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Horoscope Date: July 24, 2021

You know you're being realistic by giving a certain process the time it needs. An instant solution might appear to be possible. But you're also right to sense it could cause more complications in the medium to long term. You and others appear to be on the same page about doing something properly and patiently. Whatever it is, it's important enough to be treated with such levels of care.

♡ Cancer Love Horoscope ♡

Deep or profound communication might be the last thing you want. You're right to sense a conversation could spiral into something tense, too. Remind yourself that what emerges from your mouth is out in the open for good. It can't be taken back once it's released. This is a time to choose your words carefully - and that means with extra sensitivity.

Top Love Matches: Taurus, Pisces

Horoscope Date: July 25, 2021

'You're only kidding yourself!' Such words are usually said to someone with an unrealistic view or grasp of a situation. It's worse when we say those words to ourselves, especially when unfounded doubts fuel them. You may need to summon and apply patience to make progress in a particular area now. But don't convince yourself that you're not pursuing something worthy - and realistically.

♡ Cancer Love Horoscope ♡

If romantic or intimate enjoyment feels stifled, then your mindset could play a part in this. Whether you're single or spoken-for, try to break an unhelpful rut or routine. Allow your Cancerian imagination to wander and come up with a spontaneous, shared experience. Wing it. Throw some caution to the wind. Variety really could be the spice your love life needs now.

Top Love Matches: Taurus, Pisces

Horoscope Date: July 26, 2021

Waiting for essential information to arrive can be a royal pain in the backside. Regardless of what we do to hasten it, our efforts can be in vain. Yet, the information also tends to arrive at the precise time we need it. But we can believe we need more before we can take a certain step. In some way now, you are armed with all you need to know. So, take that step!

♡ Cancer Love Horoscope ♡

Your romantic or relationship past offers valuable lessons to draw upon. So, stop briefly to reflect upon the person you used to be - and who you are now due to particular experiences. You can see how a transformative learning curve brought you to where you are now. Embrace romantic revelations coming your way, even if some are difficult to process. They're priceless.

Top Love Matches: Taurus, Pisces

Horoscope Date: July 23, 2021 - July 29, 2021

Seeing what we choose to see in some situations is often more misleading than helpful. We can convince ourselves that looking at something in a pessimistic way means we see it realistically, too. Yet, sometimes, it takes one positive development to reveal how we got the wrong end of the stick by seeing something through an unfair, negative lens. Allow this week's developments to help you form a justified, optimistic picture of your future.

♡ Cancer Love Horoscope ♡

After a six-week holiday, Jupiter's return to Aquarius could have a profound effect on intimacy and shared resources in a love connection. There's luck attached to other people's money, and it might be a financial development a lover or potential sweetheart experiences that has a delightful knock-on effect to your world. But Jupiter can also help you feel more optimistic about your romantic and intimate future rather than looking backward at past unpleasant episodes.

Top Love Matches: Taurus, Pisces

Horoscope Date: July 2021

The pressure you've likely experienced during recent weeks is unlikely to let up. There is a strong message from the universe about not counting proverbial chickens until they've hatched, as the old saying goes, especially where money is concerned, too. But the highlight of July for you involves a New Moon in your sign on the 9th. So, give thought to where you want a clean slate or fresh start because you're singled out for something special!

♡ Cancer Love Horoscope ♡

This could be a delightful month of passionate progress, and it starts with a New Moon in your sign on the 9th. You have a fresh start or new beginning where you want one - and your love life could benefit from this. But it could be the Full Moon on the 23rd that marks the start of a new intimacy chapter. Whether you're single or attached, you could have your eyes widened and heart gladdened by what moves up a gear or two between you and someone who clearly turns you on!

Top Love Matches: Taurus, Pisces

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Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. The sign is symbolized by the crab, ruled by the moon and has water as its element. People who fit under this sign tend to have a moody attitude and can get jealous easily.  They tend to look insensitive and sturdy on their outside appearance, but in actuality, they are soft and sympathetic to others and promptly show their love.  Cancerians have a deep mental capacity to guide them in life. One of the most prevailing traits about people who fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer is their excellence at handling their life matters.

Enjoy the Cancer daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, including the Cancer love horoscope.

Cancer Zodiac Sign
Jun 21 - Jul 22
Symbol: Crab
Polarity: NegativeFlower: White Rose
Quality: CardinalGem: Ruby
Cancer ruling planet Moon
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Cancer element WaterCancer ruling house number
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Cancer Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

In a romantic relationship, you can see them as gentle, caring, sensible, and passionate people.  They are super active, engaging, and alluring when it comes to romantic relationships. They are intense partners but in the best way possible. They make sure everything they say and do is meaningful and special. With such traits, they are nearly compatible with all other star signs and make a great partner.

