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At Predict My Future, we offer intuitive, insightful, and empowering online psychic medium readings. Our spiritual medium readers, otherwise known as past life readers, are carefully selected based on their abilities and experience. You can trust their gifted skills for inspiring and compassionate psychic phone readings with your loved ones, or even other people that have passed over.

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Female Psychic Reader specializing in love, career, finance, family, marriage, divorce.
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 30 reviews
 by Shannon Holmes

I strongly value honesty and I got that on this website. I would recommend any day.

 by Savannah Lynch

I was surprised that she showed genuine care about me. This made my experience very personal and I have a feeling that’s how she is with all her clients. Kudos!

 by Guillermo Mcgrath

I’ve always been so curious about what my future holds. Diana cleared all my doubts in one reading.

 by Maliyah Castillo

I’m yet to see any website that beats Predict My Future when it comes to psychic readings. It’s clear that they don’t just put random psychics on here, each one is amazing at what they do.

 by Bethany

She highlighted an issue I was dealing with and that instantly touched my heart because I was feeling so alone. Hearing someone else talk about what I was going through is something I don’t take for granted. Thanks so much!

 by Lily Russell

I loved my reading! I’ll be calling again soon for more.

 by Jamie Preston

Been searching for a psychic that is spot on and I found her on Predict My Future. Within seconds she was able to tell me of exact events in my life and gave me so much confidence in her abilities.

 by Alexandre Becker

My readings are always insightful and interesting. I’m glad I found a website I can trust.

 by April Hart

After trying the free 3 minutes, I was hooked. I called again to get a full reading and it helped me make some tough decisions I needed to make in my life.

 by Kaitlin Phillips

Beautiful experience, can’t wait to do this again!

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Advisor Diana

Diana is a 3rd generation Psychic & Spiritual Advisor, specializing in love, career, finance, family, marriage, divorce, etc. With 25 yrs exp she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, & empathic.
Profile Picture of Psychic Deena
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 100 reviews
 by Sarah Kellan

Psychic Deena was right again. Wow. Coming back again.

 by Elizabeth Coleman

This psychic reader was very sweet and helpful with guidance about my ex 🙂 Would very much recommend.

 by John Nolan

It’s nice to be able to talk to someone and not feel judged. Thank you so much for this reading.

 by Kayla Holmes

Had the right information for me about why things were going to be changing soon for me— it was a pleasure chatting with and learning from!

 by Emily Johnson

Super amazing person! We’ve been in conversation for a few months, and she is incredibly accurate with dates and events occurring in my life. Super, freakishly accurate! And so reassuring.

 by Reynold Junior

I got clarity from this reading which I very much needed.

 by Lily Wise

Thank you. Great insights on my lucky days. Looking forward to seeing what happens. The last time a psychic on Predict My Future gave me my lucky days it worked out well!

 by Oliver Munn

Very responsive and attuned to the situation I presented! I’ll definitely call you back. Many blessings to you!

 by Alexandra Bright

It brought the insight and information I needed. I was having serious relationship problems, and it looks like they are fixed now because of this info.

 by Jorge Romero

You are so much on point. This gives me hope.

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Psychic Medium Deena

Deena is a gifted Psychic Medium who has been proven to give accurate, detailed readings about the past, present or future, and to communicate with the loved ones of her clients who have passed on.
Profile Picture of Psychic Michelle
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 108 reviews
 by Claris Omen

I think I’ve finally got the most reliable psychic website! I will be back with updates! Thank you.

 by Francis Kamal

I believe she sees into my future and also communicated with my deceased mother. I highly recommend!

 by Camilo James

Thank you very much for today’s reading. I’m sorry I had to cut things short but I will call soon.

 by Patrick Just

Psychic Michelle is always accurate. Straight to the point and tells the truth. Totally love the fact that she’s trustworthy!!!

 by Ethan Wolman

Superb! Thank you for your kindness.

 by Claire Pfizer

I always call Predict My Future psychics because they only have 5-star psychics. This was my first time doing a psychic reading with Michelle. She’s calming, brings positive vibes, powerful insights, and I loved her reading.

 by Morgan Brett

She is super fast and easy to speak with. She gives excellent advice and has helped me through times when I had a broken heart. Her guidance helps me get back on track.

 by Hailey Browne

Your voice shows kindness from your heart. It was great talking to you. Take care beautiful.

 by Jacob Greene

So supportive. Great listener and I would contact you again.

 by Avery Trina

She gave me the information I longed to hear for a long time. I needed answers and advice to get on the right life path. She gave me that.

