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Horoscope Date: April 6, 2020

Somebody could be delighted to see your light-hearted or even childlike side, so let it emerge. Even if you insist you don't have either, you can bring much-needed fun and frivolity to someone's world of seriousness. It could be your unique brand of energy that they need and can benefit from. They know it's authentic, and that's why it's so valuable.

♡ Taurus Love Horoscope ♡

What or who may appear attractive and inspiring could, beneath a dreamy exterior, offer a reason to apply caution. Take some time to ensure that you know what a romantic or relationship arrangement or commitment involves. Being a little bit wary won't drain the fun or magic from whatever is on offer. But balancing fantasy with realism might be necessary.

Top Love Matches: Cancer, Virgo

Horoscope Date: April 7, 2020

We often know when someone smiles and insists all is fine when it is clear all is not. We can give away more to others than we're aware of, sometimes. Where you may feel a need to protect yourself in some way, you could make this very apparent to those around you. At least one person in your world wants to be the sounding board that you need. Take them up on their offer.

♡ Taurus Love Horoscope ♡

Habits and routines in your emotional world or a special connection come under close scrutiny now, courtesy of the Full Moon. Assess any deeply entrenched habits that prevent you from achieving your passionate potential. There are small improvements that you can make to what you do daily, and taking a bold step to introduce changes could take your emotional world or one special connection on a very new - and potentially thrilling - trajectory.

Top Love Matches: Cancer, Virgo

Horoscope Date: April 8, 2020

One of the numerous adages we have drilled into us from a young age is along the lines of not receiving second chances to make first impressions. But there are times when second chances not only need to be given but are essential. This is particularly true if it becomes clear that we drew an inaccurate conclusion about something or somebody. Try to be receptive to what or whom you were quick to dismiss previously.

♡ Taurus Love Horoscope ♡

Something connected with your current romantic or relationship circumstances is transforming and could become noticeably stronger. That's why it's important to be patient and resist a need to know precisely where you stand to create a carefully plotted route to the future. Adopting a more relaxed attitude toward matters of the heart will bring a much better result than overthinking your love life direction.

Top Love Matches: Cancer, Virgo

Horoscope Date: April 3, 2020 - April 9, 2020

This week brings an interesting link between Venus and Neptune. One of the many likely symptoms of this connection is confusion or being acutely aware of the lines blurred in a particular situation. You could have a strong feeling about someone or something, but the conflict between what your head and heart tell you makes this unnecessarily complicated. The message from the universe to you this week is: trust what your instincts tell you, even if the message is one you prefer to ignore. Your inner voice will always tell you the truth. This week, make a point of acknowledging and accepting that.

♡ Taurus Love Horoscope ♡

Your instincts will confirm that a romantic or relationship scenario could go on indefinitely - but is that what you want? You appear to want answers rather than allow something to continue to be vague or ill-defined with matters of the heart. It's also by asking questions that you can gain a realistic overview of not only where you stand with a particular person, but what may have been happening or continues to happen in the background. Step forward, say your piece, and prepare to be enlightened.

Top Love Matches: Cancer, Virgo

Horoscope Date: April 2020

This is a month of endings and new beginnings. Important choices are needed about whether you dwell on what has finished or embrace new chapters unfolding or commencing. Rather than focus on what you believe to be negative or unhelpful, look at life through a more positive and optimistic lens. As April progresses, you'll feel reassured that the proverbial glass is far from half empty!

♡ Taurus Love Horoscope ♡

There's no telling where romantic or relationship conversations could go this month. If you thought discussions or exchanges with a loved one or potential partner would be run-of-the-mill or unlikely to be jaw-dropping, then you could be surprised. This could be particularly evident around the New Moon in your sign on the 22nd. The last week of April could coincide with one conversation that transforms your love life, regardless of your relationship status!

Top Love Matches: Cancer, Virgo

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Taurus people are nurturing and compassionate. Caring and harmonious, they look for peace, security, and stability in their lives. The Bull is determined and patient about the situations that surround them. 
Represented by the Bull, a Taurus is best known to be a stubborn individual with a strong sense of determination. They are not likely to give up easily.

