Pisces Zodiac Sign & Horoscope

Horoscope Date: July 21, 2024

Your social butterfly wings are ready to soar! Today's Full Moon brings a surge of energy to your friendships and collaborations. Even if you shy away from big crowds, you'll thrive in the company of those you love. Embrace the popularity and let your social life blossom. Launching a group project or finding your next dream team is brilliantly supported. Round them up and make magic happen!

♡ Pisces Love Horoscope ♡

Today's emotional wave is your ticket to relationship satisfaction. A casual chat at home could dissolve a longstanding issue. The Full Moon's energy is practical yet compassionate—perfect for building a solid support structure. Mutual respect and compassion are your tickets to discovering a winning relationship strategy that works for you and someone special.

Top Love Matches: Virgo

Horoscope Date: July 22, 2024

Today, the universe singles you out for a special sprinkle of magic. Expect a delightful surprise that could change your world in the best way. Believe in the impossible, Pisces, whether it's a financial windfall or a dream coming true. Fantasies are knocking at your door, so open it wide and let your awesome mind's creations sweep you off your feet.

♡ Pisces Love Horoscope ♡

Long-term love dreams could float sweetly through your mind, but pesky chores block your view. You're torn between romantic aspirations and the daily grind, but why choose? Turn routines into romance by integrating love into every task. Transform everyday moments into love notes, small heartfelt gestures, and maybe even fun in a janitor's closet if you can get away with it.

Top Love Matches: Virgo

Horoscope Date: July 23, 2024

Recharge your batteries, but don't ghost everyone in the process. You may need to communicate before you disappear. Let others know what's up. Explain, negotiate or ask for support. Be upfront and make your needs and expectations clear. You might find the support you need. So, don't just bail—communicate, adjust and then take the break you deserve.

♡ Pisces Love Horoscope ♡

Sharing hidden thoughts can bring you and someone closer. Don't be afraid to bare your soul and let them in. Vulnerability can transform fear into an intimate connection. Let your paramour see the real you, flaws and all. This honesty can deepen your bond and create a profound, unshakeable love. Trust them with your heart, and you-know-who will treasure it forever!

Top Love Matches: Virgo

Horoscope Date: July 19, 2024 - July 25, 2024

This week, your social network is buzzing, and people could be drawn to your magnetic energy like fluttering creatures to lights on a summer eve. Don't shy away from the attention—embrace it. Let down your guard. In other news, tension could be brewing, especially with authority figures. Don't waste your energy on unnecessary battles. Assess any situation critically and choose your fights wisely. Sometimes, stepping back can be the most powerful, sensible move.

♡ Pisces Love Horoscope ♡

From this week until September, feelings could deepen to an oceanic level. Mars stirs your emotional depths, making your heart race. Whether it's a lover or friend you're looking at differently, it's time to share feelings. Boldly confess your love and watch the magic unfold. The coming weeks are ideal for seeking more commitment or expressing your desires. Love is calling, Pisces, and your heart's ready to answer. Dive in and let the waves of passion engulf you!

Top Love Matches: Virgo

Horoscope Date: July 2024

Neptune backtracks in your sign from the 2nd, giving you five months to revive an old talent or rediscover a forgotten part of yourself. On the 5th, a New Moon sparks creativity and romance—don't overthink it, just ride the emotional waves. Until September, Mars fuels home makeover dreams, giving you the energy to rearrange or relocate. A Full Moon on the 21st is perfect for launching a group project. If it's time to part ways, start assembling your next dream team!

♡ Pisces Love Horoscope ♡

It's time to unleash the emotions you've been hiding as a New Moon on the 5th brings a fresh start to heartfelt expression. Mars influences your emotional foundations from the 20th until September, intensifying what makes you feel secure. But beware – in your quest for stability, don't become a fortress of defensiveness. Embrace your vulnerability and let your lover in. The key to security is intimacy, not isolation. Sparks will fly if you keep your heart wide open!

