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Leos exclude power and self-confidence, and it’s hard to miss them. They are the center stage of action. They light up the Zodiac and the world too. The ambition of a Leo is unmatched, and it’s no wonder they are so successful. They are the folks that you’ll see on Hollywood films as they don’t shy away from the camera. Some famous Leos include Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Barack Obama, John Stamos, J.K. Rowling, and Kylie Jenner.

Have a look at the Leo daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes below, including the Leo love horoscope.

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Horoscope Date: January 20, 2020

Doing something solo isn't unhelpful if it helps you to stretch your creative potential. However, working with others may seem like a pain in your posterior if it means you spend more time explaining than doing. Try not to put yourself in situations where others question your knowledge or insights. They might require time to connect with your unique approaches, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding – they work and get results!

♡ Leo Love Horoscope ♡

One proverbial door appears to be closing, and another is in the process of opening, so you know which you should move enthusiastically toward. A sense of the unknown could be strong, but let your Leonine instincts guide and inspire you. What has changed or been removed is a positive step forward and will soon reveal how you are free to embark upon a new relationship chapter about to unfold.

Top Love Matches: Libra

Horoscope Date: January 21, 2020

As one door closes, another opens, and it might be a decision on your part that has strong implications to somebody else. However, even if it does appear as if you're moving the goalposts or laying down the law, it's essential to reiterate the benefits to both of you of making the change you appear keen to bring. You're not unreasonable and are putting an arrangement on a firmer and more permanent footing. Whether somebody agrees with or accepts this at this late stage is irrelevant.

♡ Leo Love Horoscope ♡

You could find a noticeable surge of energy within your emotional world or a special connection and set yourself ambitious romantic or relationship goals as a result. That's fine and wonderful if you're willing to invest the necessary levels of effort to make them happen, but be realistic about what's achievable – and this applies to whatever you promise a loved one, too!

Top Love Matches: Libra

Horoscope Date: January 22, 2020

If more than one person agrees with a point we make, then that suggests it has some validity. Some will understand what they've agreed with. Others, well, they did so because it seemed safer to agree with whatever others were agreeing to! That path of least resistance Is unlikely to interest you now. You know why you're adopting a different stance to others - and can trust that you're right to do so.

♡ Leo Love Horoscope ♡

The Moon influences all things loved-up, which could help you to become clear about romantic or relationship plans or aspirations. However, you could misinterpret how your passionate desires are evolving as a frustrating need to revise ideas, plans, or visions. Yes, these need to be upgraded in the light of how you're changing inside but try to connect with what's potentially thrilling about this. You're encouraged to think bigger and bolder in the name of love but have the emotional wherewithal to start giving and experiencing love on a grander scale!

Top Love Matches: Libra

Horoscope Date: January 17, 2020 - January 23, 2020

This week, as the Sun links with Neptune, potent energy adds fuel to a fantasy. The one you're likely to entertain could involve you having an inflated or exaggerated idea about a particular matter. The more closely you look at it, the more of an issue it could appear to be, and you could start to view it fearfully. That's why it's important that you don't allow yourself to get caught up in a repetitive loop of anxiety, doubt, or pessimism. Events this week could confirm that you have an unrealistic grasp of this issue and, fortunately, that kind of enlightenment is something you can - and should - be grateful for.

♡ Leo Love Horoscope ♡

The coming days could bring a revelation regarding steps that can be taken to improve your romantic or relationship circumstances that you may have felt unable to take during recent months. A home or family situation may also need to be handled with extra levels of sensitivity or compassion even if it feels as if the shared level of support between you and a loved one is imbalanced. You and your paramour could be dealing with a situation or development you've seen coming for some time - and may need to combine your talents, skills, or resource is to deal with it or finally move it forward.

Top Love Matches: Libra

Horoscope Date: January 2020

Work and career matters receive considerable focus, possibly due to the significant and far-reaching changes coming your way this month. Although much could feel tense and frustrating at times, it's essential to accept that, despite any plans that change or whatever or whoever you must release to make yearned-for professional progress, you're putting in place foundations that promise to be much more stable. Rather than prime yourself for or become frustrated by what you lose, trust that a reassuring gain - or new direction you head toward as a result - will replace it. Expect to end the month feeling much more inspired about your professional position.

♡ Leo Love Horoscope ♡

You have Venus influencing partnerships and commitments until January 13, so if you want to 'sweeten the deal' with an existing or budding connection, then seize the chance to do so during the first couple of weeks. However, it's the New Moon - again influencing partnerships and commitments - on January 24, that could bring the most pleasing or promising development. This is a time to be clear about where you would like a fresh start or new beginning with a special connection because this lunar magic can help bring it. It's time for something to move forward -and the universe is waiting for instruction from you about what you yearn to see happen.

Top Love Matches: Libra

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Leo Compatibility

From being confident and loving to being arrogant and egoistic, Leos can be complicated people. However, getting to know how compatible they are with other zodiac signs can help you determine if your love or friendship will work. Here is a quick look at Leo compatibility with the other zodiac signs.