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Taurus Compatibility

An attractive trait for Taurus is their sensual personality. Their love is grounding and comforting for all. They are patient and loyal when it comes to love. They want a partner that can truly appreciate them. A Taurus loves to feel spoiled and appreciated. They do not need a particular place or an over the top date as long as they are valued.  The most compatible signs for them are Virgo, Pisces, and Capricorn, and the least is a Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo.

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Aries Compatibility

A Taurus and Aries will have a natural, easy-going connection. An Aries partner represents passion, and a Taurus represents Love. Aries will be attracted to the patient, gentle, and caring side of the Taurus, whereas a Taurus will be intrigued by the independent and sensual side of Aries. Aries also brings excitement to the relationship, and Taurus gives a sense of security. Taurus and Aries together can bring balance to their relationship. All of their differences can be learning experiences for the couple. Both will need to compromise so that each feels it is a mutual giving and fulfilling connection. The two have different personalities but can learn much from each other while enjoying a satisfying relationship.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

When two Taureans come together, it can be a very romantic and loyal relationship. Neither partner will tire of the intimacy and will soak up all the soft touches. Both will spoil one another and respect their partner's love for the more beautiful things in life as they value them too. Stubborn and opinionated, these two bulls may need to agree to disagree. They are determined and strong-minded and will need to value peace over being continuously right. Emotional connectivity is essential to a Taurus and Taurus relationship. They can offer mutual comfort and devotion that can lead to a lifetime of love.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

A Taurus and Gemini will need to learn the dynamics of their relationship slowly. They both have a lot to offer their partners but will need to compromise and make necessary adjustments. Taurus can be romantic, sensual, and possessive, whereas Gemini is easy-going and independent. Taurus will need to give their Gemini partner breathing space and freedom, and Gemini will need to offer security and intimacy. Healthy communication between a Taurus and a Gemini can make their love affair happier and more stable.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

A Taurus and Cancer will have an excellent connection. Love rules for a Taurus partner while Cancer is a natural nurturer. Cancer will be attracted to the honest and confident personality of a Taurus. They are sentimental by nature and will appreciate their relationship. Cancer will offer loving feelings to their partner, and Taurus will spoil them with gifts and thoughtful gestures. A Taurus with a Cancer will have a lot of common interests and a mutual understanding of one another. Both are tender and value a sense of security. They will enjoy quiet nights in, sharing a blanket, and watching romantic movies. A Taurus may grow tired of the overly sensitive nature of a Cancer, while Cancer may feel their Taurus partner is thoughtless to their needs. Both can offer new inspiration that their partners may need. With open communication, they can have a reliable and steady connection that can lead to a long-term marriage. These signs are both nurturing and dependable, which is essential for a home life together.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

If Leo and Taurus commit, they will both provide a luxurious lifestyle and comfort to one another. These signs both love compliments, a lot of affection and admiration. Leo is showy in gift-giving and will delight their Taurus partner. Both signs are stubborn and will need to work hard to respect and understand their partner. Leo being a Fire sign, while Taurus is an Earth sign, both will be ambitious but in different ways. Taurus wants stability and security, whereas Leo desires wealth and prominence. Both Leo and Taurus will want to take the lead in this relationship. Their conversations can be dominating and intense. The two will need to value their partner and see the importance of their relationship to find compromises. If Taurus and Leo choose to put love above all, their mutual admiration and commitment make them a great match.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

When Virgo and Taurus begin a romantic relationship, both of them will need to be very cautious. They both love to indulge and are practical and hardworking, but sometimes a Virgo can be overly critical. Their words can be hurtful to a Taurus partner. Patience will be essential to keep their relationship healthy. A Taurus with a Virgo will enjoy helping each other in attaining their goals. Sincere and devoted, they will admire the strength and dedication of their partners. Virgo is romantic and sensual, which will be essential to Taurus. Both loving and loyal, they will communicate and find compromising solutions to any issues. Their similar desires make their personalities compatible.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Libra Compatibility