Top Love Matches: Virgo

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The first thing you need to know about Pisces is that these people are the dreamers of the zodiac. Pisces tend to be very sensitive and have artistic souls that always require an outlet for their creativity.  They can come up with amazing abstract ideas that put them in a category entirely of their own! Some people believe that Pisces are weak people because they are vulnerable, but Pisces see this as strength. They would not want to live any other way other than just who they are.

Enjoy the Pisces daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, including the Pisces love horoscope.

Pisces Zodiac Sign
Feb 19 - Mar 20
Symbol: Fish
Polarity: NegativeFlower: Water Lily
Quality: MutableGem: Aquamarine
Pisces ruling planet Neptune
Ruling Planet:
Spirit Color:
Sea Green
Pisces element WaterPisces ruling house number
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Compatibility Of Pisces With Other Zodiac Signs

Pisceans will want to commit to a person that will be capable of brightening them up in moments when they get way over their heads and in their heads.  When they give themselves to a partner, they will always want to work through any difficulties that come up. Putting their partner’s needs above their own, they will always be looking for that perfect reciprocating soulmate. The zodiac sign that will do this exact thing is a Scorpio. They will fall in love with how a Piscean meets all of their depths perfectly.

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Aries Compatibility

The truth remains that this combination is the most complex; they will struggle in their communication and expressing their feelings. A Piscean may drop hints or clues about their wants and needs, but will never be straightforward enough. They like to deal with their emotions as opposed to the Aries who can be very rigid. When an Aries encounters a Pisces, Aries will claim victory over the humble Pisces who is indecisive and controlled easily. Pisces will try to be there for their partner, being loving and compassionate and inturn the Aries will be indulged and reciprocate with gifts to show their appreciation. Sadly, their bond will have different intensities, though and their beliefs will cause some heated disagreements. For the Aries, he or she will struggle for clarity of which they will never get. If they end up together, they will never be able to understand what the other one needs. Being in a relationship with a Pisces, you will have to be capable of reading people very well, but the Aries cannot do that. This couple will likely fail because of their communication and need to be understood.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Taurus Compatibility

This pairing is a perfect match with a magical connection; as whatever Pisces dreams Taurus will build! It is a unique pairing though; a dreamer, (the Piscean) with a realist, (the Taurus). Both will seek comfort and security and can provide that for each other. Their values may differ, but they share one thing that means the most to them both, and that is the need to find and feel loved! Both of them prefer the laid-back lifestyle and will easily know when the other person needs support and wants to be loved. They will have one of the happiest homes, and the couple will share a bond that can last a very long time.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Gemini Compatibility

The equation of Gemini and Pisces balance each other out very nicely. While the Pisces is deeply emotional, the Gemini is compassionate and understanding of their needs. They both prefer living in a fantasy world and share equally in their combined creativity. A Piscean has no shame in being who they are though and will follow up on how they feel. For the Gemini, they tend to take on the role of being what a person needs them to be and make logical choices. The temperaments of these two are very different. The mood swings of the Gemini can leave the Piscean confused and put off. Gemini can be emotionally aloof, and this will be the biggest struggle for the pairing. Pisces is a sign that feels and expresses their feelings and can begin to feel bitter. They are not a naturally compatible match; they will need to make it top priority to understand each other to make it last!
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Cancer Compatibility

Both Pisces and Cancer are hopeless romantics who will go over the top to express their love. They are both caring and affectionate and will understand each other well. Pisces and Cancer can both be so similar and infatuated with one another that they will have a difficult time not letting their love drown them. This match can be so deep and emotionally tied to one another that they often isolate themselves from the outside world. Both enjoy staying home together than going out with friends and family. However, Cancer is very emotional and can be quite moody at times; they will need someone who can react well to them. Pisces will need to be able to adapt to this off-putting personality trait. Aside from this point, they will be perfect for each other and will build a beautiful and creative relationship together.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Leo Compatibility

