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How Click4Advisor Works

About Click4Advisor

What is Click4Advisor?

Click4Advisor powers Predict My Future; a professional tarot card and psychic reading site. Expert psychics registered with us get paid to provide secure advice on the phone, or in private chat psychic reading sessions.

What is the protection offered to users’ private data?

Your personal information is fully protected. Your name, phone number, email address, and invoicing data are not revealed to anybody, including our Psychic experts.

Our Psychic advisors are only given your username and, other than during readings; can communicate with you only through the Click4Advisor Message Center or respond to your email via our Contact Us form.

What is the rate of a call with a Psychic?

Each tarot card reader or psychic sets their individual rate per minute. Be sure to check the Advisor’s rate before you make a call on our dedicated psychic chat line.

What is the procedure to call Psychics?

To receive psychic readings, experts can be called by using the call button on the Psychics listing page, and then typing your Username, password, and phone number in the Pop-Up window, and then clicking on the ‘Call on Phone’ button. You will get connected by a chat window on our psychic chat line, or, by a call on our psychic phone line, to any of our Psychic experts.

Using the Dial-In service to our Psychic experts is yet another method of getting in touch with our psychic and angel readers.

How can one call your Psychics for clients not based in North America?

Calls are taken by our power Psychics; from most countries. If the caller’s country allows them to call, they simply click Call Now in the advisor profile page or listing anywhere on the site. If not, the caller can “Arrange a Chat” via the Psychic reader’s profile page.

How can one be sure of the expertise of the Psychic I plan to call?

You can rest assured and feel fully confident that every Psychic reader with us has been tested for effectiveness and good conduct. You can also read long biographies of specific power Psychics after seeing their photographs and short bio. In addition, you can read the feedback of other callers about the Psychics. This will help you to select a suitable phone Psychic for your needs.

Do I get charged for a call when a Psychic is ‘Available’, and I cannot reach him/her?

Click for Advisor uses a 30-Second buffer zone to avoid wrong charges because of Advisors’ inaccessibility during the specific times advertised for availability. You will be linked to the phone line of a phone psychic for half a minute free of charge. In case you could not get connected directly for some reason; you can hang up during these 30 seconds without any cost.

What is the concept behind “Arrange a Call” and how does one use it?

If one of our psychics by phone is on another call or not available, you can make a click4talk call back request to receive a call when the Psychic is free by providing the time you are willing to wait for such a return call from the expert.

This saves you the trouble of having to do a continuous check on the expert’s availability. It is possible to make a click4talk call back request either by arranging a call from one of our range of psychics by phone’s bio pages or by using the Click for Advisor Dial-In service and acting on the voice prompts.

How do I send an email to an Advisor in your psychic network?

You can send an email by visiting any Advisor’s page.

Is there an option of leaving feedback regarding my call experience with the Psychic?

Regarding your interaction with the Psychic, you can submit your feedback either by clicking on the Feedback link given in the bio of the Psychic’s page or by going to the Usage Transaction section after logging in.

If for the chosen transaction, there is yet no feedback from you it will show as “Waiting”. Click and type in your feedback. After completion, the feedback will be displayed in the feedback column as “Submitted”.

You can submit feedback within 60 days for those calls that have been transacted. Feedback of calls completed within the 30 second buffer zone will not be recorded. We consider all feedback to evaluate our Psychic network. This page lists the most informative feedback for the benefit of other users.

How do I recharge my account?

To make a deposit, call 1-888-626-7386 or login to your User Web Interface. While you are on a call with your Psychic, you can also add money. A voice prompt will direct you to click on one to deposit money when one minute is remaining. The time for adding money does not count against your remaining time.

Please explain the Click4Advisor 1-800 Dial-In service?

1-888-626-7386 is the Click 4 Advisor Dial-In service number. Registered users can enter the Click for Advisor system even without a computer. You can check your balance, add money, and contact Psychics using this service.

What is the procedure to use the Click4Advisor 1-800 Dial-In service?

You should have a unique Dial-In ID and PIN to access. In the member Web Interface, go to the User Profile section, click on the Update Dial-In Pin link. On seeing your unique Dial-In ID, you can make your own personal Dial-In PIN. When you’ve done that, you can start using the service by calling 1-888-626-7386.

How do I use the 1-800 Dial-In service for calling Psychic Advisors?

For our Psychics or angel readers’ services, you should have not only your own Dial-ID and PIN but also that of the Psychic or angel reader. You can see this in the Psychic’s Click4Advisor phone window. Call 1-888-626-7386, enter your Dial-In ID and PIN, choose a Psychic and then enter the relevant advisor id.

Do I have to incur an extra cost to use the Dial-In service?

Every activity via the Dial-In service is through Click 4 Advisor Internet system and is totally free.

Is it possible to check details of my deposits and calls?

A record of your payments and calls for psychic chats and psychic readings by phone can be viewed by logging into your account. Go to the Deposit Transactions section, select Deposit Summary for deposits and check the details of your deposits here.

For Call history, go to the Usage Transaction section, and you will see a list of date and time of calls, the time spent, and the money withdrawn from your account.

Resolution of Disputes

To resolve disputed calls concerning psychic chats or psychic calls, within 48 hours of the call, inform your Advisor via the Web interface. Please also inform “Admin” so that transactions can be put on hold until resolution. Only the records of SPG Solutions (clickforadvisor) will be considered for calculating charges. The right to credit your account, in full or part, for the disputed transaction in question is reserved by SPG Solution (clickforadvisor). Credit can be used towards calls made later. The limit for reimbursement is restricted to two transactions per month.

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