A Taurus and Libra are the missing pieces to one another’s puzzles. Their relationship will slowly progress, and the two will find out they have much more in common than they first thought. Libra and Taurus both love the arts, music, theater, and memorable dining experiences. Dating and courtship will be an integral part of their romantic relationship. A Taurus can help a Libra make more sensible decisions, while Libra can lead a Taurus to see unique perspectives. Libra’s charm will attract a stubborn Taurus, and a Libra will appreciate the comfort and luxuries offered by a romantic Taurus. They have a lot to teach one another. Libra and Taurus will share the love of splendor, romance, and love. Their similar interests can bring harmony and adventure to their relationship. Problems are possible in a Taurus with Libra relationship if Libra becomes too social and flirtatious. A Taurus may become too possessive and not understand their Libra partner. The two will need to build trust and give the necessary freedoms to keep their connection full of romance and harmony.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

If these two signs are in love with each other, they can have a complicated and intense connection. They can combine their strengths and balance out their partner’s weaknesses. Both have strong personalities that lead to passionate disagreements and passionate love. Scorpio desires power while Taurus aims for possessions. Taurus is more focused compared to its Scorpio partner. Both are concerned with wealth and security. Both Taurus and Scorpio value honesty and loyalty, but a Scorpio tends to have a more mysterious nature. While any jealousy can be flattering for a Scorpio, this can be unsettling for a Taurus. Both will need to assure one another of their emotional connection. These signs will need to talk about their views to continue to have a happy and long-lasting relationship.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

These signs together can have a passionate and incredible connection. Both Sagittarius and Taurus have so much to give and reciprocate from their union. When these signs have a love affair, a Taurus can demand more stability and commitment than what Sagittarius can provide. Sagittarius will add more adventure and excitement to the life of a Taurus. A Taurus is an earth sign, grounded and in need of stability, whereas a Sagittarius is independent, impulsive, and carefree. These two different personalities can either complement or cause tension in their relationship if they do not learn to accept one another. If they can both give their partner the assurances they need, compromise, and let each other know how special they are, their connection can be smooth and stable.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility

A Taurus with a Capricorn will have a practical and sensible relationship. The two are down-to-earth and logical. Both hesitate to invest too much into emotional connections. Capricorn and Taurus will admire the strength and dedication of each other. If they have a love affair, Taurus may find Capricorn to be too restrictive and conservative. Capricorn may find Taurus too idle and lazy for not prioritizing status and career over family. These signs can have a happy and long-lasting relationship if Taurus can teach Capricorn to unwind a bit and if Capricorn can motivate Taurus to attain their goals and makes their dreams a reality. Both Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs, which means they are about sensual pleasures, love, and beauty. Hardworking, they will be able to indulge and be comfortable. Their similar interests and dedication make them a perfect couple.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

If Aquarius and Taurus decide to commit and can find some balance, there isn’t anything they can’t do. Taurus is practical and grounded, whereas an Aquarius is unconventional and has a unique approach to almost everything. A Taurus fears change, and an Aquarius is progressive and easy-going. They may have only a few similarities, but both are determined to achieve success. An Aquarius with a Taurus may be better-suited as business partners than lovers. However, they can offer support, discipline, and hard work to their relationship. Taurus can teach Aquarius that life is about comfort and beauty, and an Aquarius can encourage Taurus to strive hard for betterment. Their powerful teamwork can overcome obstacles, and the two can have a satisfying relationship.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Compatibility of Taurus and Pisces

If Pisces and Taurus commit to a relationship, they can have a happy and empathetic connection. While a Taurus is practical and down to earth, a Pisces is dreamy and idealistic. Both are caring and nurturing and are looking for a harmonious and secure relationship. A Taurus is grounded, and a Pisces can put all of their goals into action. The two have a lot to offer to each other. Taurus may get annoyed with the Pisces emotionally instability, and Pisces may feel that Taurus is insensitive to their feelings. With patience and communication, A Taurus with a Pisces two should be able to overcome their differences. Taurus will be attracted to the tenderness, kindheartedness, and compassion of a Pisces. The two can build a deep, spiritual connection. Their differences can harmonize well and can help them to be a supportive and loving couple.
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