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Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac found between Taurus and Capricorn.  Virgo constellation is the second-largest found in the sky. Virgos are known to have great attention to detail and have a liking for order. They are also observers and known to carefully analyze things, which makes them one of the most careful people on the planet. Virgos are the most practical and mature people in any group. They are known to ground others, plan ahead and stay focused on their goals.

Have a look at the Virgo daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes below, including the Virgo love horoscope.

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Horoscope Date: January 20, 2020

You know the key to success relies on tackling something confidently and working your backside off. However, over-assessing your efforts won't produce better results and might serve only to delay them. Your authentic and unique approach to what you undertake now is enough to bring the outcome you need – and earn you a few admirers along the way. Just remember that perfection is always an illusion.

♡ Virgo Love Horoscope ♡

There could be an unusual keenness on your part to welcome tension or even confrontation if it allows you to speak your mind or make certain thoughts or feelings known and clear. Simmering situations could act as the perfect catalyst for open exchanges at this time. However, don't rule out how a loved one or someone close is on your side in ways you might not believe they are. A chance for them to prove this to you is coming, too.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: January 21, 2020

What feels restrictive or maybe enforced has undoubted benefits to you. As much as you might believe somebody is looking out for their best interests, it might take some time for you to see how much stress or tension has become removed from your world due to something they've decided or instigated. Don't convince yourself that you've drawn the short straw. You about to see how better off you are.

♡ Virgo Love Horoscope ♡

Seeing something shift to a new level emotionally could be what's needed to spur you on in other ways. However, try not to make too much happen too soon. Enthusiasm and optimism could fire you up in one way, but Neptune's influence with relationships and commitments could cause you to see a particular matter unrealistically. You know what to do where a longed-for development is concerned. Steps taken patiently are needed to turn this vision into something real.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: January 22, 2020

Sometimes, someone telling a joke struggles to do so because they're laughing so hard while telling it. Because we've yet to hear the punchline, we're unable to connect with the bigger picture they're aware of. Although you might feel you're not privy to essential information, that doesn't mean it won't arrive if you can summon the patience to allow it to. Soon, you'll have enough information to make sense of what currently appears senseless.

♡ Virgo Love Horoscope ♡

Making sense of much in life requires a need to apply logic to what appears or feels confusing. However, where your love life is concerned, logic could make things more confusing than provide the enlightenment you want. If ever there was a time to trust what you feel rather than what you think, it's now. A romantic or relationship dilemma needs you to be guided by your heart regarding what you want to achieve; the bold step needed to achieve it and to connect with the right time to take that step - or make that move.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: January 17, 2020 - January 23, 2020

This week, as Mercury forms a superb link with Venus, do you think it's possible to exude more charisma, find life noticeably easier, and become a tiny bit wealthier? The answer is a resounding 'yes' to each question! You're unlikely to be in any doubt about the fact that someone cares deeply for you, and you could also discover that you have more friends than you were aware of, too. Not only is your romantic outlook considerably more promising but financial matters also look set to be less precarious. So, prepare for a boost to your confidence and optimism levels that you not only need but also deserve!

♡ Virgo Love Horoscope ♡

Developments within your emotional world or a close connection could feel more like a wake-up call than inspiring during the coming days. However, making romantic or relationship progress relies on your ability to accept positive and potentially profound changes occurring in your love life or a close connection and the brief period of insecurity that likely accompanies these. Matters of the heart are being elevated to a very new level - and embracing rather than resisting what's altering needs to be your cosmic mission this week.

Top Love Matches: Cancer

Horoscope Date: January 2020

You could be reminded of the saying about being able to choose your friends but not your family as the month commences, mainly due to Mars influencing your emotional foundations from January 3rd until mid-February. Some Virgos could discover that a family member becomes a source of tension or antagonism during this time. However, it's also possible that something connected with your home or domestic set-up could need addressing and resolving urgently. But the word 'urgency' could also apply to other areas of your world, especially if you believe you don't have time to plan or prepare for changes you sense are coming or those that arise unexpectedly. Whatever occurs, keep your cool and remain calm because progress, security, and stability you need won't be achieved by adopting a 'headless chicken' approach.