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Michelle is an Energy Reader & Life Coach. She can feel your emotions. Whether Career, family, relationships, finances, or a general reading – Michelle gives accurate descriptive information.
Lilley best love psychic looking straight on
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Jody M.

When she mentioned my alcoholic problem, I knew I was in safe hands. Thanks again for being so encouraging and understanding.

 by Vincent Richards

Swift, accurate and direct reading. Thanks!

 by Kitty Roth

I continually have a great experience every time I use this website. I am looking forward to many more awesome sessions.

 by Hailey Fox

I lost my dad a while back and really needed some closure to move on with my life. Psychic Lilley already knew what I was concerned about and focused on connecting me with him during the reading. I can’t thank her enough, she’s amazing.

 by Kimberly Turner

My reading was off the roof. It was so powerful that I had to call 3 more times to get the full reading. Absolutely wonderful!

 by Aaron Rivera

Predict My Future is a great website for anyone who wants to get real psychics with genuine readings!!

 by Bibi Odom

The first time I had a reading she told me why I was having bad energy all around me. She offered guidance and I followed the steps she mentioned and they worked. Now I often come to her for a reading whenever I need some help in my life.

 by Carrie Guerrero

She was able to connect with my angels and received answers from them about me. Everything she told me was clear, direct and with such a kind disposition.

 by Gracia Lane

Reading took me through a cleansing process, it was awesome feeling connected to people I had lost in the past. She also talked me through my future and I learnt so much.

 by Bob Camacho

I’ve had three readings on predictmyfuture.com and each one was well worth it. I was so impressed that I got my wife on here to try it too.

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Lilley is very experienced as a Psychic/Clairvoyant & Medium. As a Psychic/Tarot Reader with Paranormal Investigation experience & parapsychology degree, she provides great accuracy on what your future holds.
Profile Picture of Psychic Hollywood Terri
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
 by Brandon Combs

Hollywood Terri helped me connect with my grandma during my reading and that was such an important thing for me, especially at this stage in my life. I finally got answers to some questions. Many thanks.

 by Robin Ferguson

Thanks for being so helpful and kind.

 by Keshawn Ayers

I like that she made the experience fun for me. She was able to tell that I was worried the whole psychic-reading-me thing would be weird. SoTerri didn’t beat around the bush and even made a few jokes. Loved it.

 by Grace Sutton

I’ve tried about 6 psychics on this website and each one was so unique in their mannerisms. I love that they’re not following any step-by-step guide but flow according to the individual they’re reading. It’s beautiful.

 by Curtis Barton

I desperately needed closure and this reading gave me that. I’m looking forward to taking on life one step at a time.

 by Yandel Booker

It’s great how she makes you see the positive out of every situation, even when things look bad. She’s definitely gifted.

 by Niya Chapman

I think my reading was so powerful because she genuinely connected with my energy waves. I could feel her drawing messages and that made my experience so deep. I hope my next reading will be just as great. Thank you.

 by Niya Chapman

I think my reading was so powerful because she genuinely connected with my energy waves. I could feel her drawing messages and that made my experience so deep. I hope my next reading will be just as great. Thank you.

 by Raquel Alvarado

I recommend this psychic for anyone who values attention to detail. Great reading.

 by Jacey Nash

She is simply a gem! She is always so friendly yet professional. I love talking to her and have had quite a number of readings, it’s safe to call her a friend now!

