The High Priestess


The high Priestess tarot card is the first female depiction of the tarot deck. Packed with powerful and authoritative female energy, tarot high priestess is known for her subtle feminine energy. The high priestess tarot card meanings are as follows.

The high priestess card shows a woman who seems to have studied the mysteries of existence and life. She has an equilateral cross on the chest, signifying harmony, peace, and balance. There is also the opposite card i.e. The High Priestess Reversed which is also explained below for the benefit of our readers.

The High Priestess tarot card has a pearl on her crown, showing purity, and the moon at her feet shows us that she is beyond imagination. She is the force that is above fantasy, emotions, and imaginations, and she can only be understood through intuition. This card is a symbol of intuition and balance. It also signifies that you should think before acting.

The High Priestess in an Upright Position

The High Priestess card in the upright position shows deep and subconscious forces.

It shows you the importance of:

  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Need to maintain exposure
  • Not to rush without a thought in a new venture

The advice you need to take is to wait a bit and listen to your inner voice. After some time, you’ll see that the waiting was worth it. The High Priestess tarot is the opposite of the Magician card. This card tells you to listen more rather than act. This card advises quite listening and reflection. You should also seek assistance or knowledge from a higher plane before acting.

An upright High Priestess card in a love context indicates that if you are a man, you may be soon infatuated with an attractive, sensual person who may be above your league. If you are female, you will experience more than one man being attracted to you. In case you are already in a relationship, this card may indicate good sex coming your way. When it comes to your career, the card signifies that you may be on to a beneficial opportunity. For instance, a mentor may be coming in your career life to help you learn. However, you should be careful who you discuss your career choices of finances with.

An upright High Priestess card read in the health context is an indication that you should listen to your body more. You need to take your health concerns more seriously. In terms of spirituality, this card indicates that now is the time to connect to your spiritual or inner self. You should trust your higher power.

The High Priestess in Reversed Position

The high Priestess reversed has different tarot interpretations. When the card is in a reversed position, it signifies that you should listen to your gut feeling more often. If you have a feeling that you are walking into the wrong path, it’s time to consider your actions and seek help from those who have more experience.

Further, make time for yourself, and don’t ignore your intuition. Stop focusing on others and listen to your inner wisdom. You should also trust your knowledge and wisdom as you have all you need to succeed.

The High Priestess in A Time Based Position

Past The High Priestess in a past position shows that you may be in a time of renewal or experiencing new events, but you may need the help of others. It also shows that in the past, you may have had to be patient before proceeding.

Present – This High Priestess Tarot card in the present position advice you to avoid action and listen to things you are being told. Pay more attention to these things as someone may be telling you something but hinting on another thing. You can also seek spiritual guidance to help you realize your goals.

Future – The High Priestess meaning different in different future aspects. You are almost achieving success, but you need to maintain year discipline and motivation. Follow your heart, and don’t be distracted. The card in the future position may also signify that a situation in the future may require your patience.

The High Priestess tarot card advises him to destress and not seek perfection. If you wish to know more about this card visit here.

Other Associations

Element – Water

Yes or no question – Not Clear

Astrology – Moon

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