Pisces and Leo is the union of two very opposite personalities. For Pisces, life is about feelings and emotions; they will need a partner who understands and can be nurturing. Leo may not be that person; they tend to be self-centered and more about themselves. Sometimes their differences may play well for the two though. In areas that a Pisces will lack confidence, the Leo will be the confident one as always. Where the Pisces may crumble, Leo has no issue in being their strength. The couple can be good for one another if both of them understand their roles. For this relationship to last though, Leo will have to be more than just the strong one, but also stable. Pisces are very needy and submissive, always trying to avoid any conflict. They view these character traits as strengths rather than weaknesses. Leo thrives off of their charm and high self-esteem. If Pisces can give constant real and genuine compliments to Leo, and Leo take care of Pisces, the way they need to be, they may have a shot at a relationship.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Virgo Compatibility

Both Pisces and Virgo are kind and compassionate people. They are both mature and have very easy-going personalities. The two know what they want out of a relationship and will try to live peacefully to achieve that. Virgo is practical and intelligent and will help navigate through the Piscean’s dreams and aspirations. This relationship is one that every parent dreams for their kids to have. It is a practical one, as the two are productive, down to earth and want to give back to the world. Although it may not be the type of love story that keeps you awake at night, they are the type of lovers that will be loyal and are willing to stick to their vows if they choose one another.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Libra Compatibility

Pisces and Libra are one of the strongest and most romantic pairings. When they get together, it will be affectionate, loving, and full of wine and late-night dinners. Both are very kind and well respected. Together the two are empathetic and will give anyone the shirt off their backs. Pisces and Libra make such an excellent team because whenever one is down, the other steps up. Because of this, their relationship is a forever combination.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Scorpio Compatibility

These two signs can have a magical connection based on intense attraction and strong emotions. With their matching emotional approach, they will be able to understand each other. Pisces best understands Scorpio, and the two have a robust, intuitive strength that guides their creative processes. Communication may be a struggle for this couple, though, Scorpio can be abrupt and Pisces sensitive. With these traits, it can be challenging for them to have a healthy argument. As well, Scorpio can also be negative at times, and this may dampen the happy energy that Pisces possesses. If Scorpio can be loving and patient, the two can be inseparable and have what they believe to be a fairytale love!
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Sagittarius Compatibility

When it comes down to emotions, they balance one another very well; they are both hopeless romantics and actively wear their hearts on their sleeves. As well both are creative and positive and will share a lot of laughs. The primary issue that may arise here is their level of intense emotions. Both of them tend to lean towards being overly dramatic; it may be an emotional rollercoaster for the pair. After giving their relationship a fair chance, they may choose to separate and remain friends.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Capricorn Compatibility

This pair starts first as friends, and each will wonder who is going to be the one to make the first move. Both will understand and respect one another. Since the two signs do not trust easily, they will have to continue to build on their foundation daily. Pisces and Capricorn both find communication to be the key to their relationship. They will each be excited to learn everything and anything about their partner. Their relationship may begin to struggle with Capricorn's inflexible opinions and beliefs. Pisces may start to question their relationship solidarity and begin to feel lonely. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy for them to get over their differences, and their relationship may be too challenging.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius is a relationship that will never get boring. The couple will move from one extreme emotion to another as they try to discover their stability. It consists of a Piscean that is continually seeking for love and an Aquarian that is naturally distant. Aquarius can be off-putting and impersonal and Pisces looking for their forever partner, the varied feelings will likely be too much for them to create a relationship. While this can sometimes work, other times, the Piscean will struggle with issues of trust, and this is also where the two will fight. Together; Aquarius and Pisces will not be able to understand their partner's personalities.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Pisces And Pisces Compatibility

When two Pisceans decide to give a relationship a try, there will be a joining of two honest, sensitive, and emotional partners. There is potential for them to have a deep bond and a solid connection. Their relationship will be so valued and respected; the two will feel they have reached their happiest plateau. A compatible and strong pairing committed to building a loving, lasting union, they will find each other and feel like they have finally found their soulmate. This sort of relationship starts almost instantaneously, which can scare both of them and sometimes drive them away. If the partners choose to give it a go, they can end up having a long-lasting, fulfilling life together.

Emotional Side

Pisces Emotional

Pisces are very sensitive and tend to get along better in small group settings.  It is difficult for them to lead simple social lifestyles. Pisces are frequently characterized as the symbol of sorrow because they feel so much and don’t always fit in easily.  They can be susceptible to depression; sometimes self-pity and insecurities. Due to this deep and challenging emotional side, they are appealing to people who hold inside them a deep want to learn more about opening up and being vulnerable.