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Hollywood Terri

Terri is a Psychic Medium who helps find your life purpose. A compassionate & soulful healer, she inspires spiritual growth by identifying & removing challenges that prevent forward movement in your life.
Mystic Nora spiritual advisor headshoot
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
 by Wendy Oroczo

She knows her stuff!! Definitely calling again.

 by Vicky Blair

She’s fun to talk with and gave me a direct approach to the issues we spoke about. I must truly say, I had no idea a psychic would have such a great sense of humor.

 by Mareli Moreno

I asked her tobring me some clarity about my professional career. I love that she focused on that aspect but still added some details about my relationship with my mother. Thanks to this reading I began to understand why my mom did certain things to me. My time with this psychic was totally worth it.

 by Gianna Chung

I feel like I just got the best gift this year. She revealed something I had no idea was coming my way and her guidance helped me handle it perfectly. Thank you!!!

 by Valerie Lloyd

Mystic Nora communicated easily with my angels and passed on messages to me with so much clarity. I was impressed by how gifted she is.

 by Layla Wolfe

I truly got the impression that she cared about me and my situation. Her prediction was remarkable!

 by Sydney Howard

So humble and sweet, talking to her was a breeze. Psychic Nora was very accurate!

 by Tyrene Swanson

Excellent ability to understand my situation and offer advice. She was also empathetic through it all.

 by Anne Montoya

As soon as the reading started, I felt at ease. Her voice was soothing and calm, and she assured me I could trust her. Overall a sweet experience.

 by Konnor Dixon

Her suggestions were wise and practical. They made a lot of sense and when I began to try them out in my life, I saw great improvements.

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Mystic Nora

Nora – 4th generation Psychic Reader & Spiritual Advisor. She can feel, hear & see your energy field. Once she clarifies any issues & where your life is headed, you’ll see a clearer, improved path to your future.
female psychic reader headshoot
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Genevieve Angel

Genevieve is a natural born psychic with 20 plus yrs experience. She sees & communicates with spirit guides to tell your past, present & future. Honest answers. No judgment
Psychic Daisy headshoot, best angel readings
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Psychic Daisy

Daisy’s clients love her Psychic Love Analysis Readings. Truthfully bringing light & guidance to issues in your love life, family, career, health, or marriage. Find the true path to your destiny now!
Profile Picture of Psychic Medium Joy
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 60 reviews
 by Houlton John

Thanks! The reading I received earlier was great! Soon after the psychic reading, the prediction came true. I will be returning soon for more.

 by Grace Velma

Great reading! Fast, accurate, and she confirmed what I was feeling towards my boyfriend and our romantic situation.

 by Makayla Queen

I’ve never had such a great connection! I felt she knew me personally! Quick responses and so accurate. I will soon update you!

 by Maria Finch

I’m a first-timer to Predict My Future and was a bit skeptical. However, I will be coming back for more. I received more than I anticipated.

 by Julian Kasha

Amazing! She cares so much and is so accurate. I am super grateful that I had the ability to connect to her today. Highly recommend.

 by Jovanni Kirk

I completely loved the reading. This has given me so much hope and lifted my spirit. You were so nice and easy to talk to. I’m confident your predictions will happen. Will call soon.

 by Audrey Black

Psychic Joy – my psychic readings with you are always a moment that I forward to having. Thank you.

 by John Randall

I love you and your psychic readings. You are so spot on.

 by Hannah Weismann

I will return soon. You read the situation clearly, and you even knew the third person exactly. Wow!

 by Mackenzie Goodson

You predicted I would meet someone this month, and it happened! He is more than I imagined! I’m taking things slowly, but he is all I ever needed and more! I hope it lasts forever ♥️

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Psychic Medium Joy

Joy is a Clairvoyant Medium. She is Clairaudient, Clairsentient, & Clairempathetic. Specializing in Mind reading, Channeling, & Spiritual Counseling on love, relationships, health, career, & past lives.
Profile Picture of Psychic Anastasia
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by Kim Pruitt

She is one of the greatest compassionate people I’ve ever met! It was so easy speaking with her and her recommendations have brought me so much closure and healing. What an incredible woman!