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Aries

Both parties who fall under these signs demand to be the dominant one in the relationship. If not in check this will cause them both to go their separate ways. To remain together, they have to set clearly defined pivotal roles without combating each other. That’s not easy, but it is attainable. Overall, the relationship between the two is intense and passionate. Cancer makes it intimate, and Aries makes it active.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Taurus

Cancer and Taurus make a great couple. Both are known as home-makers and love spending time with their loved ones. When it comes to a romantic relationship, they strive hard to make their love deepen. They each offer love is pure and can last a lifetime.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Gemini

The relationship between Gemini and Cancer is generally a good one. Their relationship nurtures and develops with care, love, and compromise. Both are passionate about love and want to find comfort and amusement from each other. The love of the two is intense and comprised of a lot of cherished moments. Compared to Gemini, Cancerians are more serious in the relationship.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Cancer

The compatibility between two Cancerians is perfect. Both are caring, loving, and take care of the comfort of the other. Their relationship can be full of passion and genuinely entertaining to both. To a Cancer with Cancer couple; forming a family is fundamental.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Leo

Cancer and Leo are said to have a compassionate understanding. They care greatly for each other and will remain faithful and loyal to one another. They understand each other since Cancer and Leo share more and less the same qualities. Their bond is profound and unique. Leo and Cancer are both understanding. Problems between them are solved easily, thus making their relationship comfortable.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Virgo

When combining Cancer with Virgo, there is an aspect of the relationship in complimenting each other's qualities. People with the zodiac sign of Cancer have many homemaker traits. They are caring, loving, and passionate. They love spending precious time on domestic life and invest a lot into the happiness and satisfaction of their loved ones. Virgo, on the other hand, is caring, practical, logical, methodical, and extremely tenacious. The bond between the two can be successful as they are both caring and will help each other expand their perceptions of life.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Libra

Cancer with Libra can be passionate lovers and also best friends. Libra is ruled by romantic Venus. Cancer is ruled by the caring Moon. This difference can shine a tender glow on their love affair. Both are kind hosts and socially adaptable people.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio are a couple that can live longer than the ages. Both are fast friends and seamless companions. Both have twin Water signs with deeply complementary natures. Scorpio and Cancer have a strong and instant emotional connection. They are selfless and know how to compromise. The relationship between the two is sugary and storybook-innocent.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Sagittarius

The relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius is said to be perplexing. Their strong sexual chemistry and passionate affection can sweeten the pot. The relationship can last long if because they are likely to adapt to each other's beats through commitment and keen listening.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Capricorn

Cancer is astrology's mother, and Capricorn is the head of the family. Theirs is a case of opposite attracts; the bond between the two is strong, intense, and passionate. Capricorn and Cancer can be mighty because each will happily compensate for the other’s deficiencies. Both prioritize their families and share common values to make a solid bond.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Aquarius

Cancerians are emotional, possessive, and family-oriented. Aquarius, on the other hand, is passionate about love. Naturally, free-spirited Aquarius appreciates Cancer's loyalty. Since they are different in many aspects and facets; living together will help each grow in spirit and character.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Cancer with Pisces

Cancer and Pisces may come across as hard and tough, but they're a pair of softies within. They're both compassionate, nurturing, romantic, sensual, and can absorb each other's fluctuating moods like a sponge. Together, Pisces with Cancer tend to enjoy doing things together, becoming best friends as well as lovers.

Emotional Side

Cancer is one of the most dedicated and emotional signs in the zodiac. They are known for being compassionate and empathetic. Although they are kind, calm and peaceful by nature, they will not allow anyone to walk over them. They know how to put others in their place when provoked.  Cancer feels their best when they are not depending on anyone. If you see Cancer struggling, be sure to reach out and offer help before they have to ask because they may not.

Cancers Take Time to Open Up

The zodiac sign of Cancer is said to be mysterious in many ways. Among the list, one trait that makes them a little perplexing is their bashful persona. They can be reserved at times, particularly when surrounded by people they do not know.

Cancers are Emotionally Dependant

Though Cancers are known for being confident and independent, Cancers are dependent in the emotional aspect of their life.

Cancers Have a Compassionate and Empathetic Heart

Incredibly compassionate and empathetic people; Cancers know how to interact with others in the most meaningful manner.

Love and


Finding a partner who makes them feel secure and ready for the next step in life is what Cancers want most. No matter if it is a baby or career, they want their partner to share duties. Their love won’t last long with shallow, flaky, or untrustworthy partners. They are caring and loving. Don’t ever take the empathy and harmony that Cancerians send your way for granted. If you take them for granted, you can get yourself into trouble. The Cancer sign is unpredictable.  It could be the demise of the relationship.


Cancerians are Intense and Passionate About Love

If you want an incredibly intense and passionate partner, choose someone from the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Cancerians make for an incredibly intense and passionate partner. Being crazy about affection; they love to feel wanted in return. They show interest in the intimacy and closeness that comes from a long-term commitment.

When choosing the perfect match, they take their time to pick the right partner to form an intense bond. Being loved by a person with this zodiac sign is quite rewarding as they can make you feel alive.


Attracting a Cancer

Cancerians are intelligent and emotional at the same time. They are attracted to simple, honest, and compassionate people. Cancer will expect the immediate revelation of your feelings, as they are passionate about love. By expressing your feelings genuinely, you can reduce the chance of losing a Cancerian.

If you are in looking for a short-term relationship with them, make sure you are straightforward and honest about your plans. Avoid making any long-term commitment if you’re uncertain. Let a Cancerian know what you want in the future by being straightforward.

