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At Predict My Future, we offer intuitive, insightful, and empowering online psychic medium readings. Our spiritual medium readers, otherwise known as past life readers, are carefully selected based on their abilities and experience. You can trust their gifted skills for inspiring and compassionate psychic phone readings with your loved ones that have passed over.

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Hollywood Terri

Terri is a Psychic Medium who help you find your purpose in life. She is a compassionate and soulful healer, who inspires spiritual growth by helping to identify and remove strains that prevent one from pushing forward in life.
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Lilley has many years experience in Psychic/Clairvoyant &Medium work. As a Psychic/Tarot Reader with Paranormal investigation experience & parapsychology degree, she provides great accuracy on what your future holds.
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Kathleen is an honest and compassionate Psychic Medium who specializes in relationships. When you are ready to hear your truth and make positive life changes, your spirit guide will send you to Kathleen.
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Anastasia has been blessed with the gifts of Mediumship, Clairvoyancy, Clairaudiency, Remote Viewing, and Channeling. She has helped countless people over the years in different areas of their lives!
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Psychic Medium Joy

Joy is a Clairvoyant Medium. She is Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairempathetic. Mind reading, Channeling, and Spiritual Counseling on love, relationships, health, career, and past lives are her specialties!
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Josfene is a clairvoyant and clairaudient advisor who also has the gift of mediumship. She also has over 10 years experience offering psychic readings. Her services are highly sought after.

Mystic Nora

Nora is a 4th generation Psychic Reader & Spiritual Advisor. She can feel, hear & see into your energy field. Once she clarifies any issues & where your life is headed, you’ll see a clearer, improved path to your future.
Profile Picture of Psychic Michelle
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Michelle is an Energy Reader and Life Coach. When working with a client she can feel their emotions. Whether Career, family, relationships, finances, or just a general reading- Michelle gives accurate descriptive information.
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Psychic Daisy

Daisy’s clients love her Psychic Love Analysis Readings. Speaking the truth, she brings light & guidance to problems in your love life, family, career, health, or marriage. Find the true path to your destiny now!

Famous Past Life Readers

Some people may shy away from a medium psychic reading because they are afraid that some scary spirit will appear. This doesn’t happen because our readers are experienced and gifted and have natural and authentic skills.

The famous Long Island Medium Teresa Caputo and John Edwards have made numerous people curious about what to expect from past life readers. A real medium should be able to connect with your passed friends and loved ones and deliver specific and detailed information.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Psychic Medium Reading

If you are unsure, below is a list of our most frequently asked medium reading questions and their answers.

We sincerely hope the answers to these questions will put your mind at ease. These answers will help you feel comfortable and confident to have a reading finally. We encourage you to learn and gain a better understanding of how past life readers use their gifts and spiritual tools to guide you to a better path, career, or relationship.

What is a medium reading?

A medium reading relates to the insights given from the communication made with the spirits of our deceased loved ones. The medium uses their psychic spiritual abilities to connect with your loved one and channel their feelings, thoughts, and messages to you. Mediums as a messenger bringing messages from those who have passed to the living.

Essentially, past life readers as bridges between the human and spiritual worlds. Our psychic phone readings bring you specific and detailed information from your loved ones who have crossed over to the afterlife.

Is a psychic medium reading the same as a psychic reading?

No, a psychic reading is not the same as a medium psychic reading. While all mediums are psychics, not every psychic is a medium.  Psychics can see your physical world’s past, present, and future. They blend with your energy and talk about your life and reaching your full potential.

On the other hand, past life readers or spiritual mediums cross the physical and spirit world boundaries. This makes it possible for them to connect and communicate with your loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. They can give you information from other sources and energies, and then go to the spirit world and connect with loved ones and the divine to provide you with a complete, clear, and healing message.

A medium blends with the energy of the deceased and increases his or her own to communicate with the soul in the spirit world. They take their abilities to another dimension.

Readings are a great way to find the guidance you need and to know that your loved ones are safe and happy on the other side. Both are valuable and precious, just different.

The psychic medium does this in two ways:

Mental Mediumship: the medium makes use of additional senses other than our five senses to join with those in the spirit world. These added senses include Clair empathy (deep empathy), clairsentience (spiritual feelings), clairvoyance (spiritual vision), and clairaudience (spiritual hearing). With mediumship, there are a variety of energies coming and going over a brief period.

Channeling: the medium allows or invites a spirit to enter or speak through their body and aura. This spirit can belong to your deceased friend or family member. The psychic medium and spirit can develop a trusting relationship over time. Therefore, many people use the same psychic for mediumship again and again. You may receive messages of love, truth, and feeling of enlightenment and guidance from the spirit speaker.

Are past life readers going to do anything scary?

Many people may have misunderstandings or are nervous about their first reading with past life readers. However, a medium reading is not spooky or scary.

We respect and understand your concerns. You can be confident that the spirits coming through are loving, caring, and supportive. Many find that it is a lovely and precious experience.

Communication with the spirit world is for healing. Not only for the person in the spirit world but also for the person that is still here in the physical world. You will gain clarity and insight and can open up a pathway for personal growth.

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What can I expect from a Predict My Future online medium reading or psychic phone readings?

Understanding how an online medium reading works can be complicated for some. As many think that medium readings have to be face to face.

However, whether you have a face to face reading, psychic phone readings, or online readings, they all work similarly. A psychic medium can connect with you online just as accurately and intuitively as a face to face session.

Our spiritual medium readers recommend online reading as they point out that these readings are void of distractions.

During an online medium reading, our psychic mediums may ask you a few questions just before. such as your date of birth and your name. They will also enquire if you have specific questions to ask during the reading.

At this point, you can tell them the loved one you want to unite with. The psychic will start connecting with your loved ones’ spirit.

When they make a connection, the medium will start the reading by describing the spirit they have linked with as you confirm the description of this person. Once the identification is successful, the medium will pass on the message from your deceased loved one to you.

How do I prepare for my medium psychic reading?

Here are a few tips you can use to prepare for your medium reading.

  • Review where you are in connection to grieving for your loved one: If you are depressed, sad, and angry due to the death of your loved one, be honest about it. You should try to be in a secure state of mind before you seek a medium reading. meaning that you can feel safe being truthful about your feelings. It is essential to have the session if you think it will help you process your loss.
  • Choose the right psychic medium for your reading: There are many psychic mediums on Predict My Future. Try to research a bit to see which readers’ profile resonates with you.

You can see that séanceis are much more full of distractions than a one-on-one past life reading. Séance sessions with several people are not nearly as accurate because there are too many energies in the room. Each person vibrates on a different frequency making it incredibly hard to contact their loved ones that have passed over. When the psychic phone readings or phone psychic medium does their reading only with you, they avoid distractions and focus on meeting your needs.

You can see on the Predict My Future website how much experience each psychic medium has. Please do not ignore your intuition. It can help you know if you will have a strong, energetic connection with a particular medium or past life reader.

  • Have an open mind before your reading: A medium reading can be a deep and emotional experience. As you connect and communicate with your departed loved one. Have an open mind as you may experience a range of emotions. Also, be open and ready to listen to your loved ones’ messages. You may want to take notes. It can give you something you can refer to and resonate with after the reading.

A psychic medium reading may be the opportunity you need to communicate with your departed loved one. It can also help with closure, clarity, and comfort on issues that you felt were left unresolved.

You may also be provided with guidance to handle any struggles. A session with a gifted medium may change your life forever. While it may not take away the pain or sadness. it can allow you to connect and recognize that we will see our loved ones on the other side again.

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