Sagittarius Zodiac Sign & Horoscope

Horoscope Date: March 31, 2020

It might be necessary to stop a particular train of thought in its tracks. It could be determined to go off on unhelpful tangents if you allow it to. Look closely at the area of your world where more questions than answers seem to be arising. Even a brief shift of focus and making an effort to think less about a matter preoccupying your mind could help you to gain the necessary clarity.

♡ Sagittarius Love Horoscope ♡

A decision might seem easy to make, but that could be because you haven't given it the level of thought it deserves. A way forward might appear crystal clear, but take some time to confirm how 'right' it feels – or if you're pursuing the easiest option or a path of least resistance. The most obvious choice might be the right one, but it still deserves proper consideration before proceeding.

Top Love Matches: Aries

Horoscope Date: April 1, 2020

If you thought you and a particular person had been around the block enough times with a particular discussion, and you could find that a chance arises to take this to a new level. You might be surprised that you have something to learn about or from this person, too. The key to forming or strengthening a special connection lies with opening the lines of communication widely. You never know where two-way exchanges can go now.

♡ Sagittarius Love Horoscope ♡

Shifting your focus to the more shadowy aspects of love and romance could be difficult to ignore at this time. Thoughts and feelings could bubble to the surface, but you're not obliged to spill all your emotional beans to a lover or romantic interest. Be clear in your mind about what you feel is necessary to reveal. An emotional avalanche could be more unhelpful than helpful.

Top Love Matches: Aries

Horoscope Date: April 2, 2020

Your frustration needn't rear its ugly head if a communicative hurdle exists between you and a particular person. If anything, there's a lesson to be learned about how to avoid this happening again. Of course, being less reliant on electronic communication and choosing to see the whites of each other's eyes to convey a message will be more helpful. As old-fashioned as it sounds, it might be necessary in the future.

♡ Sagittarius Love Horoscope ♡

You could detect tension emerging in your emotional world, and this is likely to increase before it dissipates. But before you prime yourself for what feels unexpected, cast your mind to the past and see how you dealt with similar romantic or relationship circumstances before. There could be an interesting and reassuring connection between what's unfolding now and what you resolved previously.

Top Love Matches: Aries

Horoscope Date: March 27, 2020 - April 2, 2020

As Venus links with Jupiter this week, be more optimistic about the fact that you haven't made an error in some way. A development or emerging set of circumstances will need you to trust your deepest instincts to assess it or them accurately. It's also likely that a process you set in motion recently may require you to reassess certain priorities. But where you feel powerless, you can expect to gain strength. Where you feel or have felt uninspired, you can expect to feel motivated and rejuvenated. Have faith in the fact that what you've started has begun properly despite any appearances to the contrary.

♡ Sagittarius Love Horoscope ♡

Some people enjoy intense and volatile relationships. Those of us who don't wonder why a love connection that is uncomfortable most of the time could be preferable to one that is. Generally, we want things to be copasetic and balanced in a relationship and tend not to encourage or tolerate what's imbalanced or disruptive. If you're aware of how a special connection has become unpredictable or even unmanageable, then you have a chance to address and rectify that this week. Something between you and another doesn't need to carry on as it has done. The improvement you bring could be permanent.

Top Love Matches: Aries

Horoscope Date: April 2020

Where you may have felt as if you were 'a big cog' in a 'small machine,' you could have felt recently as if the opposite applies. Where you may have believed you had a vital role to play or held considerable influence, you may have felt as if what you think or do doesn't matter or bring a positive result. This month, that attitude changes - and with more than one significant, justified reason.

♡ Sagittarius Love Horoscope ♡

Your emotional world benefits from plenty of Venusian magic from early April until August. Venus influences partnerships and commitments from the 3rd. Whether you're single or attached, something sweet is bound to manifest between you and a particular person. Expect a relationship to become more harmonious - and be taken to a new sensual and intimate level. As love takes on a more light-hearted vibe, any uncertainty can be replaced by certainty.

Top Love Matches: Aries

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Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and considered to be the kindest of all the signs.  Sagittarians tend to get along with everyone they meet.  They are optimistic and try to make the best out of every situation.Known as travelers and adventurers; they love to explore new places and be outdoors.  While they may not be the most mature partner, you can be certain that they will always make you laugh. 

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Nov 22 - Dec 21
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Compatibility Of The Sagittarius

As partners, they are highly independent and very honest.  Their partner will need to know when to stay back, and when to be their partner in crime. They love to communicate; being rational and logical. On the other hand, Sagittarius is impulsive and adventurous. They are flexible and easy-going and should be able to adapt to their partner’s lifestyles and interests. The zodiac sign that will suit them best is the Aries, primarily because they love wandering. 