 by Randall Hughes

My dad and I were not on talking terms due to some bad blood between us. I had a wonderful session with Psychic Anastasia that helped me see things in perspective. I’m learning to have a better relationship with my dad now. Thanks again for your help.

 by Ariella Hood

Her soothing words helped clear the blockages in my body. I call for a reading once in a while to get her caring guidance and advice.

 by Xander Allen

I started out by mentioning a bit of my past and she quickly picked up on my energy and revealed things I didn’t even know about myself. I think my best part by far was hearing what the near future holds for me. I look forward to another session!

 by Regina Greer

Psychic Anastasia asked me all the right questions and then impressed me her answers. The reading was truly an eye-opener.

 by Damaris Cuevas

Mind-blowing. Just mind-blowing!

 by Reese Cooley

Anastasia is my go-to girl whenever I have any doubts or issues I’m struggling with. Talking to her always ends up being the best decision I made.

 by Amy Glase

She broke down any part I found complex during the session and that helped me understand what to do. I think she’s an exceptional psychic.

 by Paige Osborn

I love getting free minutes on this website, it’s always worth a couple extra dollars on top talking to one of their psychics!

 by Carolina Miles

It was a very relaxing experience for me. The only time I got uncomfortable she immediately calmed me and took me through the reading effortlessly. I’d like to talk to her again.

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Anastasia has been blessed with the gifts of Mediumship, Clairvoyancy, Clairaudiency, Remote Viewing, and Channeling. She has helped countless people over the years in different areas of their lives!
Softbreez life coach headshoot also known as an animal communicator
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 118 reviews
 by Danielle Salvador

I call Softbreez regularly. She’s a good psychic, and her predictions come to pass, merci!

 by Evan Muse

It was a great call. I wish I had more funds. I will call you soon.

 by Leroy Fuller

Great reading. I can’t wait to see my boyfriend and tell him that I understand him now. Thanks for letting me know what he was thinking. Now everything he said and did makes sense.

 by Cassandra Ulises

I only call Predict My Future psychics because I want accurate readings and they are the best.

The psychic abilities that Softbreez has are worth the time and money and so much more. I am encouraged. Looking forward to seeing these come to pass.

 by Michael Dean

Amazingly correct and truthful psychic!

 by Brigid Bianca

I like that she remembers me when I call. I love the advice and directions and have learned to take heed. She’s accurate!

 by Amelia Muniz

Very refreshing session. I always know that Psychic Softbreez will say something I wasn’t expecting, something new and uplifting.

 by Roderick Sala

Sorry we got cut off 🙁 but thank you so much for the clarity! Have a great year ahead!

 by Danielle Salvador

I call Softbreez regularly. She’s a good psychic, and her predictions come to pass, merci!

 by Evan Muse

It was a great call. I wish I had more funds. I will call you soon.

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Softbreez is a gifted Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator who has the ability to transmit messages from your loved ones, including your pets!
Psychic katz looking straight forward.best phone readings.
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 132 reviews
 by Rhanya Tye

Thank you for the clear and honest reading.

 by Toni Hope

All my readings from Predict My Future have been right for the past year. The timelines were spot on. I like a website like this with just a few psychics because they only take the best. I want accuracy and I get it on this website.

 by Shawna Channing

She’s super amazing. Repeat client here.

 by Brendan Jones

You’re an amazing person who I could spend hours talking to. Your directions regarding my questions gave me hope. Thank you so much and I hope they all come to pass.

 by Nicole Zane

What an accurate reading by connecting to my spirit guides! You picked up my situation quickly and brought me on track. Now I have hope for the future.

 by Tanya Gomez

I’m sorry for the disconnection. Thank you for the clear reading and particularly pointing me to what I should look out for.

 by John Carter

She knows everything plus the details are on point. She reads your mind and gives you suggestions to do. Very helpful psychic!

 by Ariella Mumak

You really helped me fix my relationship and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. My boyfriend and I have fought and broke up so many times that it made me lose confidence in him. But with your advice things are rolling along smoothly and I feel safe again. That’s priceless!

 by Angelica Malik

Psychic Katz was so attentive. She listened all through. I’ve never expected to talk to such a person with a huge heart. She helped me so much and didn’t judge my weird relationship, she just helped.

 by Anton Briscoe

The kindest of people and the best of them all is found in her. She was truly patient and kind to me everytime we talked. She seeks to help always, and is good. Her predictions are for real.

