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The 3 of Pentacles Minor Tarot Card has three people in a church cathedral. Two of them seem to be skilled architects. They are listening to a young apprentice. The two architects have plans in their hands, and they are listening as the apprentice gives the progress of the construction project. There is also the opposite card i.e. the 3 Of Pentacles Reversed or Three Of Pentacles Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

Although the architects are experienced, they don’t demean the apprentice. They give him a chance to share his contributions showing that they hold him in high esteem. The card shows that the three are working together towards a goal and they are making progress.

The 3 of Pentacles in the Upright Position

The Three of Pentacles symbolizes:

  • Collaboration
  • Study
  • Teamwork
  • Long term plans
  • Commitment
  • Vision

The Three of Pentacles Minor Tarot card lets us know that there is strength in doing things together. This card in your spread indicates that you should embrace teamwork to accomplish the goal at hand.

In terms of work and career, the cards indicate that you are about to get rewarded only if you are willing to work hard and collaborate with others. You need to remain focused on the task at hand. Put in the effort in your business or job, and you will get some benefits soon.

Regarding love and relationships, the 3 of Pentacles indicates that you are putting in the work in your relationship. In case you have challenges, the card lets you know that you can seek help from a counselor. If you are single, the Three of Pentacles is suggesting that getting help from a matchmaker or an older friend will help you get your special someone.

When it comes to money and investment, the Three of Pentacles in the upright position indicates that you will get rewarded for your hard work. If you have been struggling financially, you are about to get a break.

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The 3 of Pentacles in the Reversed Position

In the reversed position, the Three of Pentacles means:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Little growth
  • Misalignment
  • Lack of goals
  • No focus

In the inverted position, the Three of Pentacles shows the effects of a lack of focus or ignoring teamwork. It is a card that is guiding you on the reasons why you aren’t succeeding. If you are reluctant to collaborate with others due to lack of trust or maybe you don’t have enough money to partner on a new contract, the card is cautioning you that this isn’t the best time to walk alone.

The Three of Pentacles in the Time Based Position

  • Past – In the past position, the Three of Pentacles signifies that you may have worked hard in the past, which is why you may be where you are today. It may also mean that you may have partnered with a few others on a project, and you may be reaping the benefits of this collaboration.
  • Present – In this position, the Three of Pentacles may mean that you will need to partner with a third party to meet a goal. This may be someone skilled or with more experience than you, and this collaboration will pay off. The card may also mean that you need to make an effort to master something if you want to move forward.
  • Future – In this position, the 3 of Pentacles indicates that you need to prepare to enter into a partnership with a third party who will help you achieve your goals. It may also mean that soon you are going to be rewarded for your hard work and determination

Other Associations

  • Yes or no question – Yes
  • Element – Earth


In conclusion, the Three of Pentacles is a good card when it appears in your spread. It brings good things, especially in your career and business. It shows the benefits of teamwork and collaboration. The card advises you that now is the time to embrace your inner circle and work together to achieve a goal. If you wish to know more about this card visit here.

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