The Angry Pisces

Based on how they feel deeply, it is somewhat complicated for a Pisces to get angry. They frequently maul through the incident over and over again.

However, when they lash out, it is not at other people. Instead, they are known for being self-destructive and will get mad at themselves. After being angry, they will need much time in re-energizing their hearts and feel dreamy once more.

The Sad Pisces

When a Pisces is sad, he or she can suffer from anxiety. They may isolate themselves and likely give the cold-shoulder for a bit. If you hurt them bad enough, they're apt to write the friendship off.

Easy Things That Makes Pisces Happy

Pisceans are imaginative and creative, inspired by art, music, and literacy. Creating something together will make them feel happy and fulfilled. They like to feel needed and wanted. Small compliments and appreciation are beautiful to a Pisces.

Nothing can beat an adventure or trying something new together. Pisces appreciate when someone can be decisive and plan a fun experience. Doing something together will be one of their happiest memories.

Pisces is very romantic and believe deeply in true love. Kisses, holding hands and romance are what they are looking for most.

Love and


Pisces are romantic, loyal,  generous, and always in search of their soulmate.  The best way to get to their hearts is by being emotionally vulnerable.  If both partners are honest and choose to communicate well with each other they can have a beautiful fulfilling relationship. While a Piscean is empathetic, dreamy, and sensitive, they crave affection; they need romantic love more than anything else.  Being in a relationship with them means you will feel special and cherished. What more could you want?


Attracting A Piscean

Getting them something meaningful or creating something special will be charming and endearing to the Pisces.

When they see or use the gift, they will think of you and remember your thoughtfulness. Whether you write a letter or make dinner, the Piscean will appreciate you thinking of them.


Knowing If A Piscean Likes You

If they like you, they will get very silly and shy around you. Since they are the dreamers, they will forever want to share all of their craziest fantasies and desires with you.

Surprisingly, their awkwardness can be endearing, and their laughing fits signifies that they do find you charming. If a Piscean likes you, it will suddenly feel like you are back in high school again with all the butterfly feelings.

The Pisces will giggle a lot and poke fun at you. They will come to you like a childish crush, sending cute texts and flirty comments.

If they flirt with you online more than in person, bear in mind that it is because they are shy and have the tendency to withdraw when it comes to real-life situations.


Pisces In A Relationship

When in a relationship, they are incredibly romantic. The Piscean is very loving, tender, and extremely generous. They love with all their hearts!

Pisces are very deep; they do not waste time in superficial relationships or flings. The Piscean needs a deep connection to open up and wishes to feel appreciated.

Pisces fall in love hard and will do anything for who they love. Regarded as the most chivalrous amongst the zodiac signs, loving them will be an unforgettable experience.


The Ideal Date For A Pisces

If you are looking to get into a relationship with a Pisces, you will need to appeal to their creative and romantic side.

They love to be outdoors, so whether it is the beach, film festival, concert or dancing, remember to catch their attention and open up about your feelings.

They’ll enjoy seeing you channel all of your inner creativity and will feel energized and motivated if the situation is right!


Pisces In The Bedroom

Sex and love go hand-in-hand with the Pisces; this is because they are the sensitive soul. When connecting with a Pisces, it will be all about romance, emotions, and passion. They will be very romantic if they feel they are with the right person.

A Pisces will open their hearts and revere intimacy as the ultimate expression of love. They want nothing more than to feel close and fulfilled, always searching for the euphoric feeling. Once a trusting foundation is established, they will open up about all their dreams and deepest feelings.


The Piscean And Heartbreak

They do feel heartbreak in all of its force, and will frequently succumb to their insecurities.

They are likely to convince themselves that they are not good enough and that they were the ones that drove their partner away.

In a bid to cope with how terrible their sadness can be, the Piscean will isolate him or herself and revel in their dream world until someone comes along to fill up their heart with hope and excitement again.



