite of the obstacles that come their way. With a sense of adventure, they are spontaneous and can, at times, act without giving much consideration to consequences.

Ram as Your Astrological Symbol

Unlike other signs that are known to be gentle and timid, the Ram represents power and courage. The symbol stands for leadership and approaches life head-on. They are at the beginning of the Zodiac spectrum.

The Ram is also associated with authority and honesty. Aries is energetic and straightforward and expect the same in return. They live life by the moment and look for the simples pleasures that surround them. The horns of the rams symbolize aggression and force.

What are Aries lucky Numbers?

For most Aries born under this zodiac sign, their lucky number is nine. However, any combination of numbers that are multiples of nine will be significant. Examples are:

Born Leader

One of the most notable Aries traits is its distinctive leadership qualities. Aries are passionate, motivated, and independent leaders who build a strong sense of community and optimism.

They have infectious energy and confidence that is unmatched. Aries is willing to stand up for what is right. Backing down is never an option. They know they are good at what they do and use these traits to make sure everyone else believes in them.

Unfortunately, Aries can be too aggressive at getting what they want. For them, winning can become an obsession, often making it hard to let go.


Aries are courageous and love stepping out of their comfort zone. Fearless, even when faced with danger, an Aries is one of the bravest signs in the zodiac.

An Aries will rise to any occasion and take danger head-on. However, this courage can be reckless at times. An Aries will act first and think later and tends to see risk more as a challenge filled with opportunity and exhilaration.


Physical and determined an Aries is competitive and loves to explore. Aries will tend to push themselves to the limit to encourage personal growth.

Active and spontaneous, they react quickly to solve problems and try to overcome obstacles. An Aries will fight fiercely and will always want to take the lead. They are determined to be first, which makes them one of the most promising signs of the Zodiac.


An Aries will make their opinion known and typically believe they are right most of the time. They are not intimidated by others and can, at times, be too verbal and outspoken.

Fearless and bold, there is little point in trying to get them to change their minds; it is unlikely that will happen. An Aries will tell you the truth. They will stick to their opinion, even when proven wrong.


Stubborn and wilful an Aries will dig their heels in and stand their ground. They have a genuine need to feel right all the time. The result can leave their partner feeling unheard and unfulfilled.


Ranked as most impulsive in the Zodiac, an Aries ram often lives by the motto act first and think later. Although it can help them take advantage of opportunities, it can also have some negative results.

For instance, Aries can make rushed decisions and will often take action based on involuntary or emotional impulses.
Sometimes, Aries may say whatever is on their mind without considering if they are too harsh or hurtful. They may also get into projects without considering the pros and cons and giving consideration to the long term outcomes. The consequences can lead to regret.


Aries are known for being aggressive and combative. However, this is not out of meanness but rather frustration. When angered, they do not know how to hide their feelings.
Without a lot of patience, they tend to fly off the handle and can become confrontational.

Best Jobs for Aries

Aries are passionate, independent, energetic, and make great leaders. These traits can be of great use when paired with the right career option.
Here are careers where an Aries is likely to excel:

Entrepreneur - They have the energy and drive to start successful businesses
Professional athlete - They are full of energy, and competitive, being an athlete comes naturally to them
Firefighter - They are not afraid to put their lives at risk. They are the real heroes
Emergency Medical Technician - They are quick and react well in times of danger and fast thinking
Music, film, radio producers and fashion stylists - They have the passion and creativity
Public relations officers - They easily motivate others and are always looking for ways to be ahead of the competition

Aries As a Friend

Aries make great friends and are easy-going, allowing them to have an extensive roster of friends or acquaintances. They are loyal, and their friends mean everything to them.

Aries expect appreciation and support from their friends and will always give back just the same. Aries are usually not friends with people who do not have respect for others.
Aries often have a lot of friends and are well-spoken, articulating their ideas clearly. They tend to know a lot about life and are very interesting to be around. They may lose touch with reality a few times, but many people are attracted to their magnetic personalities.

Aries love friends that are energetic and honest and are likely to hold on to friends who are real, independent, and reliable. Aries love to have fun and will be a friend who will be exciting and adventurous. They know how to entertain their friends and will bring a sense of creativity and optimism in their lives.

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