♡ Virgo Love Horoscope ♡

With one heck of a powerful link between Saturn and Pluto occurring on January 12 that targets all things related to love and romance, January could be a 'make or break' month when it comes to matters of the heart. You mustn't misinterpret whatever significant shift occurs as an unpleasant or a backward step in your love life because to say something is being rebuilt in a better and stronger way is an understatement. However, whether this involves an existing connection being strengthened or removed from your world to make space for something or someone better remains to be seen. With Venus influencing relationships and commitments from January 13 until February 7, make the most of the significant potential for something to become sweeter between you and one lucky person. It can happen!

Top Love Matches: Cancer

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Aug 23 - Sep 22
Symbol: Virgin
Polarity: NegativeFlower: Sunflower
Quality: MutableGem: Peridot
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Virgo Compatibility

Virgos are extremely picky when it comes to love and relationships. While having good looks is nice for a Virgo, you’ve got to have more. Virgos are attracted to people who are ambitious, intelligent, and confident.  The zodiac signs that have a higher chance of winning the attention of a Virgo include Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. However, this doesn’t mean that others don’t have a chance. Nevertheless, if you are a Gemini or a Sagittarius, you may have to work extra hard to make a Virgo your friend. 

Aries zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Aries

These two are very different, and although there might be an element of compatibility between the two, the relationship may not last long. Both signs are heroes, and for the first few months, they will perfectly expose new ways to each other. However, once the love is no longer on high tide the two are left with glaring differences to deal with. Aries are impulsive, and they don’t take criticism and nagging nicely. Aries are also selfish, which makes Virgo feel unappreciated. Unless these two make lots of adjustments and compromises, this love match won’t work.
Taurus zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Taurus

This is a match made in heaven as you mix perfectly like cashmere and wool. Your friends will see you as the lovely couple who look good together. Both of you are earth signs who complement each other. The Taurus desire for security is a perfect match for Virgo's detailed attention. The fact that Taurus is concerned about issues but doesn’t overwhelmingly stress over them like a Virgo will make the Virgo learn to let go. Further, both of you are reliable and steady, and you are also hard workers, and this makes each one of you dependable. You also share the same goals in life, and you are sure of where you want to go in the future. This is a perfect match that needs little effort from either of you to work.
Gemini zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Gemini

The two of you are ruled by the speedy mercury planet. You are twins who can be compatible but with lots of work. While a Gemini is spontaneous, Virgo is focused on the details. Virgo is also extremely serious, which can scare a Gemini. Both of you are also very indecisive, which can be a disadvantage in the relationship. The good news is that Virgo's caring nature makes Gemini comfortable. Virgo is also attracted to the confidence and intellect that comes naturally to the Gemini. Virgo will also help the Gemini complete tasks that they usually start and don’t have the energy to complete. Since both of you have a need to communicate, you can find a language that both of you understand and make this relationship work. However, this is not the best of partners, and the relationship may not be satisfying in the long run.
Cancer zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Cancer

These two are fascinated with each other. They are also reliable partners who know they can depend on each other. Virgo is the helper while cancer loves to nurture. You will be thrilled to have a kind person by your side who loves to give more than to take. The pragmatic nature of Virgo is useful when Cancer gets carried away by their emotions. Since both of you are practical, you tend to make wise decisions even for your relationship. There are a lot of sweet feelings and innocence in this relationship, one characterized by hand-holding and sentimental gestures. Since you both love to stay at home and bond with family, you’ll enjoy spending time together.
Leo zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Leo

Leo is ruled by the fire element, so Leo’s power is strong enough to light up the universe. A Virgo who is in a relationship with a Leo is playing with fire. Leo thrives on praise and encouragement from others. On the other hand, Virgo is a perfectionist and will often criticize any efforts made by Leo. This may cause the awesome Leo to go quiet and shrink or even be annoyed. Virgo will also be frustrated by Leo's domineering and flamboyant nature. This relationship can only work if these two are mature and are willing to balance and support each other.
Virgo zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Virgo

