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Horoscope Date: March 31, 2020

The phrase, 'glutton for punishment' implies a willingness or an eagerness to attract and accept hardships or difficulties. We accept those that are ours to deal with. But we can, at times, feel we have an obligation to someone else to accept or absorb theirs. It might be necessary to be honest about a burden you've taken on too much of. If it belongs to someone else, then it's time to free yourself from it.

♡ Scorpio Love Horoscope ♡

A sense of imbalance might be felt in your emotional world. But this could surround focus given to a matter that doesn't warrant it to the detriment of one that perhaps does. An issue might take too much of your and a loved one's attention, while something more deserving of your shared focus is sidelined. Try to find some way to redress this.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: April 1, 2020

With the Moon influencing mysteriousness and possibly one or two taboo topics, you could feel a noticeable urge to bring a swept-under-the-carpet issue into the open. But resist rushing headfirst into conversations. These need handling with care and plenty of sensitivity, so be careful about how deep or intense you plan to go.

♡ Scorpio Love Horoscope ♡

Connecting or reconnecting with a love interest could be more than a possibility as the Moon influences expansion. You want your ideas to be collaborative and clear, especially if you have an adventure in planning stages. When it comes to matters of the heart, you can keep things moving smoothly and gracefully. But thinking a bit bigger and bolder in the name of love is essential to create something truly heartwarming and memorable.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: April 2, 2020

Although there may have been something intriguing or even thrilling about returning your focus to a plan or project that fell by the wayside, you could discover there are more obstacles or hurdles involved than you thought. But try to accept that you're still 'feeling your way' into whatever you're keen to pursue. When the going gets tough, the tough come up with a more effective strategy. One now awaits you.

♡ Scorpio Love Horoscope ♡

Your desire for control could increase where your romantic or relationship world is concerned. But don't believe this is your only option in terms of steering love life circumstances in what you believe is the right direction. Adopting an open mind and heart and making a concerted effort to listen to what someone close has to say could bring a more helpful and realistic perspective. Control on the level you might believe it's needed may not be necessary.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: March 27, 2020 - April 2, 2020

This week, as Mercury forms a tense link with Pluto, you probably won't struggle to identify a reason to worry or feel a sense of panic. A fear may be at risk of being nurtured. But even if you think such feelings are justified or genuine, circumstances are likely to encourage you to accept that a matter must be faced and dealt with confidently. It requires confident action, not fed with fear. Be willing to bring an issue out into the light where it can be seen clearly. Then, put in place a strategy to address and resolve it. If you can do both this week, then not only will a worry, concern, or fear be seen in the right perspective, but you'll also resolve it in a way that will ensure it won't pose a similar problem in the future.

♡ Scorpio Love Horoscope ♡

There are several terms and words that astrologers often use to describe Scorpios like your good self. Intense. Manipulative. Sex-mad. Obsessive. For now, let's focus on that last point, shall we? You and the one you love are aware of how, once you get the bit between your teeth, you will pursue something with relentless passion. That's admirable. But it could be your fervent desire to pursue a particular idea, plan, or project that creates one or two problems in your emotional world or a special connection. There could be benefits this week to shifting even a tiny bit of the passion you invest toward whatever-it-is back into your love life.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: April 2020

We're aware of the saying that involves 'returning to Earth with a bump.' We can all recall times when we felt relieved to have both feet land safely on firm ground. So, returning to Earth needn't always be disappointing or upsetting. This month, more than one powerful celestial event separates facts from fantasies and could transform certain attitudes or beliefs in the process. The sense of realism coming your way is bound to be welcomed.

♡ Scorpio Love Horoscope ♡

If you're single, then matters of the heart could experience turbulence as April commences. Someone might pay you 'lip service' or underestimate your ability to see through their facade. Getting an accurate measure of them at an early stage could be helpful. If you're attached, then the New Moon on the 22nd brings a spontaneous development that could cause your heart to beat faster or take your breath away. Daring to be different brings delightful possibilities!

Top Love Matches: Cancer

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Scorpios are powerful and passionate because of their dramatic and intense personalities. Their presence holds a lot of authority, and they are dominant figures with great control and influence.  Scorpio is intelligent and methodical. Self-aware, they understand themselves well and look for an equally confident partner. They live to experience life to its fullest and express their feelings and emotions.

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Scorpio Compatibility

Emotionally intense, Scorpio needs a deep and powerful connection with their partner. In a committed relationship, they want to dig deep and explore. The Scorpio can be stubborn and intense and needs a partner that can handle their extreme emotions and fluctuating mood swings. They need someone to love them through this tornado of emotions and know when to give them their space but still feel connected. For this zodiac sign, the Capricorn is the ideal match. Capricorn is patient enough to deal with the diverse personalities of a Scorpio.  