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Aries

These two are fire signs. They are passionate, adventurous people who love drama. Both also love to lead. They are a perfect match for each other. The two love attention and also seek some independence. Aries enjoy being around Leo due to their big heart and sincerity. A Leo will also easily cheer Aries up. When two signs are alike in every way like these two, the best thing they can do to make their relationship work is to avoid competition and be each other’s cheerleaders.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Taurus

Taurus is practical and patient, and a Leo is passionate with a huge ego. Leo is dramatic and extravagant, while Taurus is the sensible one who doesn’t like attention. Although both love the finer things in life, Taurus would rather save while Leo would rather spend. Unfortunately, Taurus enjoys being loved while Leo would rather be admired. The two are unlikely to be impressed by each other styles, although Leo and Taurus have explosive sexual compatibility. Taurus and Leo may try out this romance due to their sexual energies, but must be prepared for the bad days as Leo would rather be in charge. The bull doesn’t tolerate any bossing around. There will be drama, shouting, and maybe even kicks when fighting.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Gemini

The two make wonderful friends, and conversations are fascinating. This is an excellent match for a healthy relationship. Leo and Gemini are also social beings who love to tell others about their ideas. They will love and have fun together such that others will be envious of their bond. When it comes to romance, Leo may feel that Gemini isn’t giving them enough attention, and the latter’s short attention span may annoy Leo. It is important to continually flatter a Leo to make sure they aren’t a nightmare due to a lack of praise.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Cancer

This is the pure definition of drama in a relationship. Leo’s ego and Cancer’s moodiness is a recipe for disaster. The two are needy and bossy. Cancer is possessive and insecure, while Leo loves to be the center of attention. This matchup is as different as night and day as Cancer is ruled by the moon while Leo by the sun. Further, Leo is at a loss on why Cancer doesn’t love the limelight while Cancer doesn’t get why Leo needs other’s approval so badly.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Leo

A Leo gets along fine with another Leo. This is a captivating union that dazzles others. This perfect power couple can achieve any goal and maintain a high level of trust. Even when seeking supremacy, the foundation of this union stays strong. Leo’s dominance may be in two different areas. For instance, the male Leo may dominate in the sexual department while the female Leo will lead in the emotional department. However, there is a danger of a lack of respect. Sometimes both Leos want to be stars at the same time, making it challenging to find balance.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Virgo

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun, while the earth rules practical Virgo. Leo thrives on praise and admiration, something that Virgo may not agree with. These two may not be attracted to each other, to begin with, so a lasting relationship between them may not be possible. However, if they find themselves together, Leo may stay on as Virgo helps them to shine. Unfortunately, even when together, Virgo will often question Leo’s self-image, which Leo will not have the patience to tolerate. For this relationship to thrive, both Virgo and Leo need to have a high level of maturity that respects each other’s differences.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra to each other. Both are people of integrity which can keep them together. Both Libra and Leo are passionate with a strong deep love for each other. These two will have a relationship built on true love. The Libra with Leo relationship is likely to end up in marriage. Nevertheless, it will be difficult sometimes to overcome the need to compete with each other, but this relationship is something to be enjoyed most of the time.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Scorpio

The two are different in many ways. Secretive Scorpio, who rules in the night, loves to keep a low profile, while the exhibitionist Leo would rather rule during the day. Leo will most likely expose Scorpio; who loves to lurk by the shadows. The exposure, when done behind closed doors, is exciting, but Scorpio will hate it when it is done in public. This relationship can work as business partners as both are focused and intense. Leo can be the leader, while Scorpio will comfortably work behind the scenes. However, when it comes to a romantic relationship, this is not an easy union.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Sagittarius

These are compatible fire signs that are adventurous and love to have fun. While both are often busy away from home, the conversations are lovely, and there can be time to enjoy a takeout or an adventure. Since Sagittarius and Leo are also creative and quick learners, they learn fast about each other and find ways to make this union work. However, Sagittarius, who doesn’t know how to give false praise, will have to learn to provide Leo with constant compliments to boost Leo’s confidence. The good thing is that Leo and Sagittarius are likely to fall in love with each other easily and find ways to have fun together. This is a match that is meant to last.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Capricorn

While Leo is ruled by the sun, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Leo is confident while Capricorn is always second-guessing themselves. Leo is strong-willed, believing that they can achieve anything through hard work, while Capricorn is equally ambitious but rarely willing to take risks and approaches life with calculated steps. These differences will characterize the Capricorn Leo union, with hard to solve misunderstandings. Capricorn takes calculated steps even when it comes to love. Therefore, Leo does need to do their homework as they may misinterpret Capricorn’s physical attraction for love. Overall, it’s not easy for Saturn and the sun to work in harmony. This relationship needs lots of work and patience.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Aquarius

These two don’t have much in common as Aquarius is a thinker, and Leo is a doer. Leo is ruled by the heart, while the head rules Aquarius. However, the Aquarius and Leo physical attraction is strong. Leo may be intrigued by Aquarius’s inner strength in that they do whatever they want without the need for others' approval. Aquarius will admire Leo’s self-confidence, playfulness, and fiery character. The unpredictability in Aquarius' behavior is also likely to make this relationship exciting. On the flip side, Leo is a partner who likes attention, and their dominance in the relationship may make Aquarius feel suffocated. Since both are incredibly stubborn, fights are likely to last forever, and communication between the two may be difficult. Due to the physical chemistry between them, Aquarius and Leo in bed share a sex life that is out of this world. Unfortunately, other than that, a relationship outside the bedroom will require too much work.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Leo and Pisces

The two are very different, but this union can work. Pisces is the needy, sensitive partner, while Leo is confident and doesn’t mind taking the leadership position in this union. Further, both Leo and Pisces are incredibly romantic, which can lead to lots of passion in this relationship. However, Pisces' insecurities can be a problem, and so is Leo’s showy nature. Pisces may feel exposed by Leo’s directness and openness. Since both Pisces and Leo love to indulge, they might need to take some money management lessons. The best way for the two to make this union work is to cultivate emotional trust first to have a strong foundation for this relationship.
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