Both of you are very intelligent and analytical. Since you are similar in everything, you’ll understand each other perfectly. Unfortunately, there is no spark between the two of you for a romantic relationship to grow. You are much better as business partners. This match can only work romantically if you set aside work and make time for more play.
Libra zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Libra

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and it’s an earth sign. Libra, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus with an air sign; meaning these two are very different. Virgo is too slow for the speedy air. Another significant difference is in the area of work and play. While Virgo is a hard worker, Libra is carefree which Virgo might interpret to be lazy and reckless. Libra is optimistic while Virgo is pessimist by nature. However, there are some similarities between you two, such as both of you are analytical and good communicators. The fact that you both avoid confrontation may result in resentment during differences. All in all, while some of the differences may work against you, you can also find a middle ground and choose to grow from each other.
Scorpio zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio are mysterious signs, and the mysteriousness is what attracts you to each other. Both of you are also workers and have a shared love for home and family. You both love your privacy, and you also make decisions based on calculated moves. While Virgo is an earth sign, Scorpion is a water sign which means you’ll enjoy each other’s company, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. In bed, the passionate and adventurous Scorpio may be too intense for the shy Virgo, but if the latter drops their guard for a while and Scorpio slows down a little bit, their sexual encounter will be incredible. This is bound to be a healthy relationship, which will keep the two engaged for many years.
Sagittarius zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Sagittarius

Sagittarius has fire as its element. These are people who are known to be fun to be around. They are also friendly and courageous. Their creativity is also very high, represented by the archer symbol. They are very different from the hardworking earth sign, which is also shy and a stickler for order. The contrasting traits are the most significant disadvantage of this relationship. While a Sagittarius will go through life with lots of excitement, a Virgo would rather go through it meticulously. A Virgo may also be too critical for the happy and carefree partner. A Sagittarius also believes in the expression of one's feelings and the reserved nature of the Virgo can make a Sagittarius feel unloved. The strength of this relationship lies in the fact that the two are very flexible, which means that they may opt to change themselves for the relationship to thrive.
Capricorn zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Capricorn

Just like Virgo and Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn share the earth element. This makes them see eye to eye on most issues. Capricorn is a hard worker who has a long term view of their relationship, which works well for Virgo. These two signs have much in common, and respect each other which makes the relationship work. Both of you love to help others, and your relationship is full of warmth and laughter. Virgo benefits from Capricorn’s practical nature that often draws the thoughtful Virgo from their unending thoughts. This is a relationship that will most likely end up in a happy long-lasting marriage.
Aquarius zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Aquarius

This is an odd couple that might need a lifetime to figure each other out. Introvert Virgo has a habit of being too judgmental, and they tend to overthink. The cheerful Aquarius is the unofficial best friend of everyone in town. The lifestyles of these two are also very different. Virgo may want to spend time indoors, but Aquarius is the individual who rarely misses a party. However, the similarities that can keep you together include that you both like to help others, and you are drawn towards perfection. You are also both intelligent and sharp, which would make communication enlightening for both of you. For the relationship to work, both of you will have a lot to learn from each other.
Pisces zodiac symbol artwork

Virgo and Pisces

These are opposites that attract. Virgo is drawn to the elusive Pisces who is also carefree and unburdened by the cares of life. He is everything that Virgo likes. Pisces is attracted to the Virgo’s ability to juggle different activities all at once and their caring nature. Both of you adore the other’s divergent characteristics While Virgo is the doer in this union, Pisces is the dreamer. Virgo can help Pisces be in touch with reality, and Virgo's practical nature is a good trait for Pisces dreamy nature. Pisces will help Virgo be in touch with their spirituality, and the overthinking Virgo will find relief in the compassionate emotional nature of Pisces. This is a practical relationship that is also productive for both of you. Each partner will be loyal to the other, which is good for the relationship to continue blossoming.
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