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Aries Compatibility

Scorpio and Aries feel an immediate attraction and form an instant bond. Extremely committed, the two are open and vulnerable, helping each other overcome insecurities. A Scorpio is mysterious, and an Aries can be intrigued by their charming personality. A Scorpio is attracted to the magnetic energy of an Aries. Scorpio will boost their partner’s confidence and provide direction and motivation. Aries and Scorpio both love power and each strives to be the dominant one in the relationship.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Taurus Compatibility

A Scorpio and Taurus relationship is intriguing and unique. A Scorpio will be attracted to the charismatic Taurus, and the Taurean will find the mysterious nature of the Scorpio intriguing. The two bring very different viewpoints to the relationship and will keep each other motivated to achieve their goals. Both Taurus and Scorpio are set in their ways and find it challenging to compromise. Possessive, jealous, and stubborn, they will need to keep these traits in check to have a long-lasting connection.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Gemini Compatibility

A Scorpio and Gemini together will need to be patient and accept each other’s differences. A Gemini is easy-going and unpredictable, whereas a Scorpio can be secretive and intense. Gemini is light and fun with their Scorpio partner, and Scorpio may feel they are missing an emotional connection. The two are very passionate and can be argumentative at times. The Gemini is an intellect, whereas the Scorpio makes decisions based on feelings and well as rational. If both can work together and find some middle ground, they can enjoy a satisfying relationship.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Cancer Compatibility

Scorpio and Cancer are emotional and loyal and make a great match. The two have an instant attraction and many similar interests. Both being intuitive, this Cancer with Scorpio will be able to communicate well with minimal words. They compliment each other well and understand one another effortlessly. Cancer and Scorpio have different personalities, but each partner’s strengths balance out the other’s weaknesses. Stubborn, at times, they may fight for control of the relationship. However, since both are loyal and caring, they make each other feel loved and comfortable.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Leo Compatibility

A Scorpio and Leo are loyal and able to give their partner everything they want in a relationship. Determined and stubborn at times, the two are persistent while working towards goals and may fight to take the lead in their relationship. If they have disagreeing views, they may struggle because Scorpio and Leo have strong personalities. A Scorpio will rarely budge, and their Leo partner may see them as being self-righteous. The biggest problem for Leo and Scorpio is the fight for power in the relationship.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Virgo Compatibility

A Scorpio and a Virgo work well as a team and complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. Scorpio is confident and intuitive, and effortlessly understands their Virgo partner. The Scorpio will want to take the lead and will need some freedom and space. Virgo can be shy with a strong personality. When the two disagree, Scorpio can be stubborn and have a hard time compromising. Virgo and Scorpio need to discuss what is important to each partner to avoid conflict. Achieving goals is a driving force in this harmonious Scorpio Virgo relationship.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Libra Compatibility

A Scorpio and a Libra have a deep emotional connection and very similar relationship needs. Both value balance, intimacy, and loyalty. However, with different mixtures of intellect and emotions, they have trouble understanding one another. Libra and Scorpio need to pay attention to their communication styles to avoid conflict. By working together using their minds and hearts, they overcome any challenge. Finding their unity, Scorpio with Leo can accomplish anything.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Scorpio

Scorpios in love have a fiercely passionate relationship. They bring out the best in each other and share an unbreakable connection. Jealousy and possessiveness are an issue, so the two need to tame their vindictive and aggressive sides. Goal-oriented and creative, Scorpio with Scorpio can accomplish anything together.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Sagittarius

A Scorpio and a Sagittarius will need to take their time getting into a relationship. Both are adventurous and love to learn and explore. Sagittarius is spontaneous, and Scorpio can be demanding and set in their ways. Scorpio needs to give their Sagittarius partner space and time for their interests and be more easy-going and flexible. Devotion and affection will keep Sagittarius with Scorpio. When the two open up and accept one another's differences, they enjoy a respectful and passionate relationship.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Capricorn Compatibility

A Scorpio and a Capricorn have a loving relationship. The two grow, mature, and become their best selves together. Both cautious and shy; they hesitate before feeling comfortable with each other. As they connect deeply, Scorpio and Capricorn are loyal and devoted partners. Capricorn needs to be sensitive in communicating with Scorpio. The Scorpio responds with feelings rather than logic. Both signs can be stubborn, which makes solving conflicts difficult. Capricorn with Scorpio need to accept and acknowledge this and make adjustments to have a successful relationship.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Aquarius Compatibility

A Scorpio and an Aquarius have two very different lifestyles and personal needs. Scorpio is emotional and thinks deeply, whereas Aquarius can be aloof and light-hearted. Both have diverse interests, but when they decide to make their relationship work, nothing that will get in their way. Aquarius and Scorpio are opinionated and stubborn and like things their way. Scorpio can be jealous and possessive, whereas Aquarius is easy going and carefree. Confrontations can arise as they view the world in very different ways. However, if these two strong personalities can appreciate their differences and come together, the results can be a dynamic relationship.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Scorpio And Pisces Compatibility

A Scorpio and a Pisces relationship will be intuitive and respectful. Scorpio helps Pisces achieve their dreams and goals, and Pisces is a gentle and caring partner. Scorpio needs to give their Pisces partner the freedom and independence to enjoy their interests. Pisces can be hurtful at times, and Scorpio overly sensitive. The two may have a lot of misunderstandings before they learn to be tender enough and respect boundaries. With similar emotional natures, Pisces and Scorpio should be able to understand one another well and have a relationship that is fulfilling and harmonious.
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