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Psychic Katz (English or Spanish)

Katz provides The Oracle of Obi, Pendulum, Oracle Cards & more divination methods. Expert in Romance, Career, Finance, Health, etc. Recognized internationally, she helps people from all walks of life.
Profile Picture of Psychic Kathleen
Predict My Future
Average rating:  
 107 reviews
 by Jennifer Smith

Amazing psychic reader. Has a great personality and picked up on my breakup easily and accurately. I followed her advice and I think the relationship is going to heal now. I will contact her soon.

 by George West

Beautiful advice that aligns with how my relationship seems to be headed. Very helpful even though time was short.

 by Olivia Paige

She has helped to improve my life by providing insights into matters that are important to me. She’s also easy to talk with and a great listener. Thank you!

 by Aubrey Collard

She is just the best psychic reader. Thanks Psychic Kathleen. You really get me.

 by Sophia Wanda

Very helpful and very understanding. I thought you might judge me when I said I was dating a woman, but you didn’t even hesitate for a second. It’s nice to talk to someone who is understanding. Thank you for your guidance

 by Evelyn Makena

Thank you so very much for the honesty and the reading. You’re such a fantastic person. I will let you know what happens.

 by Leah Nigel

I felt very comfortable doing this psychic reading with you. I feel better now, but I still really look forward to the predictions happening.

 by Howard Jones

Thank you so much for the reading! You have helped me so much. I ran out of time to thank you personally, I’m sorry. I will take your advice and work on it :’)

 by Fredrick Makaria

She confirmed what I thought. Everything was in my hands and the sense of security is restored with my partner. Grateful indeed.

 by Harding Lowell

Very delighted to have met you. Very enlightened and she can really read you based on very limited information I gave. I will definitely return.

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Kathleen is an honest and compassionate Psychic Medium who specializes in relationships. When you are ready to hear your truth and make positive life changes, your spirit guide will send you to Kathleen.

Famous Past Life Readers

Some people may shy away from a medium psychic reading because they are afraid that some scary spirit will appear. This doesn’t happen because our readers are experienced and gifted and have natural and authentic skills.

The famous Long Island Medium Teresa Caputo and John Edwards have made numerous people curious about what to expect from past life readers. A real medium should be able to connect with your passed friends and loved ones and deliver specific and detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions on Psychic Medium Reading

If you are unsure, below is a list of our most frequently asked medium reading questions and their answers.

We sincerely hope the answers to these questions will put your mind at ease. These answers will help you feel comfortable and confident to have a reading finally. We encourage you to learn and gain a better understanding of how past life readers use their gifts and spiritual tools to guide you to a better path, career, or relationship.

incense burning

What is a medium reading?

A medium reading relates to the insights given from the communication made with the spirits of our deceased loved ones. The medium uses their psychic spiritual abilities to connect with your loved one and channel their feelings, thoughts, and messages to you. Mediums as a messenger bringing messages from those who have passed to the living.

Essentially, past life readers as bridges between the human and spiritual worlds. Our psychic phone readings bring you specific and detailed information from your loved ones who have crossed over to the afterlife.

Is a psychic medium reading the same as a psychic reading?

No, a psychic reading is not the same as a medium psychic reading. While all mediums are psychics, not every psychic is a medium.  Psychics can see your physical world’s past, present, and future. They blend with your energy and talk about your life and reaching your full potential.

On the other hand, past life readers or spiritual mediums cross the physical and spirit world boundaries. This makes it possible for them to connect and communicate with your loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. They can give you information from other sources and energies, and then go to the spirit world and connect with loved ones and the divine to provide you with a complete, clear, and healing message.