Technically, a Pisces is believed to be one of the most advanced signs of the entire zodiac. Symbolizing the human soul; they feel deeply and are very intuitive.  They have a deep belief in the universe and can usually sense if something is off. Every Pisces seems to have a spiritual, dreamy, and deeply emotional quality to them.  For the Pisces, they live freely without holding anything back; they represent the capacity that sees the depths of life. For this, they are known to have the best emotional relationships.

Pisces As Friends

As your friend, the Pisces will be an ideal friend. Consider them to be your personal therapist, almost always available to you and on speed dial. A Pisces is well-liked and will make any situation a fun one. They will help anybody in need and are sadly taken advantage of because of how willing they are to stick their necks for those they love. Their extremely kind nature can either be appreciated or unfortunately, taken for granted.

Pisces are loyal but will not go out of their way if they are feeling the situation isn’t what they want to be doing. If you ask them to go to the movies and the flick isn’t the one they had in mind they’ll scrap the plans instead of tagging along.

When you meet a Pisces for the first time, they can be guarded because they have been hurt before. As a result, the Piscean will stick to his or her childhood friends that have been there for them and know where they’ve been in life.

They will feel they will not have to worry about being hurt anymore, so be patient with them, gain their trust, and you can have one of the greatest friendships.

Gaining The Respect Of A Piscean

In a bid to earn their respect, you will have to be a genuinely nice person. Respect goes a long way for the Pisces. If you say you're going to do something, do it.

They want to have real connections with their friends and loyalty.

They admire the creative types that are also deep and affectionate.

Likely Occupations Of Pisceans

Pisceans are creatively passionate and would do well in the entertainment industry or creative fields. They can be incredible dancers, photographers, and musicians. Getting out a camera is an ideal way for a Pisces to express their creativity. Pisces loves to use their imagination, creating something they can share would be perfect for them.

With their intuition and compassion, Pisces will make incredible philanthropists, psychologists, and veterinarians. Empathy will make them suitable for any of these careers and will bring them a deep sense of satisfaction.

Likely Health Concerns For Pisceans

Pisces health issues are linked to their respiratory and circulation systems. They are susceptible to overindulging and need to remember moderation in all things.

They need to eat foods that are good for their blood and brain such as beef, whole grains, and fruit.

Taking A Pisces On Vacation

They are easy-going when it comes down to vacations. They’d be happy with a beach, comfortable place to relax, or an incredible view. Tropical island destinations are great ideas because Pisces is known to be a water baby. They enjoy being surrounded by the ocean, and the sun is good for their souls.

Learning Style Of Pisces

Pisceans are artistic and creative. They learn and experience through day-dreaming. They frequently need teachers that will be very patient with them and should look for tutors that will give them a safe place for their creative side.

Are Pisceans Humorous?

For the Pisceans, they will tell funny stories or jokes, but it will never be at the expense of someone else’s feelings. They are good at laughing and will try their best to lift your spirit.

The Pisces Best Pastime

They love video games and listening to music. The best or favorite thing for them to do is to day-dream and be outdoors.

What Pisces Fear The Most

For the sensitive and creative Pisces, criticism is the worst thing to happen to them. They are scared of confrontations and tend to run far away from it in a bid to avoid being hurt or called out; they cannot handle any form of judgment.

Pisces At Their Worst

At their very worst, Pisces will take everything too seriously and will be overly emotional. Pisceans can be reckless; they can self-destruct and escape situations that can leave people feeling abandoned.

Pisces tend to hide from people without taking full responsibility for their actions. Confrontations are just them talking in circles like a dog chasing its tail, and end with no admittance of wrongdoing.

Pisces At Their Very Best

At their very best, the Piscean is filled with a beautiful capacity to feel and nurture. They are natural caretakers and will do almost anything to show to the people they care about that they will always be there for them. They value relationships and put their family and friends above everything else.

Pisces Are Compassionate

They often put the needs of everyone else before theirs. Loyal and compassionate they’ll always go to bat for you, you can almost always count on them! Pisceans can also be very generous and empathic when it comes down to the difficult times of others. They tend to behave with compassion when misfortune stares them in the face. 

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