Show some patience and consistency when capturing their attention, they need that.


Dating a Cancer Woman

Sensuality is one trait you can find in a person with the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer-born women are very passionate and emotional; however, they generally don’t show these traits to anyone right away. If you want to experience these traits, you’ll need to be patient.

Avoid expecting a Cancer woman to reveal her secrets in just 2-3 meetings. She can take some time to rely on you. Make some real effort to gain her trust.

Remember, for any Cancer woman; romance is part and parcel of love – the gifts, flowers, and cute notes are essential to her.

Don't ever dare to play with her as she’s intelligent enough to make you pay for your mischievous acts.


Dating a Cancer Man

The same goes for a Cancerian man. You need to be patient and reliable with them. You have to give them a lot of attention and some good presents. Remember, most of the Cancerians are less expressive and prefer showing it more by actions. Make sure your actions speak louder than those sugar-coated words.
They also tend to avoid discussing their feelings for fear of rejection. Try to make them feel comfortable with you and respect the fact that they may need a bit of time to express their feelings.

Ruled by the moon, the diffident, Cancer man is a surprisingly ardent and passionate lover behind bedroom doors. He is excellent at pleasing his partner as he’s more physically expressive than verbally.

The Cancer male is sensitive and strong at the same time and capable of rolling with the punches no matter how tough the situation is.


What a Cancer Looks for in a Spouse

When it comes to choosing a spouse, Cancerians tend to select a person who is capable of understanding them without uttering a single word. They want silent contact and a shared daily routine. They expect their partners to share some responsibility.


What Is A Cancer Like In Bed?

In the bedroom, Cancer is all about pleasing you. They are extremely affectionate and pay close attention to your body language. Cancer will always remember the important details of what will make you sexually satisfied



Cancers are not easy to understand, as they are made up of many layers. It is nearly impossible to put them into any ‘one’ box.  They are carefree, compassionate, and patient one minute, then irritable and sensitive the next. You can expect them to do something completely unexpected at any given time. With Cancer being the least predictable of all astrological signs, here are some personality traits that will help you understand them better:

Cancers are Good at Reading Minds

Cancers are incredibly intuitive and astonishingly skilled at understanding people around them. They take little time to comprehend or sense what another person is feeling. They pick up on things that are sailing in the minds of others and often give their guidance.

Quite surprisingly, they do not trust their instincts.

Cancers are Extraordinarily Generous

Cancerians form strong bonds with their relatives and friends. Not only are they very generous but they love to serve or do just about anything to help those they care about. A Cancer will instinctively protect their loved ones and treat them well.

On the flip side, you should avoid getting on their bad side as they take a long time to forget.

Cancers are Independant

They are confident and love to be independent. They usually do not ask for help or rely on other people to support them.

Cancers Change Their Minds Suddenly

In general, Cancerians are moody and can give you quite a surprise with their sudden mood swings. When they are happy, they feel on top, but when they’re feeling down their lows can be intense.

Understanding Cancerians is quite tricky as they have a mysterious character or personality.
They hide their secrets, emotions, and feelings. It can make them quite challenging to read for those that don’t know them well.

Cancers Don't Forget Their Past Easily

For people who fall under the sign of Cancer, it is incredibly challenging to forget their unpleasant memories.

They can find themselves getting so caught up in the past sentimental recollections that they sometimes fail to live in the present. Moving on is not easy for Cancerians.

They are also not good at coping with heartbreak. Being deeply emotional; intense situations are taken to heart further than most zodiac signs. They find it challenging to move on from a relationship once it has dissolved.

Cancers Know How to Make a Home

Regardless of age or gender, Cancerians love to spend their time in the comfort of their own home.

They love to put a lot of time and conscious energy into building a comfortable home environment for their family and loved ones.

Cancers Have Good Self-Control

It can be easy to spill anger onto others. Many people do precisely that when they’re not happy! You most likely won’t see such anger from Cancerians.

Despite being moody, they have good self-control and make sure to distance themselves from others when upset. Their loved ones usually understand their nature and give them space to work through things on their own. However, for someone who does not know them well, it can be quite challenging to understand the distance.

Cancers Love to Craft New Ideas

Cancerians take the lead when it comes to intelligence and creativity! They have unlimited imaginations and rarely encounter roadblocks that veer their creative process.

They tend to reflect on things deeply rather than simply taking everything from other sources.

The Cancer Career

Don't be confused about the reserved personalities of Cancers. They can make you speechless with their intuitiveness and extraordinary intelligence. They are shy and strong at the same time. With such a remarkable mindset, they can shine and outstand anyone.

Their success comes from their hard work and dedication to their careers.
They work on crafting new and unique ideas. In not relying on the already provided material; Cancerians are more likely to achieve every career success they pursue, compared to other zodiac signs.

What's more, people who fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer are capable of being good investors and entrepreneurs when it comes to their careers.

With witty approach and inventiveness, they take no time to attract success as well as wealth and they know where to put their money. When it comes to finances; they play it relatively safe to avoid any unpleasant loss of their valuable money.

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