A medium blends with the energy of the deceased and increases his or her own to communicate with the soul in the spirit world. They take their abilities to another dimension.

Readings are a great way to find the guidance you need and to know that your loved ones are safe and happy on the other side. Both are valuable and precious, just different.

The psychic medium does this in two ways:

Mental Mediumship: the medium makes use of additional senses other than our five senses to join with those in the spirit world. These added senses include Clair empathy (deep empathy), clairsentience (spiritual feelings), clairvoyance (spiritual vision), and clairaudience (spiritual hearing). With mediumship, there are a variety of energies coming and going over a brief period.

Channeling: the medium allows or invites a spirit to enter or speak through their body and aura. This spirit can belong to your deceased friend or family member. The psychic medium and spirit can develop a trusting relationship over time. Therefore, many people use the same psychic for mediumship again and again. You may receive messages of love, truth, and a feeling of enlightenment and guidance from the spirit speaker.

Are past life readers going to do anything scary?

Many people may have misunderstandings or are nervous about their first reading with past life readers. However, a medium reading is not spooky or scary.

We respect and understand your concerns. You can be confident that the spirits coming through are loving, caring, and supportive. Many find that it is a lovely and precious experience.

Communication with the spirit world is for healing. Not only for the person in the spirit world but also for the person that is still here in the physical world. You will gain clarity and insight and can open up a pathway for personal growth.

past life readers, medium reading, spiritual medium readers, medium psychic reading, Psychic Medium Reading, mediumship reading, physic phone readings

What can I expect from a Predict My Future online medium reading or psychic phone readings?

Understanding how an online medium reading works can be complicated for some. As many think that medium readings have to be face to face.

However, whether you have face-to-face reading, psychic phone readings, or online readings, they all work similarly. A psychic medium can connect with you online just as accurately and intuitively as a face-to-face session.

Our spiritual medium readers recommend online reading as they point out that these readings are void of distractions.

During an online medium reading, our psychic mediums may ask you a few questions just before. such as your date of birth and your name. They will also enquire if you have specific questions to ask during the reading.

At this point, you can tell them the loved one you want to unite with. The psychic will start connecting with your loved ones’ spirit.

When they make a connection, the medium will start the reading by describing the spirit they have linked with as you confirm the description of this person. Once the identification is successful, the medium will pass on the message from your deceased loved one to you.

woman meditating

How do I prepare for my medium psychic reading?

Here are a few tips you can use to prepare for your medium reading.

  • Review where you are in connection to grieving for your loved one: If you are depressed, sad, and angry due to the death of your loved one, be honest about it. You should try to be in a secure state of mind before you seek a medium reading. meaning that you can feel safe being truthful about your feelings. It is essential to have the session if you think it will help you process your loss.
  • Choose the right psychic medium for your reading: There are many psychic mediums on Predict My Future. Try to research a bit to see which readers’ profile resonates with you.

You can see that séance is much more full of distractions than a one-on-one past life reading. Séance meaning is when a meeting is held to contact the dead, especially through a medium. Séance sessions with several people are not nearly as accurate because there are too many energies in the room. Each person vibrates on a different frequency making it incredibly hard to contact their loved ones that have passed over. When the psychic phone readings or phone psychic medium does their reading only with you, they avoid distractions and focus on meeting your needs.

You can see on the Predict My Future website how much experience each psychic medium has. Please do not ignore your intuition. It can help you know if you will have a strong, energetic connection with a particular medium or past life reader.

  • Have an open mind before your reading: A medium reading can be a deep and emotional experience. As you connect and communicate with your departed loved one. Have an open mind as you may experience a range of emotions. Also, be open and ready to listen to your loved ones’ messages. You may want to take notes. It can give you something you can refer to and resonate with after the reading.

A psychic medium reading may be the opportunity you need to communicate with your departed loved one. It can also help with closure, clarity, and comfort on issues that you felt were left unresolved.

You may also be provided with guidance to handle any struggles. A session with a gifted medium may change your life forever. While it may not take away the pain or sadness. it can allow you to connect and recognize that we will see our loved ones on the other side again.

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