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Aries Compatibility

They form a fun-loving couple that makes each other laugh out loud. Trying to keep everything in their lives light and easy, they have lots of jokes to tell. They both have a vast circle of friends and love planning things that are fun and exciting. The Aries is strongly independent and will not feel the least bit left out should the Sagittarius begin exploring. Their relationship will have excitement, trust, and optimism. Since both are passionate and love to try new things, they will have a favorable view of life together.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Taurus Compatibility

This pairing makes for great friends because they both appreciate indulgence and fun. Sadly, they do not always make the best couples. Those born under Taurus tend to settle down at once while Sagittarius drift around before settling. They naturally do not complement one another. Sagittarius is adventurous, and Taurus is stable. Lifestyles and personalities are considerably different for these two zodiac signs.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Gemini Compatibility

Sagittarius and Gemini both fall hard for one another, forming a love they will both remember. Both signs are adventurous and always looking for new experiences. They enjoy each other's company and communicate well. Though the relationship would start healthy, everything stable, and always reciprocated; the Sag would start depending heavily on the Gemini, and the Gemini would resent that. If they choose to walk their separate ways, each will hold a great deal of respect for the other. It will be the worst heartbreak for the Sag to get over.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Cancer Compatibility

It is tough to see why these two astrological signs would ever come together because they have few similarities in personalities or values. However, if they did give it a try, they would have a relationship full of happiness and laughter. The two have a delightful and unique sense of humor and try to avoid conflicts. Sagittarians are always looking for new experiences, and the Cancerian will thrive off that. The problem arises when the Sag starts to feel held down by the Cancer. Cancer wants security and to be intimate, and the Sagittarius is always looking for something new or the next adventure. With the two right people, the relationship may be an easy one that celebrates the light side of Cancer and the deep side of Sag.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Leo Compatibility

This couple is the fun-loving type that gets along well with everyone and wants zero drama. They are passionate and like to make the most out of life. Appreciative and greatly understanding of one another’s nature; their relationship would be effortless. A perfect emotional match; both are impulsive and love to show affection. Not being homebodies, they tend to keep very busy. Freedom and new experiences are central to the Sagittarius and Leo. With an understanding of one another's needs, desires, and sincerity; trust and mutual respect would form.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Virgo Compatibility

This type of relationship is one that is said to be that of opposite attracts. It is a sort of relationship where their weaknesses and strengths are complementary. If there is any relationship that could have you completely confused, it’s this one. In saying that, although their personalities are dramatically different, their compatibility is quite strong. The Sag will force the Virgo to have fun and the Virgo, in turn, will ensure that the Sag does not get in over their head. The problem is that both are not good at expressing their feelings or emotions. Both being intellectual, their conversations will be discussing the more profound things in life. The Virgo may get tired of this and want to talk about more practical issues. If the couple can find the right balance, they could have an excellent partnership.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Libra Compatibility

Both of these signs are very out-going and love to laugh and be flirty. They are energetic and creative and will delve into exciting new things together. With both possessing a positive presence, their relationship will be exhilarating. Unfortunately, they may lack an emotional connection, and the Libra may start to feel lonely. The biggest problem for the two will be when they start talking about committing. When a Sagittarius feels their freedom threatened, it begins pulling away.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Scorpio Compatibility

Sagittarius and Scorpio have positive outlooks on life and see every day as an adventure. They want to be with someone honest, passionate and looking to learn. Both signs are stubborn and confident, and if they agree their relationship is significant enough; they will never stop fighting for it. Although they both have powerful personalities, it seems to work for both of them; they make a great team. When problems arise between them, and the one becomes too stubborn, the other apologizes. The two will likely have many disagreements. As long as they make compromises, communicate, and accept their differences, they should be able to have a passionate relationship.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Compatibility

When the Sagittarius finds someone who is like them, it can be electrifying. They will have exciting conversations and can have a rewarding relationship; getting along will be easy. In this relationship, there will not be anyone acting as a parent so the two Sagittarians together are likely to get into a bit of trouble. This couple will give each other a lot of freedom; which they each need. Being of the same horoscope sign, they have many shared values and will understand each other's needs. A shared love of intellect and self-improvement will be what ties his couple together. The two Sagittarians will create an exciting and passionate relationship that will undoubtedly involve a lot of traveling. This couple has high odds of having a long and fulfilling relationship. They will have mutual respect, honesty, and enjoy one another's optimistic approach to life. Conversations will be forever flowing, and the two open-minded lovers will understand what each other needs to be satisfied.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Capricorn Compatibility

These two have very different values and personalities. Capricorn is responsible, while Sagittarius can be reckless. If they tried to make a relationship successful, it would take a lot of work and energy. Sagittarius is always looking on the brighter side of things, a glass half full type of personality, while Capricorn can be negative. As well, Sags are very outgoing and love to be out with their friends, while Caps are more of a homebody. Communication may be difficult for this couple as well; their values and needs are very mismatched. If they can find a way to respect one another's differences and personalities, they could have a loving relationship.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Aquarius Compatibility

They are a great match! Both share a love for life and many other shared values. This couple believes they can conquer the world and will understand one another easily. Sagittarius and Aquarius will have a powerful attraction. The two extroverts will always find something to talk about and be very productive. However, both are unlikely to settle into marriage; they would find it unnecessary to take that next step. The two can continue as is and have a very successful relationship, full of new adventures and happiness.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Sagittarius And Pisces Compatibility

They balance each other when it comes down to their emotions. The two are open-minded and creative. Both signs have a lot in common and are both hopeless romantics; they wear their hearts on their sleeves. This pair is understanding, empathetic, and genuinely vibe with what each other is feeling; they try to be what each partner desires in the relationship. The issues with them are that their intense emotions can get overly dramatic. Also, the Sagittarius loves their freedom while Pisces wants a deep and committed relationship; if they can get past that they can complement each other and have a good relationship.
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